Friday, November 27, 2015


   I would much sooner had this instead of the freezing rain, but for Thanksgiving all we had was rain during the daytime and then it changed to freezing rain. My care package was sent home for me for the next few days as I don't have a car at the moment. The day before Thanksgiving wasn't a good day. I was in an accident. My car is a mess, but at least I have no broken bones, just badly bruised  body. My two oldest grandsons and their mom came to my rescue. I didn't get an option, they just took me to the hospital to be checked out. I spent that night with my daughter and her family. My youngest grandson took very good care of me. They said we can replace the car, but they can't replace me. I spent the day with family and have done quite a bit of sleeping. That is what pain medication does for me. My grandson took pictures of my car and the other vehicle. 
   The two oldest and their mom went to the nursing home and told hubby and showed him pictures of my car. He took it better then I thought and said the same as the boys. 
   I am glad that all of my craft shows were over. I had toyed with the idea to do one this weekend, but that wouldn't have been possible because I don't travel on ice. 
  I know that I ate too much, the girls plan the menu and I basically just get to go. I know that when I laugh or cough my rib cage hurts. They are badly bruised. 
The boys had planned on playing outside, but that didn't happen. I lost my electricity last night. I didn't even know it until I looked at the clock this morning and it was blinking at me. 
   My daughter in law made sweet potato rolls that are yummy. They don't really have that sweet potato taste. We had turkey and ham, potato casserole, green beans, corn, relishes, apple, pumpkin, and chocolate pie, combination salad, jello salads. If anyone went away hungry it was their own fault. I just thought I would check in with you all. Take care. Be careful on the roads. 

Friday, November 20, 2015


Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  Do have tradition that you always do? Or are you just thankful to spend the time with family?
   I will spend time with my three grandsons and family plus a stop later in the day at the nursing home to see hubby. He has been sick with pneumonia. They are trying to figure out what they are going to do because he coughs so much. It is loose, but he doesn't cough it up nor can he blow it out. 
    The only way they found out he had pneumonia was from the chest x-ray. I will probably go check on him after I run errands today. 
   Tomorrow is the day I get to spend with my oldest grandson. We do a craft show together, whether we sell much  or not it is always an enjoyable day. He is making another of his boxes for a lady out of walnut it is going to be so pretty  He just has to finish his lid. . He was so proud of it so far. I haven't seen anything that he can't make.  He showed me a picture of one of his Christmas ornaments that he cut out.
   I don't have a picture of my Christmas bells and candles table topper to show to you all. I sold it before I got a picture of it. I was really surprised how quick that it went, but needless to say it made me happy. The fingers have been very busy. I have made 5 Christmas tea towels since I started one at the juried craft show. I would do that show again if the opportunity is available. They had a total of 123 vendors, but what I liked was where homemade was in one room, direct sales such as pamper chef, scentsy, and etc. were in another room. 
   They keep talking like we are going to have rain and possibly snow later today. So far it looks like it is to the north of us. We  had two days of rain this week. The loud clap of thunder and lightening woke me up one morning. The wind was bad with tree limbs down along with power lines. I was lucky  I didn't have any limbs down nor did I lose my electricity. 
   Basketball practice started last night for my middle grandson so he is all happy. 
They were having a problem finding a place to practice and he was worried they wouldn't find one. He loves playing basketball.  So grandma will have to fit that into my schedule. I love watching what ever the kids are involved in.
   Are you ready for the colder weather? I can handle it as long as we don't have ice. Of course the kids love the snow so they can go coasting. We loved the coasting parties when I was growing up. Mom would have hot chocolate and cookies for us when we came in. We all had our friends, but mom and dad never seemed to mind how many kids were at the house. We got in trouble when we used mom's wash tub and dad's scoop shovel to slide on, but boy that was fun. We took our sleds to school and went out at lunch time to coast. Of course we didn't want to go back in.  The one room school house I started in is still standing.
    To think about making cookies, taffy, stringing popcorn for the Christmas tree that dad would go cut. The bubble lights, homemade garland out of red and green construction paper. Kids wouldn't probably  think it was fun today with all of the electronics they have instead of doing other things. . 
   I get my Christmas wish. My oldest boy will be flying home on Christmas Eve for a visit .
Those long distance hugs will be real and in person. I will spend as much time as possible with him while he is home.  I am looking forward to it. 
    I thought I better let you know I wasn't lost just busy. Have a great day. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Fall Color

Fall color in my back yard
   The fall color that I can look out my back door and see. I have a group of trees that are about the middle of our property that we have raised from babies. We moved some of them to other places to give shade around the house and needless say I love the trees. 
   We use to go for drives just to look at the color before my hubby went to the nursing home. Who would have thought back then that he will never walk again nor get to come home.  He requires more help then I can give him and our house is not handicap accessible. You never thought about that when we built our home almost 50 years ago.
Our  packer Matt
    When you can't reach the back of your the back of your car to pack the luggage in you get someone like this one to help you. He fits rather well, don't you think. He is priceless and you always know when he is going to be onery because his blue eyes just sparkle. He takes very good care of grandma and he is the one that I hung out with this summer. I had so much fun in Branson with him and his family. He still thought I should have tried a zipline. That is not for me .

 This chandelier was in the building where we went to the cooking class. It was awesome and made by one of the craftsman that comes to Silver Dollar City. They have so many different things that you could watch plus the entertainment. The train ride is more my speed. I definitely don't do roller coasters because I would turn every shade of green there is and that would be the end of my day. Christmas is another time of the year I would love to go. 
   My youngest grandson at his music concert.  They have to do it at the mall because they don't have a big enough room to accommodate the kids and parents, grandparents, and whoever else wants to come. He is almost as tall as grandma and he is only in the fourth grade. He is taller than the one in the trunk, but you love them anyway. 
   We are celebrating my car packer and his dad's birthdays this Saturday evening. We are going to have home made soup and sandwiches because that is what they wanted. In our family we let the birthday people chose their menu's and cake. It can be a surprise. 
    Just think the first week of November is almost gone. The time is really flying and the year will be gone before we really know it. I don't know about you all, but it seems like it gets faster every day. 
    Well I need to get busy so I had better bring this to a close. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care.