Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year

      Do you have big plans to bring in the New Year? Do go to New Year's Eve party? They say it will warm up a little, but predicting more snow. You could actually go ice skating especially if there is a hill involved where the water ran down and froze again. The end of my driveway is ice covered. I put salt out everywhere that I needed it, but my driveway is longer then I want to do. I just have to be careful when I am out and about. I will watch the New Year's Eve programs on tv. Then I will watch the Rose Bowl parade on New Year's Day.
     We had a good Christmas. Hubby got to see all of his grandsons. Our daughter and her family on Christmas Eve, and our son's family came on Christmas Day. The boys including our son and son-in-law colored pictures for his wall. He has more decorations in his room and can look at them instead of bare walls.  I spent Christmas Day with him as the kids were going to the other side of their families. My daughter picked me up Christmas Eve and my son brought me home so that I didn't have to drive. I like those kind of presents.
     We had a scare, but things are better. He had evidently a touch of a flu bug going both ways. They gave him a shot to stop it because they didn't want him in the hospital. I was glad that I was there when he got sick, because they just thought at first it was because of the medicine he was taking. I told them that he vomited and needed to do something. They put him in the shower to clean him up. There is the usual going around some sound as though they have pneumonia. He has had his shot for that so we shall see. Why people come either to work or visit when they really should have stayed home is beyond me. 
     I ran the office today by myself. I was a little scared of it, but I made it just fine. Just needed to get in the swing of it.  I left my co-worker notes as to what I had done so she will know what she needs to do when she came in. 
    Talked to my oldest in Louisiana on Christmas Eve. We put the phone on speaker and wished him Merry Christmas. I don't know when he will get to come home. I was hoping, but I would sooner he didn't try to drive when the weather is so unpredictable. . 
    Guess what it is warming up now. Where was it earlier in the day when we could have stood it. Working on another project, so the hands are busy.
    Take Care.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Missouri Merry Christmas

     Merry Christmas from our home to yours this bitter cold morning. We had right around 8 inches of snow with a quarter inch of ice under it. I found out how thick the ice was when I went to clean my car off yesterday when I went to leave the house. 
    Yes, I was out yesterday and made it just fine. I just took my time watching what I did whether I was driving or walking. It is beautiful scenery for all those wonderful pictures that I like, but I  just want to have the streets and roads clear. 
    Please take the time to say an extra prayer for those in need this holiday season. There is so much devastation with the weather. Some have floods, the ice, snow, and some just wonder how they will make it through.
     My plans for the day will be go see my hubby, who I haven't seen for a few days, but we have talked several times each day by phone. The weather has kept me home because when it is bad I don't get out. After the snow I had to wait for my driveway to be cleared before I could go any place. I am not driving tonight someone in my family is picking me up to take me to my daughter's house for Christmas Eve. Then they will bring me home. It is my Christmas present from them. They say we might have some more snow.
    Christmas Day I will spend at the nursing home with my hubby. We will have a 10:00 A.M. Christmas Mass and then lunch. Midnight mass was always a beautiful time of the year. We went to those for many years. You went early to find your seat. 
     It is a happy and sad time for me if there is such a thing. My parents passed away around the holiday with my mom seven days before Christmas and my dad on Christmas Day. My mom died a few years before my dad. It gets better, but it still brings back those memories. If possible, please take the time for your parents either with a visit or a phone call to just let them know that you care. The happy memories is watching the boys growing up, getting grandma involved in their school activities and starting this next month it is basketball time with our middle grandson. It will be fun to watch. I haven't gone to a game in I don't know how long. He is so tiny in compared to the others, but then I remember my brother who was small when he played. He would duck under their arms and go around them. 
    We all will eat to much during the holiday season so the exercising will need to begin afterwards to take off the extra pounds from all of the sweets. I will be going to a going away/Christmas party after Christmas. We have one leaving where I spend one day a week helping my new friend so I can fill in for her if necessary. One thing about small offices, it is like family. 
     Take care and have a wonderful Christmas. Be safe and warm. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our Luck Ran Out

     It's official our luck ran out today to be missed by the bad weather. We have had freezing rain today which they say we are going to be getting snow on top of it later this evening can be as much as 7 inches. I did get out long enough to mail the rest of my Christmas cards and get me something to eat. It had just started to sprinkle when I came out of my last stop  and I knew the best place for me was at home.  I went shopping with my daughter yesterday to try to finish up what I needed. I had a very enjoyable time with her.
    We needed to pick up my youngest grandson because daddy was working late. I though I was coming home instead they took me to dinner with them. It was amusing with my grandson ordering our drinks and dinner. He didn't ask he just did it. What was funny was that he was right.  We went to Famous Dave's. 
     He helped his other grandmother bake cookies yesterday and he was going to do that again this morning that was his work for today. He makes you laugh. I have spent my afternoon embroidering and watching the bearcats play for the National Championship in Alabama. Next year it will be closer to home playing at the soccer complex in Kansas City, Kansas  and I hope they are there again. They ended up 15-0 for the season. Not bad for a 2A collegiate team. They had over 4.000 there to watch them last weekend. 
     Have you got your Christmas dinner planned? Our family has decided not to do the traditional big meal, but to have homemade vegetable beef soup or chili with sandwiches. Of course, there will be sweets of all kinds which we really need. I definitely will have to exercise after the cookies, candy and all of the sweet treats. We always have the ham and turkey with all the trimmings and the two holidays are so close together or at least that is the way it seems. 
    The boys are all out of school for the next two weeks which I think everybody was ready to have a break. 
      Prayers are being said that you all have a safe and warm Merry Christmas. Mother Nature doesn't seem to want to be kind to us right at the moment. 
Take Care. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Merry Christmas

      The countdown has started with just 5 days left until Christmas. The time has flown by with a blink of the eye. My grandsons all start their Christmas Vacation tomorrow. They are suppose to go for two and a half hours, just long enough to meet the state's requirement for it to be a day. 
     Matt's Christmas program was very good. It was the 2nd and 3rd grades together. They totalled a little over 80 children. Their gym was packed with parents, grandparents, and other family members. Every available seat was taken with some standing the whole time. I did enjoy it. I still don't know what the instrument was called that he got to play along with some others. The weather co-operated giving me enough time to go to the nursing home and being there for him. He is going to play basketball which will soon be starting. I will go and watch him. 
    Our teenagers thought they were to old to have their picture taken with Santa Claus, but everybody got their picture taken including the adults. Even mine was taken with Santa Claus. These are the kids who ride horses all summer with each other at the horse shows.
     They have been having Christmas programs at the nursing home and Santa Claus is suppose to come this afternoon. I will be going up, but a little later this afternoon. I went yesterday and enjoy the lady, who entertained them with her saxophone. She played Christmas music for over a hour with people singing. They served cookies and punch. 
     Hubby along with others got to go on the bus to see the Christmas lights last night there in town. He enjoyed it and that was the main thing. He was tired, but he got out in the fresh air with the temperature close to 60. It is 55 today, but they say that the temperature will change.
    Hope all is well with you and if you are traveling please be safe and careful. So many horrible accidents this year and so much just because they weren't driving for the weather conditions. Take care.  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bad Weather Coming????

    Is the weatherman right? Are we going to get some more?. I did a few errands today just in case  the weather turns bad. They have been talking about it all day and makes you really wonder if it is going to happen. We still have snow on the ground, but they are saying we are going to start with rain, sleet, and snow. I am not going to worry because if they actually are right I will just stay home. 
   My cell phone battery went completely dead today. First time, I have done that, but my son called today and we talked for almost a hour. It was good to hear his voice. He won't be home for Christmas and doesn't know when he is going to come home. He will fly if and when he does because of the unpredictable weather. He might get stranded at the airport so I don't even know if that would be a good idea. He was going to bed after he got through talking because he had to be at work at 3:30 A.M. He had worked almost a 12 hour day yesterday.
     One more custom order to complete then I think I will go back to working on other things. I need to get my Christmas shopping done. We just basically buy for the boys. I usually make the girls something or take it out of my unsold stash as my grandson calls it. 
     They were having a book sale at the nursing home today. I looked, but I thought he was a little high priced on what he had. I know you need to make money, but most of the people don't have money. They got new finches and fish this week. They have several different types of finches and the residents like to go set and watch them. We do that quite often when I go up so that he can get out of his room. 
     We got the results back from his labs. Some things were as expected and they want to redo in a month. They know there is a problem, but not sure as to exactly what we are dealing with. We just take every day that we get and pray for another one. I still say prayers is what has gotten us this far since he first got sick. 
     I have been setting here watching the temperature drop from the time that I got home. It has dropped 12 degrees in roughly three hours. Doing some reading and trying to finish Christmas cards. Hubby keeps asking if I am through. He thinks I have a lot more time then I do. Of course, I don't set an alarm clock anymore. If I want to sleep late, I do. 
      With the unpredictable weather, please be safe and stay warm. Take care.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Black Ice

     I heard the tires spinning and looked out the window. One of my neighbors driveway is on an incline. It took him I don't know how many tries to get up the hill. When I walked to the mailbox, I could see the spots of black ice on the street. I wonder how many wrecks there will be because of it. 
     I stayed home today because of the cold. I worked yesterday and the furnace wasn't working that good. I even dressed warmer, but it was still cold. I felt like I had caught a cold and I didn't want to give it to my hubby. He was fine with me staying at home. He doesn't want to worry about me driving in the cold.
     I think of all of my friends who have worse weather then I do. It is the wind chill that I don't like. I know that I have to go to the grocery store and buy a few groceries to add to what I already have on hand. I know that hot soup sounded good for supper tonight.  Cold weather makes me hurt. I am trying to be very careful and not fall remembering what I went through last year when I fell on the ice. I didn't break anything, but this year I might not be so lucky. 
     Have you ever put something where you will know just where it is at? I have been hunting for a list that I layed up and I haven't found it yet. I guess I am just going to have to go from memory that should really prove interesting. 
     There has been several post on face book and blogs about Christmas of the past. Remembering when we were growing up, how we celebrated Christmas then as compared to now. When I started school, we went to a one room school house. When the snow came, we took our sleds to school. We would go coasting at noon and needless to say the teacher had a hard time getting us back inside because we were having to much fun. We would build snowmen and forts. Have snowball fights, skate on the ice on the creeks, walk on top of the snow drifts. Get in trouble for using mom's wash tub, a scoop shovel to coast in, but we had fun. Decorating a tree brought in from the pasture, yes I do remember the tinsel that mom always wanted put on one strand at time. We would just throw it. 
     Cooking on a wood stove and taking an iron wrapped in newspaper to bed to help keep us warm. When you talk about that now, you get looked at as though we lost our mind. We had a lot of fun growing up with  so many brothers and sisters. We always had friends at our house especially when we moved closer to town. Cookies and hot chocolate would be waiting for us when we would come in from coasting. I still say the kids today need to know about history and what we have gone through. 
     Would you all do me a favor and like my facebook page? It will help me. I will greatly appreciate it and return the favor. 
    Have a wonderful day and try to stay warm and safe. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013


      Can't you just see walking down the street Christmas shopping? I don't know where the picture was taken at, but I thought it was beautiful with the snow and decorations. 
   Snow on the ground and another day of bitter cold weather. It was a good day to stay inside. I have talked to my hubby a couple times today. He told me yesterday that I would be spending the day at home. Other then getting  the newspaper, I didn't go outside today. I am suppose to work tomorrow, but it will be wait and see.
      I did get out yesterday, but it was only to go to the nursing home. I ended up eating supper with him. He says that he is full without eating all of his supper, which worries me because he hasn't ate that much. 
     According to the news there were quite a few slide off's today. It meant that they weren't driving the way they should for the road condition. My niece was coming down to Christmas shop, but after watching the car lose it in front of them. They went back home. 
     I thought I would show you some of the tea towels I just finished. They are going to be going to a new home. I am happy the way they turned out. My grandson did the  picking colors for me when we were at the craft show. 
       Yesterday was the rocket race for my youngest grandson cub scout project. He finished second. He would have had first only he didn't get his finger out of the way fast enough after he wound up the rubber band. He got a trophy to add to his shelf. 
Next will be the pine wood derby. He is already talking about the car he wants. He is very competitive, wants to win, but doesn't bother him if he doesn't. He just says he needs to try harder. 
     Christmas will soon be here and I know I probably won't be ready. Christmas makes me remember my dad, who passed away on Christmas Day. When I was in college and went home, I would go to the barn setting on the steps while he milked the cows. I always spent time talking with both of my parents. They were the sounding board. They let us voice our opinion and told us what they thought. Normally we would do what they wanted us to do. 
     This time of the year brings back the memories of the coasting parties, hot chocolate, cookies that was always ready when we came in while growing up not far from town. Our house was full of friends.
     We would all go home for Christmas and there was always something under the tree for all. One year it was covered sponge balls. Needless to say they were flying through the air. Walking on top of snow drifts to get home, did that one year too. 
     Wherever you are at and whatever weather you have, please be safe and warm. Take care.


Thursday, December 5, 2013


The cold weather is here and I am not really ready, but I guess I will have to be. We got a trace of snow, but the wind chill was single digits. 

We went to the doctor's today and they are running  some blood studies to see what that will tell us. There is not enough fluid  on his stomach to drain at the present time, but we will do do an another ultra sound in three months and go back to see the doctor again. We have to find a way to help without causing other problems. You have to find a delicate balance with him. I know that I felt better after talking with her today. I really like her every time that we have seen her.

I found my picture on Amazing Places and Breathtaking scenery facebook page.  I  always find pictures that I like. They have beautiful pictures from all over the world regardless of what season it is. I love the snow scenery even if I don't really care to drive in it. I know I am a little weird. They are talking that we could have the snow this weekend. I was a little scared of what I would find this morning when I left the house and it was still dark, but I made it just fine. We had a very good driver to take us to the city, who took good care of hubby getting him in and out of the van. Some areas in the city you had a thin layer of ice. He said that he was use to snow and ice because he grew up in Iowa. The wind was strong when you were on the highway.

After we got back, I stayed and had lunch with my hubby than I came home. I was going to take a nap, but figured I would feel worse if I did. My fruit basket came in that I ordered so I am enjoying red, yellow delicious apples, pears, oranges, and it even has some pieces of chocolate that melts in your mouth. The basket is cute. 

Northwest Missouri University where I went to college is playing in the football playoffs, If they win, they will play for the national championship, but I don't think I would want to go to the game with the temperature only getting to maybe 19. I am cheering for them and hoping we go all the way. 

Hope you all are having a good week, staying warm, and safe. Hugs and Prayers are going out to those in need. We can never have to many and I believe that is what has kept us going. Take care. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Busy Weekend and Pictures

 It has been a very busy weekend with the craft show, going to the nursing home, and a Christmas party this afternoon.  Santa and his helper made the party bringing gifts for all of the kids 12 and under. Pictures were taken of the kids as well as the adults with Santa. I even had my picture taken with Santa Claus. Nobody went home empty handed without a gift. The horse club furnished the ham, turkey, and the drinks. Everybody else brought cover dishes and desserts. If you went away hungry, it was no body's fault but your own. 

It was such a pretty day so that the kids could be outside. A very enjoyable afternoon. I thought I would show you pictures taken at our 50th wedding anniversary party. You can see our cake on the top tier with cupcakes on the other tiers. The first picture is of hubby and I.
 Grandpa and grandma with our three boys. They keep us going. Jake, 14 with the tie, Ethan 8 in dark plaid shirt and Matt 9 sitting in the chair by grandpa. This month will be a little busy with Christmas programs. Matt is one of 8 that gets to play an musical instrument. I am already marking up the calendar for what I have to do. If I don't put it on the calender I will forget it.
Hubby and I with our daughter and one of our sons. Our oldest didn't get to come home. I am hoping maybe at Christmas time he will be home, but we don't know. It will remain to be seen and will be a pleasant surprise if it does happen. They are the parent of our three grandsons. 

The last picture is all of us including spouses. 

They help take care of mom. I know that I got to get my Christmas shopping started as fast as November went it will go entirely to fast.  

This Thursday is our doctor appointment and I hope that we don't have bad weather. I just want some answers. 

 I will continue to pray for all of those in need. Hope all of you have a wonderful week. Take care.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Do you have plans to travel? Have you already left for your destination? If you are driving, please be safe. 
My day will start off with lunch with my son,daughter-in-law, their two boys, my daughter, son-in-law, and their son. I was hoping maybe our oldest would be able to come home, but with the bad weather to the south of us, maybe it will be just as well he isn't. He was wanting to drive home. In the afternoon, I will go to the nursing home taking hubby his supper.  He has already talked to my daughter-in-law what he would like to have.  We are having both turkey and ham. He likes ham the best and they don't get that much of it. Of course, she and the boys are making cranberry tarts for partially for him.  
Our southern states aren't use to the ice. Let's face it we have just had some weird weather and what you got depended on where you are at.  I have seen pictures of all kinds lately and we just pray that everything will work out. 
We continue to ask for prayers for people. My friend  Nana Diane needs them for her very sick grandson very badly. She does so much for us now it is time to give back. It is a little easier to take when it is an adult, but when it is a child, they can't maybe tell you what you need to know. 
Finally, I have a doctor appointment for the 5th of Dec to find out maybe why my hubby gained 17 lbs in one month and continues to gain weight. It is not what he is eating because his appetite is not that good. It means getting up really early, but I can handle that. We are going to start with the liver doctor and go from there. I don't think they were to happy with me at the nursing home, but at the moment I want some answers.  I am tired of their excuses.  I didn't trust what I was told so I called the doctor's offices and started asking questions which is my right. I, also, told them what was going on so we could get him in without waiting until January.
Saturday is my last craft show for this year.  I sent my hummingbird pillowcases to a new home in Texas. I am working on my wall hanging, the biggest problem is keeping the material tight in my hoop. Anybody have  any suggestions? 
Have a wonderful day tomorrow. I know we will all probably eat more then we should. Take care and be safe. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cold Cold

We were lucky that we didn't get the ice and snow that was located around us. We just got the rain, sleet, and some snow not enough to mount to much. You didn't have to traveled that far from home to find the ice and snow. Basically it depended on where you lived.

   My youngest grandson with his dog doc sitting in front of the window.  I was at his house today after having a Thanksgiving dinner at the nursing home. Doc is one of 5 dogs, but I think this one is more his favorite. They have two that are having some health problems because of age. I think it something happens they are just going to have three. It is his job to take care of the dogs in the afternoon after he comes home from school. He is such a helper. I am going to shorten another pair of pants for him This will make the 4th pair.  He wanted me to fix another of his stuff animals that has a hole. He couldn't find it and wanted me to wait until he did. I told him just to bring it Thanksgiving and grandma would mend it He thinks I can fix anything that requires sewing.

My daughter reminded me that we don't have that long until Christmas. I really didn't want to think about it yet. We will do Thanksgiving at my son's house. They were already planning the menu and I got told to just show up. They take good care of mom.  If it is bad weather, they are just going to come and get me. I can handle that. My son called the day we were getting the rain, freezing rain, and etc. He wanted to know where I was at. I told him I was home and staying there. I had been out long enough to get me some groceries. I bought some bread and lunch meat just in case the lights went out. I really do know what to do if we have that problem. 

My oldest grandson is going to come and help set up for the craft show the 30th, that will be my last one. I could have done some more, but I need to get a wall hanging done and a couple of other things. custom orders.
It has been a fairly good craft season for me and I know what I need to do next year. 

These are two Christmas tea towels that I have finished. Have any of you had a problem loading your pictures in your etsy shop. I keep getting told that my pictures are the wrong size. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving I know that we won't eat to much. Right. I know I ate more then I should have today. Have a good week. Take care.  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


      Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and the first one will be Saturday at the nursing home with hubby. They were suppose to take x-rays today of both hips and his pelvic areas. We did get to talk with the doctor yesterday and I had spent the afternoon there so that I didn't miss her. Trying to get answers. It will be interesting  to see if they show anything. 
     The sun is trying to peak out after having some rain. It isn't going to warm up very good today that is for sure. I was hoping for at least 50's. I need to get  myself going to run errands this morning. I have several that needs to be done. Do you ever catch yourself putting off something until tomorrow because you don't want to do it? I try to put them in order to do the most important ones and some of the minor things fall through the crack. 
     I did not take these pictures but I love the fall color. They were on face book.Amazing Places and Scenery. I just know they have some beautiful scenery pictures. 
     To all of my friends who were affected by the tornado's and storms you are in my thoughts and prayers. We know we can replace material things such as houses, cars, and etc, but we can't replace a life. You grieve for those who lost love ones wishing that it didn't happen. Weather can be so unpredictable with storms coming later in the year. I don't feel like anybody really know the real reason why it happens it just does. Common sense needs to be put in place when it happens.
     I am working on custom orders right now and hoping that people if they want them for Christmas doesn't wait until the very last minute. Have a wonderful day. I off to do my running.

Monday, November 18, 2013

I"m Not Lost

     I am really not lost, I just haven't been able to visit you all like I really want to with craft shows, visiting the nursing home, my grandson getting his first year pin in the FFA ceremony, just to name a few of the things I have been doing. Oh! I forgot my one day a week job.
     Do you have your plans made for Thanksgiving? They are having Thanksgiving at the nursing home for the patients and family this coming Saturday the 23rd. It is their way of saying thank you. Thanksgiving I will spend with the kids that live here then take food up to hubby  later in the day. My grandson has already order cranberry tarts, both he and his grandpa like those.
     I didn't go to the nursing home today with working. He called complaining that his legs were really bothering him. I asked him if he had told them about them hurting. No, he hadn't. I didn't have much sympathy tonight. I told him when he has a problem, he has to tell them. He said that he would.  I have been told that I need to let him be more independent, but I think he really was trying to make me feel bad because I didn't go. It is not fun being a caregiver even though you try really hard. It doesn't help when you know that you can no longer take care of them like you use.
      I had a good fairy over the weekend. Someone paid for my breakfast and I don't have a clue as to who. I would have liked to have been able to say thank you. 
    We celebrated two birthdays over the weekend. Both were a little late because it was the first available evening that we all had an evening free. Starting in January, my middle grandson will be playing basketball. He has practice right now on Tuesday evenings. 
     My heart and prayers go out to those that were affected by all of the storms. Especially to those who lost love ones and their homes. We had some in the area, but nothing like what hit in Illinois, Indiana, and other states. We did have the winds, thunder, lightening, and heavy rain. They still had storm warnings out when I called it a day. 
     I hope you all are having a good week. Take care

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 We were on our way to meet my daughter for lunch on our girl's Day out. I was taking pictures out the window as we were driving along when I saw something that caught my eye. 

It was such a pretty day and the color was so pretty, but with the cold and winds we have had they don't look like this instead they have lost the majority of their leaves.
 I enjoyed the day because I didn't have to drive. I love every occasion that I can let someone else do the driving for me. It was another year for a lot of bright fall colors in our area. At times when the sun is setting, it makes a beautiful sun set. 

You get to see me with my girls. We enjoyed our lunch and running around. Of course, the boys wanted to know when they were going to be home. They were babysitting the boys. It doesn't hurt them every now and then to take care of them and give mom a break.

We had just finished up lunch and was getting ready to go when my daughter in bright yellow asked the waitress to take a picture of the three of us. I could tell they walked a lot more then I had because my legs were tired when I got home. It was enjoyable that was the main thing.
The house in the back ground is not my house. I just liked the pretty red tree in their front yard. I took some pictures of some old mansions here in town, but they didn't turn out. If you like history, our city has a lot to offer. The old homes are beautiful and makes you want to see the inside. 

My grandson had to show off his FFA jacket and how they had to look for the functions that they attend. His first contest he attended he was 11th out of 147 which I didn't think was bad. He is going to be taking judging classes to learn to be a judge and maybe compete at that. He is just getting started so we shall see. 

We had fun our day out. He is grandma's helper. We always have fun when we are together. He keeps reminding me how much longer it will be before he can drive. It will help his mom and me. He thinks he should be my chauffeur.

I hope you are having a wonderful week staying warm if you have the cold weather and safe if you have the bad weather. Take care. 

Monday, November 11, 2013


Happy Veteran's Day to all those, who have served for our freedom from a military family. I have had family in every generation that has served at one time or another.  My brothers and my oldest son plus I have nephews in the military at the present time and pray for them each day along with every one else on my prayer list.

We had a small parade to honor them, but it was cold at the time with the wind blowing out of the north. When I left the house to go to my one day a week job, it was 52 degrees. It never reached our high instead it went the opposite way. The temperature is continuing to drop. There has been a report of snow flurries not that far away from us.
Also, I did not take the picture above, it is just one that I found on line that I liked. 

Have you ever had a person tell you that you had to remove a comment left on your blog or they were going to report you? Something about they were using it to go in a back way to their website. I have no idea what they are talking about. The comment was left there over a year ago and they are just now requesting it. I don't have a clue how to delete somebody's comment because truthfully I never thought anything about it. Does this actually happen or is someone trying to pull a scam?

The craft show over the weekend went well and I have a new challenge. They want one of my pillow case designs turned into a picture to hang on a wall. I really don't know what material  to use because I don't want to do counted, but want to be able to trace the design on using my light box.  Do any of you have any suggestions as to the type of material I should use.  I don't have to have it done by Christmas, but I would like to have it done by then. I have one more craft show left at the end of the month. My grandson and I had a really good time. 

I got my new glasses ordered Friday when I was at the eye doctor. I get to stop the steroids eye drops that I had to put in once a day on this coming Friday. They did put a little correction in one eye so they would be same. It will be wearing bifocals, but I don't care because I have worn glasses since I was a Freshman in high school. I definitely won't be hunting them. 

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sunshine where are you?

 Sunshine, where are you today? Don't you know we want to see you instead of the rain and cool temperatures. We like it when it is in the 70's and wish it would stay that way, but we know it won't.The trees are mine that divide our two acres. The color was so pretty and I can just look out my back door.

The Taste of Home cooking show was fun. They held it in conjunction with the home show. The only part of the home show that was drawing a crowd was the bird show. Her owl was beautiful colored. She takes her shows to schools and other places to teach the children about the birds. 

Taste of Home show made a chili that looked yummy and it was. My daughter in law made it and had me to come for supper. We had hot corn bread to go with it. She,also, made some fruit muffins. She sent home what was left of the chili  and it was my lunch yesterday. I also, had one of the fruit muffins warmed up with coffee for my breakfast. They were yummy.

The fireplace makes me wish I had one and with the weather outside I would take my embroidery and curl up in front of it. Although I might not get much done because if I get toasty as my grandsons say I would probably take a nap.

My retirement isn't lasting long. I am starting a part-time job on Monday. It is only one day a week, but I will be helping a young lady who has ms. She does accounting and some days it flairs up. I will help her however I can, I don't want a full-time job, but this one will let me set my own hours of how I want to do it. They understand the situation with my hubby and it sounds like it might be a win -win situation. It will give me a little extra spending money and helps her. I can understand what she is going through. 

I think everything I have gone through with my hubby has made me more understanding of other people. You always see someone worse then your problems. 

We had another bad wreck on I-29 again last night involving 2 semi's and 4 cars. Serious injuries, but I haven't heard if anybody was killed or not. We had a wreck last week where the driver of the semi was killed. They just drive like idiots and tail gate. They don't believe in the speed limit. I called my daughter to make sure she had made it home o.k. It is a route she takes every day to and from work. I just say an extra prayer that she makes it home safely every day. 

People are already putting up their Christmas lights and trees this year. They start it earlier and earlier every year. When we did decorated it wasn't until after Thanksgiving. I am not ready to go shopping, but I do have a list of what the boys would like. 

I got to see my oldest grandson all dressed up in his FFA jacket, white shirt, tie, and dress pants. He does make a very handsome young man. He hadn't shown his mom his grade card, but he did after he showed it to me. His grades were very good. The FFA is selling fruit baskets. I am getting a small one. I am looking forward to Saturday. It is the craft show I do with my grandson every year. I don't know with him in high school how much longer he will do that. 

You all have a wonderful day. Take care.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


 I have been a little busy lately with getting ready for another craft show. I went to one last Saturday. The two pictures were part of my tea towels, pillowcases, bibs, just to name a few. I sold a little, but not like the show before.

My grandson with his birthday Lego set. It was over 700 pieces and he never stopped until it was built. He built it in one evening after they got home. He has such an imagination and you never know what is going to be built next. 

I have another craft show in a couple of weeks, but this Saturday, my daughter, daughter-in-law and I are going to the Taste of Home Cooking Show here at our civic arena. It will be a lot of fun. The last one showed us how to make upside down apple pie. They made one of those and it was good. They both like to cook.

Today was a rainy, stormy, day to be on the road, but I had to get my mammogram done, plus take care of some other things. It is the pits when you have a bank account compromised and you have to close the account and then change all of your information again. At least they didn't get any money. I have a very good idea of who it is, but proving it is another problem. They will get caught one of these days. I am a firm believer in that.

I did meet with the doctor yesterday and discuss some things with her about my hubby.  His ammonia level is still not where it should be. They thought his stomach problem was because of what he was eating and just gaining weight. No, it is not., but he couldn't get into his size 38 waist pants. I want things checked out. His mother had stomach cancer and I just want to know if it because of the liver problem or what.  I know in the past they have drained fluids off his stomach and was told they may have to do that every so often.
They were suppose to do an ultrasound on my hubby today, but for some reason it did not get done. I will have to check on that tomorrow when I go up. I was to exhausted when I got home. Part of the time you were driving where you could hardly see the road. It was very nerve racking and it is a state law you drive with your lights on in this kind of weather, but you would be surprised how many don't. They drive like idiots and it is no wonder there are wrecks.

Who would believe our Kansas City Chiefs are 8-0 after last year? It is amazing that is for sure. We keep track of my hubby's cousin's college team who is 8-0, and where I went to college who is also 8-0. 

 Well it is getting late, I will try to catch up with you all. Take care and Happy Halloween.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Weekend

Isn't it a beautiful picture? No I did not take it, but I can see going for a walk across the bridge on a beautiful fall afternoon.  Can't you? I just wish my pictures looked like that.
The weekend was so busy, but we couldn't have asked for a better day. Pictures will be coming when I get them from the kids. They took pictures all afternoon and the ceremony was even video. Our daughter wasn't use to her ipad, but I can't wait to see it. 
Hubby found out that his clothes does not fit at the present time. We tried his biggest pair of dress pants, but they just would not work. I didn't think that they were going to. I think he is retaining fluid on his stomach, but I haven't got anyone else to answer my questions about that.  

One of the cute things that happened, when father was going to bless us with holy water, the two youngest grandsons came up standing on each side and blew bubbles over our head. It worked and was a precious moment that we will remember for along time.  I have a bouquet of fall flowers and a bouquet of white roses that I carried as I walked down the isle to my hubby. Father said we could kiss all during the ceremony that would keep people awake. He did a wonderful job.
Then on Sunday before going to see hubby, I went to a spaghetti dinner that my youngest grandson's boy scout troop was having. It was enjoyable and I got to meet some of their friends. 

The eyes are doing good and I will get prescription reading glasses in three weeks when I go down for a follow-up.  I am going to go by myself. I haven't driven twice after dark and had no problems so I will try again. 
Have a wonderful week. Take care