Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sad Day

   On this beautiful spring like day, we said our final farewells to my oldest brother, who passed away Thursday. He is finally at peace and does not have to suffer anymore. He will be sadly missed by family who just his own the number is 53 with children, grandchildren, and that does not include the brothers and sisters. There is 8 of us left and we were all there excepting one sister with family members. Church was packed and as the funeral home was for visitation.
  I got to see family that I haven't seen for a long long time. Why is it always either a wedding or funeral when we see family anymore?
  All of the stories that were told the last two days of our childhood, fishing
episodes, you name it. It was him and my other brother who helped teach us how to fish. We were talking about how you ate what mom fixed or you went hungry. We never turned anything down. We talked about the things we did when our cousins came to visit. We always played sports, basketball, football, baseball, when we all got together. We would choose up sides so no one had all of the older ones on their teams. I will miss him dearly, but I know he is is going to a better place.
   Now for a little different story. My oldest grandson got give carriage rides with a team of horses the other day. He had driven a pony and cart around the farm, but had never drove a team of big horses. The carriage was the Cinderella Carriage. It came time they needed to get something to eat so they drove to the Taco Bell with the team and carriage. It made for a good talking piece when people saw the horses tied up and the carriage sitting there. He had a fun time. He went with the one that he puts up hay for in summer to help him.
  Hopefully things will settle down for a little bit with no one having health issues. We don't need anymore for a while. The aides at the nursing home took hubby outside today because it was so pretty for February. 
  Thank you for all the prayers and condolences. You all in blog land are the best. Take care.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Cold Cold

   It has been a very cold and damp today. The kind of a day where you get chilled really quick if you are out in it. I spent most of yesterday and today running around with my oldest grandson. We were selling ads for the horse club show booklet. We got some each day so it wasn't a waste of our time and energy. I did the driving and he did all of the talking.
   Happy Valentine's Day to all of my friends and family here on blog land. It isn't suppose to be that nice. They aren't sure if we will get snow or rain tomorrow. I suggest that they let everyone guess what in the morning will bring. We are suppose to get right back up in the 50's. I will take that over single digits any day. 
   My brother is still hanging in as the saying goes. He gets short of breath at times when he  talk. I sometimes think that the hospitals don't want to do much for the older people because of age. I just wish he didn't have to suffer if that is gods wish. He is 85 or 86 years old. I can't remember if there was 2 years or three between him and my brother that I lost.  My mother was in a coma for 6 months before she passed away. I had a hard time going to the nursing home back then because you didn't know if she knew you were there or not. 
   Then dealing with my other half who has decided he just wants to stay in bed and not eat. He got up this morning and went for a walk in his wheel chair. It is no wonder his leg doesn't support him with him just wanting to lay around. I don't know what is with that. When I go see him, he just wants to sleep. I tried to call him, but he didn't answer so I figured that he was asleep. We go the 29th for a liver ultrasound. I know his ammonia level is high and the blood sugars are like a roller coaster. It makes you feel like you are in between a rock and hard place. We will go see the doctor on the 7th of March so we shall see what happens in between. 
  My hands have been busy and today gave me a change of scenery. We went exploring to find a company that is out in the country. We found it, but they are only opened Monday thru Friday 8 to 5. We had lunch at a family restaurant in Cameron, Missouri called Dino's Family Restaurant. I had a ham wrapped sandwich which I brought half of it home. It had peppers, onions, tomatoes, cheese and ham served hot with french fries. I brought half of it home because it was so big. They do breakfast, lunch, and supper. They have a lot on the menu to choose from.  We ate under twenty dollars. My car has wifi so he used his gps on his phone to find a couple of places we were looking for. It was a fun day.
  My middle grandson went skiing yesterday for the 5th grade Valentine Party and he was ready to go again. They are going to have a box sled races later this month at Snow Creek. 
The sleds have to be made out of boxes using duct tape and glue. That should be fun to watch. I hope they post pictures of the sleds. You can also go tubing there. My grandson wanted to go again because he had fun. 
  Happy Happy Valentine Day, Stay warm and safe. Take care.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Prayers Needed

Prayers are needed for my oldest brother who went into hospice care at home yesterday. I am not ready to lose him, but I know that he will be at peace and he is ready to go. Neither he nor his wife have been in good health this past year. We think that they will be here forever, but that is not the case. He is one of my brothers who help take care of me when I was a baby and growing up. He help feed me and change my diaper. Him and his wife were the first in our family to have a television set. It was black and white, but who care about that. We would go to their house in town while my mom and dad did their shopping to watch cartoons, western series, and had a good time. When my parents passed away, he took over as head of the family being the oldest getting a place for our family reunion. He always said the prayer before we ate at our family reunion. 
  Now on to happier times, my grandson won first place at the Pine Wood Derby at the Mall today. He will have one more year that he can race a car before he becomes to old. We even had a 4 year old that got second in the open class. Grandpa had built his car. Some that they were hoping to see didn't come, but there were new faces. Hew people to meet. He even got accused of cheating that his car was to heavy. It didn't even weigh a complete 5 ounces that it could. Why do people have to be that way? Why don't they teach their child good sportsmanship instead of being an embarrassment to their child whether a parent or grandparent? I know if my family acted that way I would be so embarrass. 
  I spent two days with my middle grandson this past week. Brother had his technical school in the afternoon and little brother could not stay by himself. He was good for me helping with the laundry and even fixing grandma's lunch. He made fried eggs for a sandwich. He likes to cook. I have heard he wants to be a chef when he grows up. He will be going to Mary Poppins performance for one field trip this next week. He is really excited because their valentine party will be a ski trip. He will go Snow Creek near Weston, Missouri for the day. Their 5th grade gets to do that. 
  Hope all of you are safe and getting dug out of the snow by now.
Take care. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Will it or Won't it?

  Will it or won't it snow in our area later tonight that is the question? One says that we will get snow and another says that it will just be rain. I don't want the freezing rain. 
    My picture is of my magnolia tree covered with a wet snow a couple of years ago. We have been lucky so far this year and not really had that much. 
   I survived my very busy weekend and was very tired when I got home about 8:30. The boys won their ball game 23-11. They played a good game and my grandson scored the first 4 points of the game. With them in the lead it put the pressure on the other team which made me happy. They weren't having to try to come from behind. It also showed what the boys have learned. They have learned to play every position with there only being 6 players. The chili fundraiser was for the coaches family. Their son has a health issue that is taking them to Arizona to get him help because its involving the brain. We ask for prayers for them. He is 11 years old. It is sad when you have the hospitals in your own area that can't help but brag about their doctors. Their little team all set at the table together talking and enjoying each others company. It has made them really close. 
   My youngest grandson took 1st at the Pinewood Derby at the church Saturday. They had an open race in which mom took 3rd, he took 2nd and dad took 1st. He is going to play ball this summer so I will ball gaming besides watching the boys ride. It will be a fun summer spent with the boys. This coming Saturday is the Pine wood Derby at the mall which there will be kids from all over the city will be racing their cars. I will go watch him. 
   One custom order is done, the second one will be done as soon as I finish the border on it,then on to the next. 
   It seems like I pick up the paper every day and see someone I know has died. I was at a graveside funeral Saturday morning and then I came home to see where my friend Gert lost her Tom. Needless to say I cried, it makes me think about my own with him being in the nursing home and what is going on with him at the moment. His ammonia level is down, but not near where it needs to be. We just keep praying and take every day that we get. We know that one of these days his liver will shut down.
   Weather permitting I will go see him tomorrow because it is his birthday. He was born on Ground 
Hog's Day. We always blame him if we have bad weather to tease him. He said that he was going to stop having birthdays. Of course this is leap year, we have a cousin that was actually borne on the 29th of February. We tell him he only gets to celebrate every four years. 
   It has been cloudy dreary damp day. What happen to the sunshine? If you have any would you share some and send it my way. I guess the nice December sorta spoiled us. 
    Well back to my custom order. Take care and if you are in the way of the storm they are predicting please be careful and safe.