Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Mother Nature hasn't been a bit particular about where she went with all the storms in Tornado Alley. There hasn't been as much damage as in Oklahoma that I heard about in our area. I talked to my sister who was in the path of a tornado, but it was close to her. She is o.k. and no damage. The rain and hail were heavy at times. Our hail was pea size so once again we were lucky in that respect. It rained so hard that you couldn't see my neighbors who's house is not that far away.
They are saying we are going to have more storming for the rest of the week. I wish it would let up a little with all the rain we have had flooding in our area on the Missouri, 102, and Platte Rivers. The rain also came so hard that some people had water in their basements. We have a little creek that is close to the house. I could see water in it from my window. I haven't seen that in a long time. I don't know how much we have got, but you could tell where it was over the streets is different areas of town. . 
I spent most of the day at the nursing home. Hubby was sick yesterday with flu like symptoms and wouldn't eat. I went up to make sure that he ate something. You have to eat with all of the medications that he takes. He had soup for breakfast. I wanted to talk to the nurse to see what the doctor had to say yesterday that was going to check him out. He is feeling a little better, but they are keeping an eye on him. 
Saturday is suppose to be a horse show, but with all of the rain, the arena may just be to wet . We will have to wait and see. Hope you all are having a good week. Take Care

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Weekend

The cemeteries are getting so pretty with all of the flowers and flags. The traffic picked up and you knew that  was where most people were either going or coming from. It is a time to remember those that gave their lives for our freedom and those of family who have gone before us. 
The little rabbit is what I saw peeking out of my neighbor's flowers this morning as I left the house. He just set there and watched me as I put my things in the car. I have several rabbits in my yard. They are liking some of the plants. It makes me wonder if I really want to try to plant any this year. I don't really have the time to take care of it.
I have been very busy running this week and had a scare. I thought maybe I had the starting of shingles, but no rash or blisters so I was lucky. I made a trip to the doctors to be on the safe side though. I got to go to my middle grandson's award assembly. Mommy couldn't go because of having to be off work so much with her dad. It was something that I had never been able to do because of working. She and I compare notes about being a caregiver. She said it was something that she never thought she would be at her age. 
I went to the ballgame Friday evening and they won. They really played hard. It was a fun time then we went to supper after the game. It was grandma you are going  so I did. Last night we had a cookout and then they burned the old school building that they had knocked down so that they did not have to worry about one of the little ones getting hurt. I could see my grandson being one of the ones that would climb on the roof even though he knows that he would maybe get hurt. With it gone, they don't have to worry about it.  The wind died down so they could and you could see it for miles around. Had a lot of people who drove by to see what they was burning. Tonight after the nursing home I am going to go eat hamburgers on the grill at my son's house. They all look after me. I had to call them last night to let them know that I made it home o.k. 
I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Have a safe one if you are traveling. I will be around to visit all of my friends and welcome to my new followers. You all mean the world to me. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tornado Alley

Our day started out with a pretty day, but sure did change in a hurry. We live in what is known as Tornado Alley which the storms normally start in Oklahoma, who has had more then their share the last two days. It has been so bad and my heart and prayers goes out to them. Also Wichita, Kansas, Kansas City, and us all have had the storms some of which was more severe then others. They say ours was straight winds clocked at 72 miles a hour, but the trees looked  as though the branches were twisted off or pulled out of the ground. We had trees  down all over our city , no electrictity in certain areas.Trees on houses. I know that it got real still before it hit. There was no air moving at all. The wind didn't really sound like a train, but it howled with heavy rain and hail. It tore down big signs. The picture with the storm damage was taken at our daughter's house. Part of the roof was laying on a power line. The swing set is in shambles, but the best part was that they had just moved their camper to a new location or it would have been there by the garage. We were lucky. 
My heart and prayers goes out to the people in Oklahoma and Kansas who are suffering right now. The pictures were devasting and it makes me think about our children here. None of our schools have an area to take the 
kids other then the hallways in the center of the buildings. We are getting ready to build two new schools and I hope they took that in to consideration when they drew the plans. 
The picture of the two wrestling is my grandson and his little friend. They don't hurt each other, but she is on him and then he is on top. They are so much alike. If you see one, the other is not that far away unless he is on his horse. They have so much fun together. Her parents call him their adopted son because all they have is girls. 
They had Country Week this past week at the nursing home. They brought three tractors in for the residents to look at. They were going to have some other tractors, but they needed to be in the fields planting crops. They try to have entertainment for them. They were a 1940, 1943, and  a 1947 farmall. At least the sun was shining that day for them. They had ice cream like the ice cream social to give them good memories. 
I will continue to pray for my friends and family that have gone through so much here in the last few days, Take care

Friday, May 17, 2013


 The clouds are here today and I am hoping the weather stays nice at least through today and tomorrow. They are saying we are in for some severe weather. I heard on the news about Louisiana this morning. My son's phone went to voice mail so I am waiting for a call back to make sure everything is alright with him. 
My heart and prayers goes out to all of those in Texas who were devastated by the tornadoes losing their homes and love ones. The storms may not last long, but they can cause tremendous amount of damage in just seconds.
 This is where I will be this evening watching the ballgame. He has already invited grandma to go with them to dinner after the game. I don't know where we are going, but he will let me know. It is so much fun to watch the little ones. I still think my favorite time is when they are playing t-ball. They start them so much younger then when my kids were that age. I think sometimes they rush the little ones just to fast.  It should be a beautiful evening to set there and watch the game.
 Big brother with Fergie watching his little brother in the arena. He didn't know grandma took this picture. It was his responsibilities to make sure little brother was ready to go along with the horses. Both mom and dad were busy with their responsibilities for the day. Dad is the president of the club so he had a very busy day. He finally got home that evening between 9 and 9:30. He had to make sure everybody got their horses loaded. Mom took the boys and horses home earlier.
 Little brother waiting for the results of the event. You can tell that it was cold by the way everybody was dressed. The wind was so strong. There would have been no way to keep their hats on. The way it was the wind coming through the metal bleachers made you think an airplane was coming after you. The horses weren't to sure they liked that sound. I left to soon and missed my oldest grandson riding tandem with one of the girls in the games. They did a good job. They got first. The boys had a variation of ribbons and they had a good time. 

I would loved to know what my youngest grandson and his little friend were talking about as they walked around the arena. They were fixing the jumps for the jumpers that day so the kids were out there. At least you knew where they were at. They spent the day together excepting when he was showing. She didn't get to show because they were having problems with her horse so they left it home. They didn't want anybody to get hurt. 
Lady went back to the farm, she could not get along with Fergie. She tried kicking her way out of the pen and in the process got hurt. She looks a great deal like Cleo in color. 
I have a craft show tomorrow. I am doing it so that I can be invited back to do one in the fall. We are inside for which I am thankful for. I have to decide what I want to donate as a door prize. Well I need to get my running done . Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun shine and fresh air. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. If your mother is living, I hope you either visited her or called her on the phone. She is the only one that you have. I thought about mine today and know that she is watching down upon me.
My weekend started early with a ballgame on Friday night watching my youngest grandson play. It is the level where the coaches pitch to the kids on their own team and it was fun game to watch. After the game my grandson asked me to go to dinner with them. They took me to our 54th Street Restaurant for my Mothers Day Present. I hadn't been there for a long time.
Yesterday I spent the day watching my oldest two grandson's ride. It was so windy and even though they said supposedly that it was 62 degrees it was a cold 62 with the wind coming out of the northwest.The wind was really strong at times.They didn't wear their hats because you would have been chasing them. The show was just to get them warmed up for the regular show season with the first show that really counts is the first day of June. They wore hoodies to keep them warm and had their heads covered up. I was parked so that I could sit in the car and watch.They would come every so often and sit in the car to warm up.I would get out every so often to take pictures , which I haven't down loaded yet, as I was gone all day today. 
I had supper with my son, dil, and two oldest grandsons this evening. Their dad cooked steaks, a container of potatoes, sweet potatoes, and onion all seasoned up all on the grill, then we had garlic toast, Brussels sprouts, fresh spinach salad, and strawberries and angel food cake for dessert. It was my Mothers Day gift plus a gift card to Joann's. He does a really a good job cooking on the grill .Of course, I had gone and seen hubby early in the day. He was cold and hurting so they gave him a pain pill then put him to bed. The pain medication put him to sleep. He slept the afternoon away and I was wondering if he was going to wake up when they came to take his blood sugar. I think the nurse was wondering too. 
That covers my weekend and  it was all great. Have a great week and take care.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunshine, where are you???

Where is the sunshine? We have had so many different types of days this past week and another cloudy, cold one again today. I just want some sunshine. 
They had the parade yesterday and it wasn't like they had anticipated. Some of the kids covered their band uniforms with rain poncho's keep them dry. It was a rainy, dreary day. My middle grandson and his momma took part in it. He was setting on a tool box of one of the company trucks with his winter clothes on. He had a good fun. They had enough fun that they are talking about doing it next year.   The people that were in for the barbecue cook off competition were braving the cold weather. I can remember we cooked out in the cold weather. I think sometimes the food taste better cooked outside. I miss those days because it was hubby that did the cooking. His favorite things to cook were brisket and roast. It was warmer toward midnight then it had been the whole day. When I got up during the night, I looked out the window you couldn't see much because of the heavy fog. I don't know how far the visibility would have been if you were driving.
I hope next weekend is not like this one or it won't be very warm to watch the kids ride. They are getting so anxious. They went yesterday and got new shirts for the show season. The preparation for the first show is getting done today with putting the show books together. They were going to meet at the club grounds and make a party out of it. They have a good group of people who work together which makes it more enjoyable. The T-shirts are being ordered. Each child will receive one with a prepaid entry form listing all of the classes they are going to do.  I am even going to get one in orchid to help support the club.  
I have to make sure I take extra batteries for my camera, that is a must that I take pictures for grandpa. 
My new project is started. I decided to work on my quilts that have been on the back burner for a while. I hope you all have an enjoyable Sunday. I need to get around and go to the nursing home or I will get a phone call wanting to know where I am at. Take care


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Snow in May

I was so in hopes the weather person was wrong, but it is snowing as I look out my window in the computer room. We have had such crazy temperatures this week and we are suppose to have the Apple Blossom Parade this Saturday. They haven't cancelled it nor the Barbecue Cook off that they are having in conjunction with it. 
I think they really should have postponed it, but there is teams coming in from out of town for the cook off competition. If you want to go eat, cost you $5.00. Sounds like a good price. 
If the wind would die down, it wouldn't feel so cold outside. I have already called hubby and told him that I wasn't coming up today. The temperature is to close to freezing and I don't really have a reason for being out in the rain, snow or the combination of the two. 
Have you had a good week so far? Have you been able to enjoy sunshine in your area? I have taken hubby outside to enjoy the fresh air each day I have gone to see him. We may not stay out to long, but he does get fresh air. Yesterday they were mowing. The fresh cut grass caused me some problems with my allergies. It is so irritating because I didn't have them until later in life. My hubby out grew his and I got them. I told him that wasn't fair. 
Have you been working on new projects? I just finished my custom order and will ship it this weekend. I always enjoy making special projects. I have to decide what I am going to start next. I think I will just try to finish some of my unfinished ones. I always have one or more of those laying around. I imagine you do to. 
If you have sunshine, will you send some of it back to us. I don't like the cold wet weather, it makes the bones hurt. It can be something else as we get older. Of course, we don't want to admit that we are. We want to be able to do everything as we have in the past, but of course that isn't happening. I hope you all are having a good week. 
Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate your comments. Take care