Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The flowers are blooming so funny this year. My daughter's mums are budding out and trying to bloom. I have never seen anything like this year. It has been so different and goes from one extreme to the other with the temperatures. 
It looks like it is going to rain and my neighbor is sitting up for a yard sale. They have to tried to tarp it, but if it does what they say it isn't going to work. It has been a hectic couple of days at work and won't get better with everything that needs to be done. If they would just leave me alone, I would get much more accomplished. Running up and down the steps can be exhausting especially when it is in and out of air-conditioning. I know it is good exercising.
We have a doctor appointment on Friday to see if his ankle is broke again. It didn't swell, but just throbs. Friday was the earliest I could get him in unless we went to the ER. I have been alternating between heat and cold and having him elevate it. If it isn't one thing, it is another. I keep getting told to have patience, but I think they are wearing thin at times.
You really wonder what makes some people think money grows on trees. Our city raised our sewer tax 11%. They might as well put the people on fix incomes in the street that are trying to stay in their homes. They raised our real estate taxes, personal property taxes,school taxes, and now this plus the utilities want a raise. We don't get a raise. I wonder if someone would pay my bills if I didn't have enough money. The one in front of me had food stamps at the grocery store. Let's just say some of the things being purchased were not suppose to be allowed. They went out and got in a new car. They were supposed to be laid off at the present time.You reckon if I would become unemployed I could get food stamps and all the medical bills paid by for some one else. It just is irritating, when you need help you can't get it, but some of the others have no problem at all. That is enough about that.
Off to visit some of you and see what you are doing. Have a great day. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend to Short

Why is it when you have a few days off, they just fly by really fast? You wonder where they went because you didn't accomplish everything that you wanted to do. I didn't set the alarm so I did sleep late. The latest was this morning and it was going for 9 o'clock.
After hot weather all three days, we are going to have a cool down. We are suppose to get down in the 50's at night. Only in the 80's during the days.
Have you ever driven down the road to see the big boats coming at you and you have to look down to see what is pulling it? We have seen several boats today that made the trucks look like midgets that were pulling them. I don't think I would have wanted to be out on the water. People don't realize they need to make sure their vehicles are meant to pull them. 
I was glad that we didn't travel that far this weekend. He must have not felt the best because he gave me no argument about staying home when I told him I would sooner stay home and work on my embroidery. He even consented to eating at home which is very unusual. 
We talked to our son in Louisiana tonight. His A\c is not working right in his apartment. Nobody was working today so he will have to tell them about it tomorrow. He is doing o.k., but having a doctor who is causing a problem. The doctor won't sign his physical papers that he is o.k. for the job, but then he won't sign the papers where he could draw more disability. The company he is working for already know that he can do the work. You just have people like that unfortunately. 
I hope you all have a wonderful week and try to stay cool. 


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Enjoyable Sunday

 I have spent today after getting home from breakfast and hubby's car ride doing whatever I have wanted to do. It is rather nice to be home for a change. In my first picture, I want you to meet M and M. Matt and Morgan. They are such cuties and you never know what you are going to get told.They are the pair that I told you about in an earlier post. They are so much alike. He was cleaning his room with momma's help today so that he could put up his display board of his ribbons. This is where he got first and she got second. Her horse is a little smaller then Cleo, but not much.
 The second picture is so much better then the one that I took of Jake and Fergie. They make a good combination. He and his partner won the ribbon race. I have seen pictures, but I don't have them yet. Proud dad only took over 200 pictures last week. The last picture shows Matt and how he is suppose to do his hand when he is riding. They both enjoy doing it and I enjoy watching. Matt and Jake both did what they call trail ride where they have to cross like a bridge, back through barrels, and other things.
I have been working on my tea for two table topper. I have worked on first one thing then another. I am not use to being home. If not at work, then I am usually taking hubby for a drive. I still haven't figured out why he agreed so easily for us to stay home. Of course over 90 degree weather might possible have something to do with it. 
With the way the weather turned out, I am so glad we didn't go to Branson. I toyed with the idea, but decided it would be constant lifting the wheelchair in and out of the car. Then I wanted to watch the boys, but that was cancelled. I told him we needed to wait until the fall of the year. Maybe we will have more answers and I will feel more at ease with traveling. 
 Hope you all are having a good day. I am off to visit my friends.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


The house is peaceful and quiet this evening with hubby already asleep. He was still wanting to be on the go, but I said no. It was up to 90 degrees today and very muggy. I would just as soon stay inside in the air-conditioning.
It was a busy Saturday with errands to run,getting the car service, and his wheel chair fixed. I lost a nut off of it that holds the wheel on. I don't have a clue as to when or where it happened. I just know that the wheel fell off and I had help getting him to the car which I was very thankful for. I was glad that it happened before he was in it or I could have tipped him over and there would have been nothing that I could do about it.
The boys horse show was cancelled today because of all the rain that we got from the storm that went through. It didn't last to long, but you sure couldn't see where you were going. We were stationary and just watching out the window. Sometimes that is not the best thing to do. Our wind was only suppose to be 45 miles an hour, but not that far away from us it was clocked higher and they had hail.
I had the TV all to myself, but there wasn't really that much on it, so I worked some more on my embroidering. I have a boys birthday in a little over two weeks that I need to do something about. I think I will just ask him to give grandma some ideas as to what he would like. He knows how expensive he can tell grandma.
I had some pictures I wanted to show you, but it will have to be a later post because I couldn't find them. I wanted to introduce you to M and M. Matt and Morgan. Matt you know is my grandson, Morgan is a little girl he shares riding lessons with. She told her mama  she needed a big horse like Matt's because hers is smaller. They are so alike it is funny, basically the difference is one is a boy and the other a girl. Both moms say if they were their first born, there wouldn't have been another child. They are constantly moving and don't really sit still until they fall asleep.
Hope you are having a good weekend. I am enjoying being able to do some of the things that I want to do besides going to work. It is rather nice not having the ringing of the phone to be answered.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ready for Three Days Off

 I am ready to have three days off. I have to get through tomorrow and Friday then it is three days of no alarm clocks to sound off. I can sleep late not really because my other half doesn't let me do it that much unless I tell him I am going to sleep late. 
I don't  know for sure what the weekend will bring a lot has to do without how hot it is. 
Today we were almost to 90 with winds gusting between 40-45 miles per hour. I know I thought I was going to go flying as strong as the wind was. We could sure use some rain in the worse way because we are so dry. 
School is out and summer school has begun. My youngest two are going but it is basically to give them something to do. They are bored really easily. 
My dil's dad watches the boys some, but it is to much for him to watch both boys all day. Especially with all of the energy that Matt has. I just wish at times I had a pinch of the energy. He goes all out until he crashes and falls asleep. 
There is a horse show this Saturday, but it depends on the weather what we do. They don't have any shade so you would be sitting in the sun and I don't know about that especially if hubby goes with me.It didn't look like it would be that wheel chair friendly.  First I need to get my car service and then we will play it by ear. 
I know sometime during the weekend we will go to the cemeteries. All of the flowers that we normally use are gone because of blooming so early. I will see probably about getting some artificial ones.
Last year we went to Branson over Memorial weekend, but if we go this year it will be in the fall of the year. Just can't travel that far at the moment with never knowing when things are going to go south  and we need the hospital or doctors. I have spent trips in the motel trying to get him well enough to travel home and it is not my favorite thing to do. 
Well I hope you all are having a good week. You have had enough of my rambling for tonight. Take care. 


Saturday, May 19, 2012

1st Horsehow

Both won first in their individual event
Daddy getting Cleo ready Matt supervising
My grandson helping present the colors
Matt and Cleo got first
Jake and Fergie as they were announcing the placement
Today didn't start off the best, but it got better. Have you ever put a cell phone through the washing machine? I did and that was just one of the things that went wrong before I went to watch the boys ride today. 
Hubby was having an issue not being able to stay out of the bathroom so he sent me to go watch the boys ride. He said that he would be o.k. which he was, but that still didn't mean that I didn't worry about him while I was gone. It was still going on when I came home. 
I got Matt's shirt done last night and took it to him today. He put it on soon after I got there and that is what he showed in all day. 
Today was called a fun day and they got to wear the short sleeves and could wear t-shirts. It was just an opportunity to show their horses and have a good time before the season really gets going. 
I hope you don't get tired of seeing them, but grandma is so proud of the boys. Of course Proud Parents couldn't have been happier with the boys. 
Matt didn't show his pony Baby Sis. She wasn't in a cooperative mood for some reason and they didn't want him getting hurt. She has bucked him off in the past. He was lucky the last time and no broken bones. 
My oldest grandson got to help present the colors at the start of the day. They were going to have all of the competitors ride carrying flags, but they had to many green horses and they were afraid someone one might get hurt. 
We had one almost get thrown, and then one's horse laid down and try to roll over on the rider. Always some excitement. 
The boys were having a good day. I am glad they didn't compete against one and another because if little brother beat big brother, you would have never heard the end of that. 
You didn't notice the temperature because you had some clouds and the wind blew all day and times it blew hard.  We had a shower before it started and I thought hear we go again because they cancelled it last week. 
I showed grandpa the pictures after I got home and he was really happy for both of the boys. 
I am sorry for the long post, but grandma's love showing the accomplishments. 
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I am enjoying mine. Have a great week.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ready for a day off

 I am ready for the weekend to get started. It is beginning to cool down this evening, but not that much. We got up the low 90's today and I hope it is not that way tomorrow or it will be miserable at the horse show.  They have decided to have like a mini flea market at the last minute. I guess I will take some of my tea towels so that they can see what I do.
We went this evening and got grandpa a new straw hat. I sorta of mutilated his other hat. I had laid it downstairs and I guess I put something heavy on top of it when I cleaned out the car. It was smashed.
The new one is more ventilated so it should be cooler. I thought I would show you some more pictures of my grandsons. Matt had control of the television and he couldn't care less that we were taking a picture of his new saddle then because he was getting to watch his cartoons.
When he stays with daddy, he has to watch what dad watches. Dad doesn't let him watch his cartoons.
He was mommy's helper last night and they went and picked strawberries. The price was right. They were free. One of the guys that she works with told her that she was more then welcome to come and pick as many as she wanted. Needless to say she didn't tell him no. The one that she works with deep fries chicken that is out of this world. The way that he seasons it and it is so moist. I thought I would show you my grandson in his new red shirt with his new hat. Part of the rules in Western Pleasure is that you have to wear long sleeves even if it is hot. He is going to be 13 in just about a month. It doesn't seem like that he should be that old. It is making me feel older.  My grandson was having fun showing grandma what he could do. It will be interesting to watch tomorrow because it is the first time he has shown Fergie since they got her. She seems to be really gentle when she is around people. Well I need to get some things ready for tomorrow. I did get my other grandsons t-shirt finished and it is in the washing machine and ready to go into the dryer. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Where is the time going

I don't know where the time is going, but it sure is flying. Our weekend wasn't quite like we planned, but it was a nice one. Saturday we had thunder, lighting, and rain. Needless say it washed the horse show out so it is planned for this weekend. 
We went out to the kids this weekend. We had to go see Matt's new saddle and boots. He has to take good care of his boots because they were expensive. 
Of course both boys are a little anxious. The picture of Jacob and Fergie with the yellow t-shirt shows you one of the latest projects that I have done. I embroidered the horse's head on his t-shirt. I have Matt's almost done. I will have it done by Saturday. 
Jacob was showing me how he can ride Fergie without a saddle. I have some other pictures, but have you ever had them and then can't find them. That is me. I will have to work on that another night. 
Matt is so proud of his new boots and saddle. His saddle will look better on Cleo. He was sitting in the saddle so daddy could adjust the stirrups. He is growing, but still little. 
Jacob has a new red shirt, and I do mean red. You won't have any problem picking him out. He is wearing his new hat. Mom got his new jeans so now he is ready. He thinks he needs more silver on his saddle because of brother's. Kids. 
It was rather nice to be around home more over the weekend. I just didn't feel like going driving in the rain and the way the storms were popping up you didn't know what you were getting in to weather wise. 
Hope you all had a good weekend and you are having a good week. Take care

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you in blog land. I know some of you have lost your mother's, but you have the memories of when they were still living. I am one of those, whose mother is deceased and I have the memories of what she taught me as I was growing up and the help that she gave me with her wisdom as I was raising my own three children.
Mom raised ten of us kids and I am sure that we probably gave her a white hair or two although she did not have many at the time of her death.
She and my dad always let us kids voice our opinions and then they would give us theirs. I can remember when my mother taught me to cook. She never really measured anything. It was always a pinch of this and a pinch of that.
I still to this day wish I had paid closer attention to when she made her dump cake. She never measured she would just put all the ingredients into a pan and stir it up. It was always yummy and disappeared. The memories of the making of home-made ice cream, learning to sew on an electric sewing machine, to help quilt, to embroidery, to can, things that today some of the younger generations think we are a little eccentric.
My mother's day wish for all of you, who have a living mother, to take the time to call them, or if possible go see them for a little while, You never know when they will be gone and you wish you had just another five minutes.
Have a wonderful weekend. Mine will be spent tomorrow at the Horse Show with my oldest two grandsons. The reminder of the day is that I needed to come early to get a good parking spot. It is suppose to be cloudy and in the 70's which will be wonderful. A possibility of showers, but we will pray a lot that won't happen. Breakfast Mother's day with the family together and then they can spend their day doing what they would like to do. I get to be lazy or that is what the boys say. Of course you never know what they will tell you.
Take care

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back to work

 Doctor appointments are over for this month, but we have more in June, July, and August. We will probably have them for quite a while. They put him on some new medication today. Have you ever had the feeling that they really don't know so we will try a new med and see what happens. He did answer some of my questions, I just have to remember that he has a lot of strikes against him and we have made it through 13 years. We will just take it one day at a time and take every day that we are given.
I go back to work tomorrow so that will give me something else to think about for a while. I have a lot to get accomplished I know that.
I have been embroidering horse's head on t-shirts. I have my oldest grandson's done. I put his horses name on it and tried to make it look as close to the color of his horse as possible. I am working on one for my middle grandson. I want them done by Saturday. 
We didn't go to the air show on Saturday because it got up to 90 degrees and really muggy. My youngest grandson went and he got his picture taken with one of the Navy Leap Frogs. He thought that was cool. He got to watch them fold up their parachute and ask questions. He really surprised his mother with what he could tell her about it on the way home. You may think he is paying attention, but he is very observant.
Sunday was on the cloudy side. The storms held off until after the show, but it was just so muggy and I didn't want to get caught over there in a storm.  Stewartsville  which is located to the East of us had baseball size hail. You should have seen the pictures of the damage. We were lucky that is for sure, but we didn't escape the rain which came fast and furious. 
The temperature has cool back down and suppose to say in the low 70's during the day and gets down in the 40's at night. 
It is already down to 64 degrees after getting up to 72 today. So we will see how low it gets. I hope you all have a great week. I am off to visit some of you. Take care.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Hot and Humid

WE  have been up and down with the weather this week. I have gone to work the last two mornings in downpours. At least it let up a little long enough for me to get from the car into work without being soaked. Nothing is worse then sitting in wet clothes waiting for them to dry especially jeans.
The planes started arriving earlier in the day for the air show. It might have been interesting to see part of it, but I know I can not tolerate the heat and hubby is on med's that he is not to be in the sun a lot. You would have no shade for sure. It is just as well we are not going because I have a couple of other things that I need to take care of anyway.
We were out earlier and there wasn't alot of air moving. I got off  work early to go to the bank for work and I got to come on home. I was glad because my office was getting warm.
The days are being marked off the calendar until the end of school. My youngest grand son sold cards where you could go to different restaurants and receive discounts and etc. He was telling me which ones we should go to. Then he wanted to wash the dishes for mom. He just wanted to play in the water.
They were having a barbeque contest here in town over the weekend. You could smell it without having to be that close. I thought about getting out our little grill, but hubby is at the point where he doesn't know what he wants to eat. We just go someplace instead. At least I am not throwing out food after I bought it.
We have another doctor appointment coming up this next Tuesday. Maybe he had some answers, or will it just be another run around. I know we have been lucky over the years, but I would like to at least make our 50th anniversary next year. I just know that life is full of a lot of ups and downs no matter what you do. I just deal with whatever I am handed and sometimes wonder if I have made the right choice.
The kids use to share the saddle when they ride Cleo and Fergie, but they are going to have to have a saddle for Matt. Brother will be competing against brother so they both can't  use the same saddle. Matt's saddle  will only fit his pony. I know they reminded me that it was this next weekend I think they are a little anxious.
Did I tell you that where I used to have my antique booth is moving? Said the overhead was just to much. No, she raised the rent to many times and people moved out. You can't just raise the rent and expect them to stay. You need to make some compensations to. The place they are moving to is much, much, smaller. I just think that I would have done something to keep my prime location because you couldn't have asked for a better location. Oh well live and learn that is my motto. We all have to learn from our mistakes. Sometimes it is a very hard lesson.
Well enough rambling. I am off to visit some of you. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cloudy Again

The week is almost over and I really don't know where the month of April went, but it really flew by. The weather has really been weird. We were back in the 80's today and possibility of storms later tonight. Just what I want to hear, if it is like the last Stormy night I slept through it.
We went to see our daughter tonight, our grandson cracks us up. He wanted to know if I was by myself. I told him no that grandpa was in the car. He wanted to know why. At least he didn't tell his mom that her parents were there. He was a little tired tonight. He had only got up at 5:30 AM. to get ready for his field trip to Kansas City. He had to gel his hair to get his hair do right. He also got to ride in the school bus. It doesn't seem possible that school is almost out. He gets out the 16th of this month and my other two get out the 18th.
Other then work, I haven't got a lot done this week. The eyes get tired and tell me I am not going to get to postpone my eye surgery as long as I wanted to do. It may help in the long run just to do it and get it over with. It is a heck of a note when you can't do what you want. 
Are you ready for Mother's Day? I didn't realize it was going to be here that quick, but then my mother and mother-in-law are both deceased. You just have your memories of both on that special day. 
Our first horse show is the 12th of May. It will be here before we know it. The boys are getting anxious to start. I am looking forward to it. I just want the weather to be nice. 
We probably won't do to much this weekend. They have the Air Show, the Apple Blossom parade, a big flea market  and I don't know what else this weekend. I know we won't do the air show with hubby in the wheelchair. Last year my son went with us and helped push him. I think we will try to just spend a quiet weekend., may not be what hubby wants, but I do say no at times. I just need to do some things around the house.  
Enough rambling. I am off to visit some of you.