Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cool Weather

 We started off in the 50's this morning when I got up. The sunshine will warm it up to where we should have a beautiful day. There was scattered showers yesterday, but it didn't really amount to much. They are starting to combine beans in our area so you have to watch out for the farm equipment on the highway. They get over as far as they can, but the roads aren't really wide enough. Slowly you can pass if you are careful.
 You can definitely tell when kids get older and become teenagers. I don't know if I am really ready to accept that because we want to keep them a lot younger. As fast as time is flying they will be old enough to drive cars. My grandson and two of his friends talking at one of the shows we had this summer. He belongs to the same 4H Club. It will be interesting to see with him joining FFA this year in high school. The summer went much to fast to suit me.
Ah my little man with a Big horse. She wouldn't hurt him nor let him get hurt. He has to be boosted in the saddle at times but part of the time he grabs ahold of his saddle and climbs up like a monkey. His saddle looks awfully tiny on his horse. He is starting to get a little taller, but he still is little. 
My daughter and grandson who is looking forward to being my baby sitter again. He makes such a good one taking really good care of me. The people have finally came to start doing the repair work from the storm damage of several months ago. As I told her, you make them do it the way it is suppose to be one because they will shortcut it if they can get away with it. Charge you for material that they don't use instead of giving credit for the material. 
Well you all have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine.  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happenings at my House

 Fall is in the air with the cooler temperatures at night warming up during the day. They are already thinking about Halloween and what they want to be. If they are going trick or treating, which isn't really that far away. The time is flying and I don't really know where it has gone. 
As of the first of October, hubby will have been in the nursing home a year. A year of roller coasters for me, with job ending, going into forced retirement, eye surgery the other eye surgery being scheduled as I
 write this blog. I have 20/30 vision in my left eye. Typing is a little fun so I wear my glasses with one lens popped out. I have the border on one tea towel to finish and then just one left to do on my custom order. 
The picture is a little far away, but Matt is trying to get Fergie to kick the ball between two cones in a trail competition. He accomplished that and they got first place. He has been riding brother's horse since he was thrown from his. This was the last horse show of the season. I kinda miss going to watch the kids ride. 
The kids carrying our flags are Miss Baylee, the queen, Miss Emmlie, the princess, and my grandson Jake. He has carried the flags several times this summer. It gives you a great sensation when you see the kids doing that. 
School has been in session a month and it makes you wonder where the summer has gone. Of course, I had my oldest grandson helping me most of the summer, which was fun. I still hear about how I spoiled him. Isn't that what grandparents are suppose to do?
My youngest grandson is playing fall ball. He is going to be grandma's babysitter when I have my right eye surgery. He didn't want me to come home the last time. I told him I would be back. 
We have lots of things to do this weekend. The Southside fall festival .the LeBlond carnival is here, plus music fest down town. The southside festival is full of entertainment with lots of crafts. I want to go one day, but I am not sure that I will get to do it. LeBlond is our catholic high school. 
Well it is time I need to head up to see hubby for the afternoon. Take care and I will eventually get caught up with you.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Fall is going to be here before we are ready with the cool weather at night and warms up in the morning.
First eye surgery was done on Monday and  I am doing fine. We aren't waiting a month to do the second eye surgery. I will find out the 17th when he checks my first eye when the next surgery will be. I will be hit and miss here in blog land and I appreciate all of the prayers.
My niece had her baby boy and other then being jaundice, he is doing good. He weighed 6 lbs and 13 oz 20 inches long. He would have been really a big baby if they had waited another month. She is still having a horrible problem with her blood pressure. They can't seem to get it under control for some reason. 
I have been staying at my daughter's for a few days and will stay again when they do the second operation. It was so cute with my grandson sitting beside me wanting to know if I needed anything. He would get me water if I needed a drink or whatever. He is so special. I have to wear colored glasses whenever I am outside which is no problem. He wants me to make a towel with a train on it for his grandpa. 
We had rain last night during the night. We could use some more. It is suppose to have some more. I hope everyone is doing o.k. Take care

Friday, September 6, 2013

Checkin In

Fall is in the air, football season has started for everybody whether  it is the little ones or the NFL. 
Hope everyone is going to have a beautiful weekend. Mine will be very busy with baseball, horse show, and visiting the nursing home. 
My youngest grandson had a make-up game last night. They won 12 to 6. They may end up playing under the lights as quick as it gets dark. He plays again tonight.
The older two's  horse show starts tonight with the games. I don't know if momma is going to let my middle one ride or not. He is wanting to so bad, but after watching him go off his horse earlier this summer, I just don't know. Of course, I want to be in both places at once. Wish I could fly maybe that would let me.
Hubby goes back to the eye doctor today. They did a laser treatment on his eye to try to help with the blurriness. I don't know if it is just down and back or if they will do some more. My cataract surgery is  Monday. Busy, Busy.
Please pray for my niece. She is in the hospital and they are bringing the baby on early. They are afraid to wait any longer. They know the baby is a little boy. I just pray that they don't wait to long before they decide to do maybe   a c-section.  They had her doing bed rest, but that wasn't helping. 
Have a wonderful weekend, but I need to start my running. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013


 I got woke up early this morning by severe weather. We had wind clocked at 70 miles a hour, thunder, lightening, and rain. It came fast. The lightening sounded close to the house. I never can go back to sleep when that happens. It makes me relive when lightening struck our house. The only thing that saved it was we threw the breaker inside and the electricity went off outside. Back then your appliances were all depreciated, but  things didn't cost like they do today. I have a few small branches down, but other then that I am o.k.

Have any of you had problems loading your pictures on Etsy? I have tried to put my Fraidy Cat and my new Joy Christmas tea towel and they don't like the size of my pictures. I have yet to figure out exactly what size they should be. 

How is your weekend going? I am going to my
da ughter's this evening for supper. We are doing some belated birthday celebration. All the family will be there excepting my Louisiana son so I will be spending time with my three grandsons.

I thought I would sleep late when I went to bed last night, but that didn't happen. I spent time with hubby yesterday and took him outside. It wasn't as hot as Friday which was triple digit for us. No air, just what little I was out was almost more then I could handle. I  hate when it is that hot even though you take precautions, you can still get to hot without realizing it. They cancelled the ball game which I was really thankful for. 

Can someone tell me if you can transfer a digital pattern so that you can use it for a hand embroidery pattern? I found some I would like to use, but who has them can't answer my question. 

My red Christmas Joy linen towel all done in white. I have been doing a lot of embroidering to keep my cool. I get so frustrated that I cry. Why can't people just be honest instead of giving you the run around?

Where has the summer gone? Each month seems to go faster and faster that it will be Christmas before any of us are ready. I keep wishing it would slow down just a little at least give you time to smell the roses. Some  of the trees are starting to turn, which is much to early. Does that mean we are in for a rough winter? 

I know the ground hog did see his shadow. I keep teasing my hubby about that because he was born on ground hog's day. 

You all have a good rest of the weekend. Take care.