Saturday, April 26, 2014

Will we or Won't we

 Will we or won't we have severe weather later today or tomorrow that is the question? We did get rain on Thursday and some hail nothing big, but now with all of the talk I wonder just how accurate they will be about what they are predicting. . 
   They did get their ballgame in last night. It was a little cool, but grandma enjoyed it. They won 17-5. They only have one girl on their team. It is the first year for boys and girls on the same team. She had never played ball before and my daughter is working with her. It was fun to watch.
    I am a very proud grandma of my oldest grandson who went to state for horse judging. Their team finished 7th out of 47 teams. His partner was 7th and he was 31st out of 177 kids. They scored the highest out of all the teams in the different classes that went from their high school. Amazing job and I couldn't be prouder. I have been watching their green house being build while I wait to pick him up from practice. I wonder what all classes will be offered  so they can get the best use of it. It is really a nice size.
     He is so ready to start riding. He had his MRI  last week and it was inclusive. They don't know what is causing his hearing lost in one ear or his dizzy spells. Now he has to keep a log of when it happens, how long the dizziness last, and go back in 4 months to see the doctor. He is also going to have to do some physical therapy to see if that helps. It was so cute after they got him in his hospital gown he had to walk down the hall to go to another room. He wouldn't until they let him have his pants back he didn't want them seeing his red underwear. He was pretty groggy, but he still wanted to try to wheel himself down the hallway afterwards. He let daddy do it. He watched everything that they did to him and told you all about it.  He and I got to spend some time together while brother was busy on Monday. They are really know their electronics. I have a video on my camera of him playing basketball. I have never got it to run, but he did and he watched himself playing basketball while we waited on brother. . 
   My boys do keep me busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The older two have their first horse show the 17th of this month. Of course, you know where I will spend time and you will probably get tired of hearing about them, but they are my pride and joy.
   You all have a wonderful weekend. I am headed to the nursing home to see hubby and find out what is going on with him. Take care

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


    My magnolia before the freeze turned it brown. It was so pretty and our weather has up and down. We were back in the 40's this morning. 
  I hope everybody had a wonderful Easter weekend. Mine was very busy. I started last Thursday with spending the day with my oldest grandson while brother was having his MRI done. Still waiting  on the results, Praying that his hearing problem will be repairable, but that remains to be seen. If not he will be wearing a hearing aid. Being his teacher knows about it she makes sure she is on his good side. I spent the day with my oldest calling on people to try to get sponsors for their 4H horse show this next month. He didn't do bad. I was just the chauffeur I don't mind because it is a way to spend time with him. I am taking one of his buddies and him to summer school and they are moving my yard for my payment. 
   I had an enjoyable evening on Saturday watching the boys hunt their Easter Eggs including my oldest who will be 15 before long. Then on Sunday I ate lunch at the nursing home with hubby as the kids were all going every which way. 
   Yesterday I had my middle grandson because brother had practice for state horse judging. We were running around getting what grandpa needed. He was hoping grandma would take him to Cracker Barrel, but I had already been told about that. He was a  little mad, but he didn't stay that way long. I am going to be a chauffeur quite a bit this summer. I don't have anything else to do so I might as well help the kids. A lot of things get scheduled during work for their parents.
   I thought I would show you a couple of my horse tea towels. The first set was a custom order and I will be starting another towel of the three later today. My customer wants a palomino, a bay, and a brown and white paint. The boys have had fun helping pick the colors. Of course dad having a Beyer collection doesn't hurt when I want to see a color. I just know the hands have to bee kept busy. Anybody who would like one of them, all you have to do is e-mail me and I would be happy to do a custom order for you.
   Had a little excitement after Matt and I left from seeing grandpa at the nursing home. Hubby took a tumble out of his wheelchair. He was trying to pick up something and leaned to far over in his chair. He didn't break anything for which we are thankful for. They called me and gave me the results of his x-rays  last night so that I would sleep better. I will go up later to check on him after the doctor has been there. 
   The sun is shining, but it hasn't warmed up a lot as of yet. We had rain showers yesterday off and on. It depended on where you were at whether you got any or not. 
   Everybody is back in school so it will be somewhat normal once more if there is such a thing as normal. I appreciate every one of you who have stopped by my blog and left me such wonderful comments. 
   Well enough rambling I need to get my shoes on and start my errands for today. Have a wonderful week and take care.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ups and Downs

    The temperatures have been up and down. My beautiful Magnolia tree is now brown after the freeze we had  last night. We had 81 degrees on Saturday, but it has been all downhill since with even having snow. Lots of accidents because of people driving like it was dry when there was black ice. I stayed home even though it melted later in the day.
   Hubby is feeling a little better, but still has the horrible cough. It doesn't sound like it is on the lungs like it was, but still is not good. I have been taking vitamins and meds so that I don't get sick. I just have to many things to do. 
   I did watch the Boy scouts go mobile or go carts go down the hill. Some of the kids didn't even try to stop the cars when they were told to. I wondered where the parents was at. 
   My grandson went down the hill three times. He didn't go fast enough to win, but at least he did  it and he got his car stopped. 
    Do you have your plans made for Easter? I am to go to my Daughter's late Saturday afternoon. It was the only time we could get together with every body going a different direction on Easter. I will probably spend that day with my hubby. 
   I did get a couple of days at home just talked a  lot on the phone until he would go to coughing. I was up today to check on him. He looked better and the doctor did refill the cough syrup for him. I wanted him to especially take it at night so maybe he would sleep.
   I was a taxi service this evening taking my oldest grandson home. He had practice after school. One more practice and then state here they come. I have been watching them build a green house at school while I wait on him. It is a really nice size. They want to have classes in horticulture and others. They want to teach the kids to grow their own food and etc. 
   I really appreciate those of you stopping by my blog. It means a great deal to me. I am trying to keep the mind occupied with other things so that I don't worry as much. I will try to make it around to visit as time permits.
  First ball game is Friday night. It should be fun to watch. They have both boys and girls on a team. Some of the boys aren't really happy about it, but they all have to learn. 
   Hope all is well with you. Take care and have a wonderful Easter. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Touching Base

    It has been a rough few days with Hubby really sick. He has had the coughing crud that has gone down into his chest. They finally started him on antibiotics yesterday. The first round was to order just cough syrup, but then getting them to give it to him was like pulling teeth. They said he wasn't running a temperature which I knew he was because his has always ran on the low side so when it was 98.8 the temperature was going up. I have taken care of him for a long time and I know when something is wrong. I am use to seeing 95's or 94's for his temperature. As I told the doctor, he doesn't have an immune system to fight things off with the white cells, red cells, and platelets all being below normal. I will be going back to the nursing home in a while to check on him.
    My oldest grandson's judging team is going to state. Out of their school only one team didn't make it. I know those kids were probably disappointed, but they had to place so high at district's to go. The kids placed 5th. He has been having practice in the afternoon after school so I have been taking him home. It really isn't that far out of the way, plus it gives grandma her grandma fix. The hands have kept busy with embroidering to give me something else to think about. 
   My oldest made it back to Louisiana o.k. and back to work. His sister told him to save his money and get his vacation set to come home for Christmas. He can fly home and they would pick him up. The week he was home flew entirely to fast, but I got to see him several times and got taken care of what we needed to do. 
   The sun is shining and we are suppose to get up to 70's and warmer yet tomorrow. I want a nice day because they are suppose to have a day of fun riding the scout go-mobile down the hill. They have a place they close the street down and let them go. I didn't get to go last year, but I will this year. 
   I want to try to get back to somewhat normal in my life what ever that may be. I will be visiting as time permits. It is time like these that I wish I had a lap top, but I don't. You all have a good day. Hugs and Prayers to all of those who need it. Take care

Friday, April 4, 2014

Too Fast

   The week has gone entirely to fast with our oldest home. Why is it when you are on vacation or have visitors the time just flies? He will head back in the morning for Louisiana. We are celebrating his birthday tonight. He has enjoyed his time at home even though he did start to have an asthma attack when we left the nursing home. The elderly ladies sure do like their perfume and use it very strong. 
   We had rain yesterday and I am assuming that we are going to have more this morning looking out of my window. The picture is the way that the sky looks and is chilly only 38. Some area's had more rain the last couple of days than we did. It was foggy, misting, and cold when I came home last night.
   My oldest grandson is going to state FFA competition with his horse judging team. Hooray! I am saying prayers for them that they do good. We are going running around tomorrow. He needs to get sponsorships for the 4H Horse Show that is coming up this next month. Baseball starts the 18th of this month with my youngest grandson. I haven't figured out why they play so early but it will be fun to watch. He is already asking if I am coming to watch. I think I will just have to dress for the temperature because I know it won't be that warm.
     My one day job came to end which I wasn't surprised. The one I filled in for is going to retire because of her health. Her Ms has been giving her problems more then usual. They need someone who can give them more hours. The way it was I didn't get to keep the money that I earn to help me. It is going to the nursing home. Bummers!, but that will stop being I am no longer employed. 
    I have been keeping the fingers busy with my embroidering. I will have more time to come to visit you all. Catch up on some things that I want to do, but not enough hours in a day. 
    Have any of you ever done a craft show in a mall? They are going to have one this year in November. The space is a little pricey, but would it be a good investment? It is before Thanksgiving you would have more people at the mall then where it has been held in the past. Do you get the impression that I am trying to talk myself in to possibly doing it? I just don't know. 
    Well I am off to the nursing home to spend time with hubby. Take care have a great weekend.