Tuesday, August 23, 2022

I"m Checkin In

I spent 4 days watching him ride at the state 4-h horseshow in Sedalia, Missouri with his family. I rode down with my oldest grandson. We were hauling the 4 wheelers. We had a convoy in front of us and behind us were the trailers with horses. My grandson showed two. The classes were big and it was an honor if you got called back.  His last class of the day was huge. He ended up in the top 14 which was an honor.  He has one more year that he can show with this being his senior year of high school. His last show of the season will be this coming Saturday and I am hoping to feel up to going. 

The latest fashion while we were gone. He tried on his chinks to see if they were going to need an adjustment before it was time to show. I couldn't resist taking his picture with our guard dog. He goes to the shows with us and you don't hear a peep out of him if he can see the kids in the arena, When he is at our local shows he sits in the announcers booth so he can watch. I heard him do a low growl for the first time while we were there. It was something about who was talking to us that he didn't like. 
    The only scare was when my oldest came back to the motel and the first responders, ambulance and fire truck was all setting there. He came flying in and asked if they had a medical emergency. They told him yes and he came flying up to our room. I was laying in bed sound asleep. I can relate to that. 
    I hadn't had been sick all during covid until about a week ago. I started having the coughing spells where I felt like I wasn't going to stop, but I am doing what I should and the doctor said that he would not prescribe anything else. I am staying away from people because I don't want to give it to them. 
    I didn't get to celebrate my birthday the way I wanted, but I did turn 81 on the 19th of August. I am just thankful that I am still doing the things that I like and go every chance that I get. I just miss being able to drive, but I can understand why my kids don't want me to anymore. 
    I moved a year ago this last February into a 55+ senior apartment that was brand new. I have a one bedroom with a washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, and microwave all furnished. It is the right size for me. It is on the first floor close to an outside door. 
    I am still embroidering my tea towels or whatever I decide to work on next. I usually have two or more projects going at once. Take care. 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

I 'm Checkin In

I haven't posted in a long time so I thought I would bring you up to date about what has been happening in my life. 
I just moved into my new apartment in a 55+ Senior apartment that is brand new. It was just built. I put my pre-ap back in May and I just got accepted on the 20th of February. My apartment is one bedroom on the first floor which I like. I don't have to worry about the elevator even though it is only a three-floor apartment building. They, also, have villas that are for the more handicapped people. I love it because it sits back off the street and you can look out the windows without having to stand. It is just seniors and you only see children when they are visiting someone.
    I actually get exercise walking to take my trash out which is at the opposite end of the building. We have an exercising room and a small track outside to walk. What I like about the track it is flat with no inclines. 
    My family is happy with my move and approved of it. At my old apartment, there was a shooting that was just two blocks away from it. The person who got shot ended up dying. It was just too close for comfort. I have watched our city go downhill and you have to be aware of your surroundings at all times. 
    I am working three days a week doing bookkeeping for a 501 c3 organization. There is a Nutrition Center which gives food to people at no cost to them that we inturn get from like Sam's Club, Walmart, Hyvee, and Price Shoppers just to name a few to help them during these trying times. There will be a Re-entry building that will help those coming out of prison to re-enter the workforce. We used to have a 24/7 shelter for the homeless, but another organization took over the management of it. I work in an entirely different building so that I am not around those buildings.
They come to get me, feed me lunch, and bring me home plus I get paid for the hours that I work. 
    I got to go on a couple of trips last summer and in the fall. I went to the 4-H state horse show to watch my grandson ride his horse. I, always enjoy watching the kids ride their horses. Then in November, I got to go see the Christmas lights with them in Branson, we always stop at Lambert's when we go down to eat. If you go away hungry, you have no one to blame but yourself. 
    I still do my hand embroidery work. I didn't get to do any craft shows because they were all canceled. I am hoping that we soon get back to normal, but I don't know when that will be. It is going to be a year of the unknown with what is happening in our country now.
    I miss the trees that I had at my home, but I have adjusted. The people who bought it cut down the beautiful Magnolia tree that I shared a picture with you. The kids won't take me by so I can see how they changed it because they said that it would just make me sad. 
    It has been three years since my husband passed away,  I know that he is in a better place. I still miss being able to talk and see him. Hopefully, we will be able to go without the mask and being able to spend time with our families. 
    I am well and have managed to stay healthy. I hope you all have been doing well. Take care.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020


I have been dropping in and reading, but haven't left many comments. It has been a trying time with all of us and I will be glad when maybe things quiet down to somewhat normal. 
The two grandsons in high school are doing differently. One is going two days a week and online the other three. He would much sooner be in school learning. The other one is in school. He started a new school and he is loving it because of all the things that he gets to choose from and do. 
I haven't got to attend any of their activities with it being limited to parents only. Hopefully, that will change but who knows what will happen. You see kids out during the day so you wonder just how much they are doing online or virtual learning. Both of mine want in school learning that way they can socialize some with friends. They both play in the band, one plays drums and the other is learning to play the trombone. He would much sooner play his tuba, but you have to do what a teacher wants.
I tried to embroidery on terry cloth which I won't do another one, but the pictures are some that I have been doing. The fingers stay busy plus I have been working 3 days a week to give me something else to do. The first two pictures have gone to new homes. My rooster is on the terry and I haven't decided if I want to sell him or not. The first two pictures have gone to new homes. I enjoyed making them.

I have been staying healthy other than sinus problems with the temperature going up and down like a roller coaster. I am looking forward to a few days of taking an adventure. I started packing my suitcase and hoping to see the color of the trees. We have sunshine today, but it started off cool this morning. I am going to try to stop in a little more often, but I will have to see. I can't believe it is November already. 

Have a great day. Stay healthy and warm. 

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Catching Up

            My grandson Matt and his horse Don't Scratch my Hot Rod at the state 4 h horse show. He came home with a 5th, 8th, 10th and missed another 10th by 1 point. The smallest class was 21 horses and the largest was 37 in his age group. It was a good show and  needless to say we were very proud of him. I enjoyed watching the group below showing their horses. Everybody in the group came home with at least 1 ribbon. Their coach Rose is in the blue shirt. She was so happy with her group that she has trained.
    We were concerned because of all of the rain that we had before we went if we would run into high water, but we were lucky going home. It was coming home that we were wondering about. They had closed the highway that we came down on Friday because of flood water. It was back opened when we came home on Sunday, but we had more rain while we were gone and as we were coming home. I saw my first triple rainbow as my grandson was bringing me home from their house.
    It was cool enough that you wore jackets and the kids even had to put on slickers to keep their outfits and saddles dry. One practice arena had standing water which was an exception to the rule. We all had fun that was the main thing.
   I hope that everyone is staying healthy during these trying times. I am so tired of news because you don't know who to believe or what to believe anymore. I will be glad when the election is over with than maybe we can get a bit back to somewhat normal whatever that is. I am doing well and staying healthy wearing a mask where required to shop.
  My fingers have been staying busy working on some new projects which I hope to have done before to much longer. I just feel sorry for the kids as to how they are going to go to school. My grandsons will be doing in school so that they can still do the extra activities neither liked what they made them do the last quarter of the last year when we were all quarantined. That was hard on everybody.
  Well I will try to be a little better at posting. Take care stay healthy and safe/

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Checkin In

       I can't believe my oldest grandson is turning 21. It seems like yesterday that he was riding his first horse "Charlie" and going with him when he was learning to drive. It makes you wonder where those 21 years have gone. I can remember when he was little and I was trying to teach him how to embroidery. He would pull the thread out of the needle and just laugh. He went with me to craft shows taking his animal puzzles and boxes made out of different kinds of woods. He tried to sell more than grandma. Oh those precious memories. 
     He has ordered a strawberry cheese cake and mac and cheese so far for the family party. I don't know what else they will have. It will be the first family get together since Covid 19 started. I am looking forward to having the day with all of my kids and grandsons.. 
     I am wondering when all of the rioting, looting, and destroying people's property is going to stop. Why are they so determine to destroy everything? Going into cities that they don't even live in and small communities where people get along. I don't know what our world is coming to today. 
    My fingers are kept busy. I mailed a custom order to Maryland this week and working on my next project. My hands have to stay busy because I don't want them to get stiff.  We have a heat advisory out for today, I haven't done my own shopping  Covid 19 started. My daughter has done it for me.  
    We  had two very stormy nights and the first caused damage with trees down, roofs torn off buildings even on an apartment building which I am thankful that I didn't live there. We did have some tree damage in our parking lot at my apartment building. We had rows of trees separating the rows for parking. One car had a tree on top of it. I don't know how much damage it had. It took and moved Hot Rods shed  180 degree turn turning it up side down and landing about 20 feet from where it originally was. That was the only damage at my son's house and Hot Rod was fine. They are trying to say it was straight wind, but it wasn't because the trees were twisted off and you had the sounds of the train. A lot of people lost lights, but I was lucky and mine wasn't off that long. A lot of lines were down with the trees. A good friend of ours had a tree fall on the house going through the roof into her daughter's bedroom. I am thankful that everybody was alright. 
    Month of June there is suppose to be a horse show every weekend, but so far today's was cancelled because the ground in the arena was to wet. It is kinda like last year because the first two shows was cancelled because of  the rain causing the arena to be to wet. My grandson's equine tour to Kentucky was cancelled because of covid 19. A disappointed boy because he was looking forward to it. He had been working goat sales, throwing hay bales to earn money toward the trips that he wants to take. Last year he got to go clear to Canada with stops along the way.
    He has his learner's permit for driving, but he won't be 16 until October.  I will have a freshman and sophomore in high school this fall. It doesn't seem to like they should be that old. Enough of this and that. Have a great day and stay safe.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Are you ready??

Are you ready to get back to somewhat normal in your life? Do you really know who and what to believe with what is going on in your life with having to shelter at home? 
      I want to be able to go shopping again instead of having it done for me. I must admit my daughter has done a good job for me during this time. The first time of getting to go out of town was to my sister-in-law's visitation. It was the first funeral for the funeral home since all of the lockdown had started. It was hard on the family with her being in a nursing home and they were not allowed to go see her. She did not have the virus. My three nephews had to give me a hug which was needed by all. 
     The family time is something that I have missed the most and the hugs. 
     God is there to protect us. I know he is protecting me because I fell while taking a walk. I kissed the sidewalk splat. I did get a lot of bruises and my nose turned black and blue for one area.  I did not break any bones, nor glasses, nor dentures. The only thing I did break was the corner of my cell phone. We did go and replace it which was done by curb side. It was a different experience because you didn't get to go into the store and check out the different phones. 
     They are taking so many things away from the kids and putting restrictions on what they are allowing that it makes you wonder if you are living in a dictatorship. I will be glad when the election is over with maybe that will make a big difference. 
     My fingers have been kept busy working on new projects. I sent my butterfly table topper to the UK and it took longer then it should have to get there. I know I order some supplies that normally takes 3-5 days but it took 14 days to get and you wondered it you were going to receive your order.
    They have cancelled so many things in our area that was scheduled in July, August, and September. How can you predict what is going to happen that far out in advance of everything. You really don't know what tomorrow will bring let alone that far in advance. 
    I need to finish a custom order so I hope you all are well and safe. Take care my friends.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

No Sunshine

     Where has our sunshine gone? I am tired of the gloomy days and want a change. Spring is suppose to be here , but you can't really tell that with the temperature going up and down and you don't really know how you want to dress in layers or not. 
     I am ready to go back to a normal life as normal as can be. I am tired of being told how to take care of myself as though I don't know how to do it. I know how to stay healthy and safe without being told all of the time. 
    I have been alternating between embroidering, working on a 1000 piece puzzle and reading. My walking has been confined because of them closing the track and exercising room here in my apartment building. I don't watch a lot of television mainly have it on for noise because I can't stand the quiet. 
    The kids are out of school with their chrome books and working from home. Some of them will do what they are suppose to do, but I can feature some of them not doing it. Will they truly keep them back a grade because of all this, keep the kids from graduating and being able to walk across the stage to get their diploma? It makes you wonder when we will get back to a normal life or as normal as it can be. 
    Why do they want us to live in fear? Are they trying to control us to do as they say and not have a mind of our own?  I have common sense and know what to do and what not to do during this time and I hope that other people do as well. When you live on a fix income you know how to wisely spend your money on the essentials that you need or at least I do to keep food that will last for several days. 
     What have you been doing to keep yourself busy during this time? Do you have family or a friend to check on you and make sure you are doing o.k.?  I remember back when I was in assisted living rehabbing a broken leg. We had to stay in our apartment and they brought our meals to us because of a bug going around that reminded me of the bug today.  I was thankful I had a window to look out. It was a great deal like what we are going through today only they didn't shut everything down like they have now. I watched the local news this morning and when they showed  the highway it reminded me of  a ghost town with the few vehicles on the road. 
    I hope you all remain well and safe. I am going back to work on my baby quilt. It is called "They came by two". I love watching my embroidering to come to life. I just know I will not embroidery on terry cloth again. I tried it and I didn't like it. 

Saturday, March 14, 2020


People are running scared because of the new type of virus that is going around. Cancelling so many activities and shutting down so many things. I know that people need to know what is happening, but really every day on all of the news channels is a bit much. So many different spins on the same topic and put the fear into people Having a run or toilet paper is in my opinion a bit much. Nothing in the what they say you need to watch for has anything to do with the need for an abundance of it. 
I go about my business washing my hands and taking responsibility for my health. Just watching what I do and not panic. At my age I take every day that I am given and make the most of it because you don't know what tomorrow will bring and if you can get out of bed. I stay active because I want to be able to go every chance that I get. I miss not being able to go whenever I want, but I can understand my family's feeling on the subject. I live in a 6 floor apartment building so you need to take in consideration everything around you. I know who is coming to my apartment because they have to call me so I can let them into the building unless someone has propped open the door which they are not suppose to do. The only one that has a key to get into my apartment is my daughter so that she can check on me if I don't answer my phone. I keep busy working three days a week doing bookwork. I lucked into the job and it gives me some mad money as I call it.
I still do a lot of embroidering and reading sometimes read to late at night because the book holds my attention so well that I don't want to stop until I have read it all. Kindle Unlimited is the best money that I spend because you can read so many books and you don't have to buy them. They cost $9.99 a month and where can you buy all different kinds of books for that price. 
I baked some cookies yesterday. I had bought some cookie dough from my grandson for their fundraiser. It will take a while to use up because I don't have big enough room in my refrigerator freezer to freeze them. It is suppose to keep in the refrigerator for several months before you bake them.
I wish the sun would come out, but it doesn't look like it will today. It depends on where you live what kind of weather you are having today. It is almost Spring and I am looking forward to not have to dress in layers.
My youngest grandson is out for Spring break this next week and my other grandson has school. They are to have an FFA competition this coming Monday and he has to take his two horses for them to judge. The only thing Dad said was Cleo could only be shown in halter because she hasn't been ridden in quite some time and that Matt rides Hot Rod himself and nobody else gets to do it. 
Well it is long enough and I need to go back to working on my baby quilt. It is coming along quicker because of not changing colors so much. Have a great weekend and take care.  

Saturday, March 7, 2020

A windy day

The louvers on the building across the street  are banging  because of the wind today. It is that time of the year when we get the storms. I am not ready for that, but you never know when it is going to happen. I pray for those in Nashville and others affected by storms lately. 
    It will be a few days before I see my family with the flu going around. I have been very lucky so far and not been sick and I want it to continue. 
   We  have had some nice beautiful weather with the temperature in the 60's. I take advantage of those days except when it is really windy. I don't want to get blown over. 
    I have been working on a new baby blanket which is progressing. It is not like some that I have done where you have to change to a lot of different colors. I like the pastels which makes you think of a baby. 
    Have you managed to escape the flu so far?  One of my sons and son-in-law have had it so I am not going to see either one of those for now. 
    Spring break is around the corner. Not everybody gets one and some are using them to make up days from being out because of bad weather. 
   The time is sure flying. It seems as though a month just gets started and then it is gone. I guess that is a sign that I am getting older which I hate to admit. I am glad that I can stay by myself. I like sleeping until 10 in the morning on a weekend, eating on my schedule and what I want to eat. 
   Have a great weekend. 

Thursday, March 5, 2020


  It has been a while since I have been here. I just don't seem to have enough hours or I am to tired. Some will wonder why. Well I have come out of retirement and I work three days a week for about 4-5 hours a day doing bookwork for a homeless shelter. It is an eye opening experience. Some are thankful for what they get while others aren't, some want help and there are those who just want a free handout. They come and get me, feed me lunch, and bring me home so I can't complain. I still miss being able to drive, but I can see why my family don't want me to be driving anymore being I totaled two vehicles within 6 months and the last accident was where I got my broken leg.
      It was two years ago today that I lost my other half. I know he went to a better place and no longer had to suffer, but I still miss him. We all know that we will go through it, but you are never ready when it happens. 
    My three grandsons the one in the middle is the youngest but he is the tallest. They are 20,14, and 15. My oldest, who will be 21 in June which I don't like admitting, works for a company that does remodeling and building homes. He has found someone that was willing to teach him a trade. He did n't like working for a lawn scaping company mowing yards. He helps that company do snow removal. We had some snow but not a lot this year in comparison to what others had. My youngest is in the 8th grade and getting ready to start his track season. He does discus and shot put. My 15 year old is a freshman in high school. He has his driving permit, but can't get his license until he turns 16 which won't be until October. His horse showing season starts in May and I think that he is looking forward to it. I just like to go watch. 
   The dryer rack is just a few of the things that I have done and I have more on the hoop. I usually have more than one thing going at once. I did a couple of craft shows this past year, but they weren't anything to get overly excited about. I tried my first experience with embroidering on terry cloth, but that is not my thing. I wasn't happy with it and it is harder to do. 
   I thought that I would let you know that I am still alive. Take care and have a great day. 

Friday, August 16, 2019

Checking In

    The summer has gone so fast and the kids are now back in school. My grandson has got to show his horse some, but we had some shows cancelled because of rain and one because of the heat this summer. 
    Grandma got to go on the trip when he showed at the State 4-H Show in Sedalia, Missouri. One of his high-lights was going on an equine tour that took them to Canada. It was the first time he had been that far away from home. Their bus was huge and there were 50 kids plus Chaperons. He brought me home a small bottle of syrup from Canada. 
    The first picture was last weekend at the American Royal in Kansas City. I stayed home from that trip because there weren't any motels or hotels that were in my price range plus it was to close to my last trip.
    I am hoping to go to at least one of his band competitions this fall, but will have to wait and see what happens there. 

 I don't know how he does it, but he can sleep on his horse. Both shows were big classes and if you got a call back you were happy with that even if you placed that was even better.

   My youngest grandson volunteered at Safety town and one of the high lights was working with the little ones. He had to have so many volunteer hours for his rank in Scouts when he went to camp. He was tapped for Mico-Say at camp so now he has to build his costume. He is the third generation to belong to it. My husband and my oldest son was both in it. My oldest son was an Eagle Scout. He was lucky and wasn't at camp when it was triple digit heat. He always goes with his other grandparents for two weeks at the state fair. They take their camper and meet up with friends. Of course he is spoiled. He wasn't ready to come home, but he had to come home for school. They are going tomorrow to pick up golf carts and bring them home. 
 My fingers keep busy plus I have come out of retirement and have a part-time job doing accounting for a homeless shelter. They come and get me, feed me lunch and bring me home, plus I make me a little extra money which I call my mad money. It paid for my trip to Sedalia. 
   My tea kettle  makes me think about the one that I always had on my stove before the microwave. The fingers are staying busy keeping them from getting stiff. It is seems as though we fall apart as we get older or at least that is what I like to say. This is birthday month. My youngest grandson's was the 7th of August. My daughter's was the 13th and mine is the 19th of this month.  
    We have had the Kansas City Chiefs in town for their training camp at our college. It came to an in, but college classes started . Busy time. Take care. 

Saturday, July 13, 2019


My grandson is getting ready to go the State 4-H horse show in a couple of weeks. I already have my motel reservation made so that grandma can go and watch all of the kids. I am looking forward to doing that. It has been a while since I have been here in blogland.  I have come out of retirement and working three days a week doing bookwork for a homeless shelter. It opens your eyes to a lot of things. You can only help them if they want to be helped and some just want a hand out and doing nothing to earn it. 
As I am reminded unless they want to change by getting off the drugs and alcohol, there is not much you can do about it. I try to leave work before they start coming in to eat and spend the night. The people that I work for come to pick me up, feed me lunch, and bring me home. It is a way to supplement my income. 
 I decorate my door of my apartment. It was up for the 4th of July and will stay up until Labor day and then we will go to the fall decorations.  I change it with the seasons. As I don't have a place to store my Christmas tree, I just decorated it red, white, and blue and change it with the seasons. 
My St. Pat's tea towel that I made and need to put it in my Etsy shop. I can never seem to get the size right for my pictures. I plan on doing a couple of craft shows come fall that I normally do. It will be a three generation at one because my grandson will go with us. 
My mouse that I have made a complete set of these. You never know what projects I will have going on my hoop and it will travel with me wherever I go. The fingers have to stay busy for sure. I usually have a puzzle laying on my table that I am working on. My niece and her husband gave me a 2000 piece that I don't know when I will start that one. It will require a big space  for sure. 
    We have managed to have two horse shows this summer with all of the rain and we still have standing flood waters in fields. Such a mess and water is still being released up stream from us. They seem to care more about wild life then they do about the people, the crops, and livestock that have been lost that put the meat in the stores. 
     Well I better bring this to a close, but I wanted you to know that I am still alive and well. Take care. 

Sunday, May 19, 2019


We have had so much rain this year and still have flooding going on with some of the roads closed due to the rain. Mom and dad are taking my grandson, Matt to Columbia to go on his equine tour that will take them into Canada. It will be a learning and exciting trip for him. He will be making new friends because he is the only one from our area going. It doesn't seem possible that he is going to be 15 in October and starting high school in the fall. 
   I have been busy with working part time and embroidering. I have a  custom order that I am working on. I thought I would take a break for a little bit. We have sunshine right at the moment and I don't know how long that will last. The tornados have missed us, but they have been around us. The damage from the flooding and now this is heart breaking. How long it is going to take to repair damage to roads and bridges is anyone's guess? 
   One of my baby quilts that went to a new home. It always makes me feel good to be part of their new baby's life. 
   The 23rd will be my 2 year anniversary of breaking my leg. I don't notice it to bad unless the weather is being stormy and then it hurts. I still have the knee surgery to undergo, but I am putting it off as long as possible. I just know that if I tried to fly I would definitely set security off with all of the metal in my leg. 
   Both Matt and Ethan play band instruments. Matt plays percussions and is going to continue in Band when he starts high school. Ethan plays the tuba and is going to be in the 8th grade this coming year. He is going to have lessons this summer because his music teachers wants him to go to state as a soloist this next year. That is a great honor for him. I went to both of their spring concerts. You could see the improvement from the winter concert to their spring concert.  
  The first horse show got rained out to start the summer season. There will be one about every weekend in June. I really don't know where the time is going as the month is over half gone. It seems as though it is just started and with a blink of the eye. 
   School is almost over for all of the kids. To keep them occupied and out of mischief is always a challenge. I know my youngest will be going to boy scout camp. I don't know what my middle one will do for sure. I am assuming that he is going to put up hay to earn him some more money this summer. He did that last summer. My oldest is turning 20 this next month. He works for an employer who does remodeling work and really likes doing it. 
   Well I need to get back to my custom order. Take care and stay safe with all of this crazy weather.  

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Rain Rain go Away

 The day has been one that you would really loved to just stay home with a good book, embroidering, or working on a picture puzzle. I worked part of the day at my part time job. It wasn't raining when I left, but it was when I came home. Thank goodness my jacket is water proof so I  didn't get that wet. 
  I don't know about you all, but I loved Thomas Kincaid's picture puzzles. The one on the left is one of them that I have worked. Some of them I would love to frame and hang on my wall to decorate my apartment. 
  When I can't sleep, I have been known to work on a puzzle for awhile or read a book. 
  I feel so sorry for those whose homes have flooded and we are getting more rain plus the river is still up.One of our highways is still closed and you can't get from here to Omaha without going around robin as the saying goes. They had said it would be opened by June but with all the rain we are getting I don't think that will happen. It is heart breaking to see all of the damage that has been done because of the flooding.
  Have you ever been around homeless people? It can be a wake up call to make you be thankful that you have a roof over your head and food on your table. Some look like they could really do something even if it meant picking up trash off the streets. I wouldn't want to live like that. At my part time job, I can see them out the window where they stay during the day and come across to the building that I work at where they are fed supper and have a place to sleep. If they lose their privilege by disobeying the rules they are banned and not allowed back in. Some are trying to turn their life around where others aren't.  The bookkeeping is different then what I use to do, but  I am learning. I was told a long time ago if you could do automotive bookkeeping you could do anybody's books. When I work, I try to leave before they start coming in for supper and their night in a warm building and bed. It gives me a little extra money.
  I am going to a fundraiser for there this weekend. It is my first experience of doing something like that. The theme is the 50's with a silent auction and a live auction. They will have music from that era also. I have seen some of the things for the silent auction. There is a couple of the baskets they made up that I wouldn't mind bidding on. Each of them have themes for different colleges, football teams, and gardening just to name a few. 
  My leg has bothered me today but it is just because of the weather; It has been almost two years since I broke it in a car wreck. Take care.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

My Family

 It has been a while since I have been here in blog land. It has been a period of adjustment for me and I am not sure that I have made it complete yet. It has been almost 2 years since I 
broke my leg and it still hurts at times. I still haven't done my knee replacement. I couldn't really get in the mood for a while after losing my other half plus adjusting to apartment living. 
     My two sons and daughter have been there for mom during it all. They have been very supportive of me. I think what bother me the most was not being able to drive anymore, but considering I totaled two cars within 6 months. The first one I didn't get hurt to bad, but the second one I got my broken leg. Neither were my fault. 
     My three grandsons keep me on my toes. It doesn't seen possible that my oldest will be 20 years old in June. He spent last summer working for a lawn service. He is now working for a company that does remodeling and building cabinets. He likes it so much better. 
     My middle grandson is 14 years old. He is the one that shows his Horse  "Don't scratch my Hot Rod" better known as just Hot Rod. He is getting ready for the summer of showing which starts May 18th which is the first show at our arena. He has one more show in the series that he has 2 reserve high point and  1 high Point which the picture is when he won that high point. His smile couldn't be any bigger then it was when they announced the winner. 
    My youngest, the blond, is 13 years old. He is in boy scouts, tried wrestling, and is doing shot put and discus throwing in track. He tried go-cart racing last summer, but with scout camp and going camping with his other grandparents he will miss to many races so he is not going to do that this year. 
     The horse show on the 28th is held indoors. I haven't gone to that arena and watched. He was surprised when they told him that he had won high point as you can tell by the smile on his face. They have really jelled together .
     I have been embroidering  which I am showing you a pillow case for a child  and my shamrock's tea towel. I didn't get it finished before St. Patrick's. They are both ready to laundry and put in my Etsy shop. I had a friend who pulled me out of retirement to do some bookkeeping to help her. It is a new experience because it is for a 501C3 company. There is a few new challenges including the payroll system that they use. I  never really cared for quick books but that is the program that they are using.  Take care

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Welcome February

    Today has been a little trying as it is my hubby's birthday. It will be a year next month since he has passed away. It has been a period of adjustment with the car accident and rehabbing my leg, moving into an apartment and living on my own I like being able to do what I want when I want.
     I am not living in a senior retirement apartment. They are to expensive and above my budget. I have a one bedroom apartment with all of my utilities paid as part of my rent. You don't really know your neighbors and it is a wide age difference that live here. We have college age to seniors. 
    My apartment is on the first floor which I am thankful for if the electricity goes off. Some are polite and friendly others not so much.
   I don't know about you but we have had some bitter cold weather. I still haven't got use to electric heat. My home had gas heat. 
    I still have been working on my embroidery work. It keeps my hands busy and gives me other things to think about. I was able to do two craft fairs this past year for which I am thankful for being able to do it. You never know what tomorrow will bring. You need to be thankful for each day that you are given and enjoy every moment that you can. 
   Spring can't be to soon for me. I want to be able to walk outside and open my window for fresh air. That was one thing I made sure I had for me when I was looking at apartments. I have officially been here for a year now. It has been a very fast year. I am looking forward to spending time with my family. I included two of my latest tea towels.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


     The year is going so fast and I would like it to stay a little longer instead of going so fast it is almost like a blink of the eye. 
    I know that it has been a while since I have been here. It has been a trying time for me with losing my hubby in March, adjusting to apartment living, and continuing to rehab my leg. I have come quite a ways since the 17th of August, 2017 when I started putting weight on my leg to walk without a cane or anything. I even took a trip with my family to Branson, Missouri. I walked at Silver Dollar City and made it up the hills. I didn't walk the biggest and steepest hills, but what I did I did it.  
   Another first for me will be having a Christmas Tree for the first time in a long time. Decorating my apartment will be another first because I don't usually do that. 
    I did a craft show which I haven't done in over a year and have another one scheduled for the 1st of December so the fingers have been busy working on things for it. I let my inventory go down because for a while I didn't feel like doing anything. Then I made up my mind that I was going to start doing things because nobody would do them for me. I still have my crying spells while I grieve, but I know he would want me to do some of the things that I like to do. 
    I am still involved as much as possible with my grandsons who are taller than me. My youngest who is 13 stands 5'8" inches tall. He is probably going to be the tallest of all three boys. Both the younger two enjoy music and play in the band. One plays drums and precussion instruments and the other plays the tuba and trumpet. I am looking forward to going to their music concerts. 
     Thanksgiving will be spent with family. We will get together then on Saturday evening with all of the family. Thanksgiving day we will be missing my daughter and her family. She is spending the day with her in-laws.  We aren't having the traditional turkey and ham for Thanksgiving. My son is smoking a brisket and I don't know what else is on the menu.
    I have been looking for a cookbook for one or at least two people where I could cut the recipe in half for one person.   
     If you travel, please be safe on the highway. If you can't be with love ones give them a phone call if possible. Take care. Hugs and Prayers. 

Monday, September 17, 2018


   We have sunshine today which makes you feel good after the rain in the past, but we have more on the way. I hope they are wrong. It was warm over the weekend, but the Southside festival was a success and my grandson's scout troop did a good job with their booth. 
  Grandma stayed home and worked on projects for my up coming craft show. I haven't got to do one for over a year so I am looking forward to it. My middle grandson is going with his mom and me to help us. This summer he learned how to turn little baseball bats on the lay. He was really proud of himself and so was grandma.The people in the woodworkers guild are willing to work with him. They are amazed at him wanting to learn at his age. His whole family make different woodworking projects out of walnut, cherry, cedar, and oak just name a few. He doesn't want to be left out. At least he is not in front of the computer playing games or watching television. 
   The tea towel was a custom order that I did for a child's teacher. It is something that is very useful and will remind the teacher of that child. I enjoyed being part of it.
   I am working on a baby quilt called "Baseball Buddies". It is getting closer to being finished, have a set of pillowcases in the works, plus some new tea towels. The fingers have to stay busy. I go to see the eye doctor and my primary doctor this next Monday for checkups. I made my appointments the same day so my daughter would only have to take off one day of work to take me since I don't have a car and drive anymore. That has been the hardest for me to not being able to go get in the car and go where ever I wanted to go. It might be just as well with everything that is happening in our city. I didn't think about going by myself and now I don't feel comfortable because of the shootings, vehicles stolen, and everything else. 
   The first band competition is this next Saturday for my middle grandson. I would like to watch, but I don't think that will be possible. 
   It doesn't seem like it, but I have lived in an apartment for over a year. I got to go see my old house and what they have done to it. It looks nice and I understand why it was necessary to move because I could no longer take care of my home. It is all part of getting older. I still don't feel comfortable on the steps especially coming down them. I keep being told it will get better. 
    Prayers for all of those affected by the hurricane Florence. Take care.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


   Another day of sunshine, I just wish some of my friends were getting the same thing. I am praying that Hurrican Florence will turn and head back out to sea or at least lose it's strength so that it won't be so bad for my friends in the Carolina's and the East coast. 

   It is getting closer to the first day of fall or autumn which ever you prefer to say. I love that time of the year when the leaves start to turn. I will miss looking out the back door seeing the trees turn in the back yard of my old home. The kids will take me to see the color and I plan on taking my camera.
   I don't know about you all, but I love to do picture puzzles especially Thomas Kincaide's. They have so many pretty colors. The last time I went to Branson with the kids we went to his store. I saw so many things that I would love to have, but I didn't. The kids think that I need a Christmas tree this year. It has been a long time since I have decorated a tree.
    I thought I would show you my chair for my apartment. It is comfortable, but I think I like my recliner better. I know my recliner that is close to my windows make it so easy to take a nap in the afternoon if I am not careful. I am gradually getting it to look the way that I want it.
    My middle grandson is going to to their first 8th grade band competition. He is in the percussion section.and my youngest grandson plays the trumpet and he is learning to play the tuba because they needed onein his band. He still plays his trumpet besides the tuba. He is in the 7th grade. 
     The month is flying by and I don't really know where the time has gone. I wish it would slow down so that we can enjoy it better and smell the roses. 
     Enough of this and that, I need to go do my walk. Take care.