Saturday, July 13, 2019


My grandson is getting ready to go the State 4-H horse show in a couple of weeks. I already have my motel reservation made so that grandma can go and watch all of the kids. I am looking forward to doing that. It has been a while since I have been here in blogland.  I have come out of retirement and working three days a week doing bookwork for a homeless shelter. It opens your eyes to a lot of things. You can only help them if they want to be helped and some just want a hand out and doing nothing to earn it. 
As I am reminded unless they want to change by getting off the drugs and alcohol, there is not much you can do about it. I try to leave work before they start coming in to eat and spend the night. The people that I work for come to pick me up, feed me lunch, and bring me home. It is a way to supplement my income. 
 I decorate my door of my apartment. It was up for the 4th of July and will stay up until Labor day and then we will go to the fall decorations.  I change it with the seasons. As I don't have a place to store my Christmas tree, I just decorated it red, white, and blue and change it with the seasons. 
My St. Pat's tea towel that I made and need to put it in my Etsy shop. I can never seem to get the size right for my pictures. I plan on doing a couple of craft shows come fall that I normally do. It will be a three generation at one because my grandson will go with us. 
My mouse that I have made a complete set of these. You never know what projects I will have going on my hoop and it will travel with me wherever I go. The fingers have to stay busy for sure. I usually have a puzzle laying on my table that I am working on. My niece and her husband gave me a 2000 piece that I don't know when I will start that one. It will require a big space  for sure. 
    We have managed to have two horse shows this summer with all of the rain and we still have standing flood waters in fields. Such a mess and water is still being released up stream from us. They seem to care more about wild life then they do about the people, the crops, and livestock that have been lost that put the meat in the stores. 
     Well I better bring this to a close, but I wanted you to know that I am still alive and well. Take care.