Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Day of Sunshine.

We had another day of sunshine which is really hard to believe with the way our weather has been. It just makes us one day closer to the first day of Spring.

Grandpa really enjoyed his boys this morning. He had one on each side of him at breakfast. It is the first birthday that we have all been together for quite a while. He is doing a Jack Benny 29 to hear him telling it. Of course they say you are only as old as you feel. We went for a drive being it was sunny and looked at all the new wind farms they are building not that far away from us. I was amazed at how many you could see in such a short period of time. Hopefully it will help with our energy bills, but you still have to have the electricity to help make it work.
I was going through some boxes and I found this necklace. I thought it was so pretty even though I think it is missing a couple of stones. My mother-in-law always wore jewelry. She said that she didn't feel dressed without her jewelry including clip on earrings. I was looking for something else when I found this. I still have more boxes to check yet.
My baby quilt is progressing. It is Winnie the pooh and friends that I am working on. Eeyore is laying on the bottom with everyone else on top of him. It is fun to watch it take shape. I must close for the evening. Have a great week.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I felt like I need a bouquet of flowers today after the week that I had. I had two trips to the doctor's. One for me which went very well, and one for my hubby. We were on our way home from hubby's when we had to take a side trip to get our son. He has spent a couple of days with mom and dad recuperating from a bad asthma attack from new perfume and painting fingernails, that they knew would cause a problem. He has chemical asthma which he came home with from his navy military service. Even though he has health issues he would be back there defending our country in a heart beat. He has been places that all he will say is that he has been there. I know every mother worries about a son regardless.
Mom made sure that he was eating and resting as the doctor order. I made dad responsible to keep an eye on him. I told them that they could keep an eye on each other.
I didn't get my statements out on Friday, but I didn't receive the cooperation that I needed to get them done. I was told it was because of my being gone two days, but that wasn't all of it. Some people just don't follow through on their end of it.
I did my first Valentine Swap which was so much fun. I might do another one if the opportunity presents itself. It made me feel really good knowing that my swap partner Deb really liked what I sent her.
Tomorrow we celebrate hubby's 70Th birthday which is Tuesday with the family. You pick a day that you can get them all together which is hard to do at times. It will be fun watching three boys help papa celebrate. Our youngest grandson thinks if we get together it is someones birthday because that is when we normally get together.
I must get back to my baby quilt that I am embroidering for a new little one. They don't know yet whether it will be a boy or girl. I told them they could have twins. Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sun Went Away

It was a sunny day and I was hoping we would have sunshine all day, but that didn't happen nor has my day gone as plan. We had a doctor appointment in the city this morning for my hubby and it was early enough we were going out for breakfast afterwards. Well my daughter called wanting to know where I was at and that told me that something was wrong. I told her we were on our way home and going to breakfast. She told me that our son was at the VA hospital so we turned around and headed for Leavenworth, Kansas to see what was going on. It was just a really bad asthma attack so I brought him to our house and that way he could rest without anyone bothering him.
He is sleeping and my hubby is knitting. I had really planned on working part of the day, but I wasn't going in for just a couple of hours.
We will go later and pick up his car and bring it home, but he is spending the night here with us. I will feel better because I know that he will get some much needed rest and no one will bother him. he asked if I minded if he shut the bedroom door. I told him no and the TV is on, but it is just loud enough to here so that it doesn't bother him.
For those of you that may be trying my face book page. I haven't got it all the way set up yet. I am in the process of doing it. It is something that I am learning and just takes me a little longer then most. I have learn to do a lot of things that I never thought I would have to do. You can accomplish a lot if you really have to do so.
Tomorrow is the last day of the month so I will have statements to do at work and will also have to do payroll the first thing, but I will manage if everybody cooperates.
We have had some really cold temperatures again, they are talking about possibilities of more snow for us. I just don't want the freezing rain that they are getting to the south of us. The weather hasn't really been good anywhere in the US. I am looking forward to the first day of Spring. I can't wait. You all take care.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ready for summer

I think that we are all ready for summer. I know that my grandson is ready to go for a ride with his daddy. The bike is one that my son-in-law customized and entered in a bike show. He won third with it. He hadn't got involved in the shows for a while. He used to at one time.
You don't want to mention ride or Ethan will go get his helmet and he is ready to go.

I baby sat him and his two cousins this past weekend. I had fun with the boys. If they got carried away, I would take away what they were playing with and they would have to find something else to play with. They play really well.
My Oldest grandson was telling me they were going to take a field trip to Snow Creek and try to ski. He was really looking forward to that. I would like to be a mouse and watch because it is a group of 5Th graders. I don't know how many have ever ski before. I just know that he hasn't.
Well I must get back on my baby quilt that I am making for a baby shower. I hope that I can get it done. Have a good day.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


We have sunshine today, but we aren't near as warm as yesterday with a strong wind. I have a few more things ready to list in my etsy shop, that I thought I would give you a sneak peak first.
I have been doing some reading today of my friend's blog and looking to see what they are doing. So many wonderful pictures and things that they are working on. I just wish my pictures turned out better. Maybe some day. The snow is melting, but it isn't all the way gone yet. They are talking like we might have snow flurries later today. One of our smaller rivers has a bad ice jamb causing flooding. It was almost out yesterday and futher down stream it is out. It makes no difference where you live the weather has been something else lately.

The tea towels are three that I have got completed. I don't know which one I like the best, but they are relaxing to do and that is the main thing. I was working on a new table topper while I was baby sitting and my grandson thought I had to much light on so he turned it off. If he had stayed still long enough, he would have been sound asleep. He was trying to stay awake until mommy and daddy got home.
Our neighbors must be watching football, because we haven't had much car traffic today.
You all have a wonderful day what is left of it.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I was ready for 4:30 to come today and start the weekend. Only we weren't busy after 4:oo so we shut it down early. We were ready.
We have been working short handed while one is recuperating from surgery. I don't know exactly when he is coming back to work or even if he is because they removed his big toe. He is a diabetic and I hope that it stops with just that and no other problems.
I have been reading blogs tonight, in between watching the telethon for Haiti. Some of the performers I like and some of them I don't. They showed a baby that they delivered by a c section early because of all the broken bones that the mother had. We all have our own problems, but we can be thankful for our country and the help that is given. I still haven't heard why the cruise ship stopped off the shore for some R&R or at least that is what the news reported. I don't know if I was on a cruise what my feelings would be about them doing it.
It has been a damp, foggy type of a day. We never did get to the temperature they said, nor did we see the sunshine. They are now saying rain and thunderstorms. The weather is absolutely crazy. Some of our small creeks are running almost bank full so they may flood because of all the snow and if we get the rain they definitely will.
January is almost over so that makes us closer to spring and hopefully warmer weather. I am ready, I am tired of having to dress in layers to keep warm. I want a change in what I get to wear to work from all of the winter clothes.
All of our kids, spouses, and grandchildren have said that they will be there for breakfast for hubby's birthday the 31st. He thinks we are having breakfast with our oldest son, who we don't see as often as the others. I will just let him think that. I just told him and keep reminding him that he can't get sick.
Must close for tonight. You all have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


A week left in this month then it will be the shortest month of the year. It means that we are getting that much closer to Spring. The snow is melting and the ground is getting so soft. It is so squishy under foot. You wonder if you are going to sink in and the potholes are unreal.
I am hoping that it warms up some tomorrow. I think this winter has been worse then the ones that we had in the past.
Two trips to the city this next week so I will only be working three days. I can't blame hubby for both of them because one of the appointments is mine. I should have done it in December but the weather was just to bad.
We are babysitting this weekend all three of the boys at once. My oldest grandson said that he would help grandma with the younger two. I don't think I will have any problem because they play really good together and they haven't seen each other since Christmas Eve.
Some of our C-130's have been flying supplies into Haiti to help with the relief. I know they can land those planes on very short runways and different places. I have watched them land and take off on very short distance on the runway. We never cease to tell our guys how much they are appreciated for all that they are doing for us. The snow blower that they use to clear the runways is really something. It has like a big brush on the front of it and can really throw the snow. We watch it in action one weekend while we were eating breakfast at the restaurant which is located at the airport. You just never know what kind of planes you will see there.
Back to embroidering for a while before I call it a day. Take care.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No Fog Today

We didn't have the fog this morning nor the black ice that they were predicting for us. I hope they are wrong about the rain. We need some sunshine in the worse way. I think that it would make everybody feel better.
We went out for a while last night and it was a little foggy when we left but not really bad. It sure changed when we came home. You couldn't see very far at all in front of you. I told my husband that we weren't going again when it was like that because I didn't like the stress of the drive.
I have spent the evening reading blogs to take my mind off of my hubby. His blood sugar was really low when I got home. I got him back up, but it took a little while. His liver isn't working very good at the moment which doesn't help, but it is something that we have to live with. i just keep saying my prayers that we keep going. His 70Th birthday is the 2ND of February and I am planning a get together with family. It was just about a year ago this time that we made a trip to the hospital. I told him I wasn't spending his birthday in the hospital this year. We go to the doctor this next week so maybe he will give me some suggestions to try. It is a lot of trial and error to cope with all the problems.
To a lighter side, my daughter and her family took one of their dogs to the vet. My 4 year old grandson asked the vet if he had a hippopotamus. The vet told him no, but he wished he had one. You never know what he is going to do or say. They are so much fun. My 5 year old told me he could button his new shirt that we got him for Christmas excepting for the very top button. He really liked it. He is so small that I have a hard time finding him jeans and etc because he has no hips to hold them up. His daddy and brother had Martin Luther Kings birthday off. He thought he should get to stay home with them, but he had to go to his preschool. They have to pay for it whether he is there or not.
I probably need to try to get some sleep and hopefully I don't have to make a drive to the hospital later tonight. You all take care.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


We started our day with very dense fog and we had some of it go away at about noon, but it came back just as bad tonight. I wouldn't want to drive very far in it that is for sure.
You couldn't see the traffic signals until you were right on top of them to tell if they were green or red. I was wondering what am I doing out in this, but hubby wanted out of the house. At least it was above freezing which was a good thing.
I wanted to share with my blogger friends, My Magic Quilt Valentine that I had framed over the weekend. I listed it in my etsy shop. I thought that it turned out rather well. It is getting to feel more like Valentines.
I am hoping we get some relief in the weather so that they can go back to working outside. At least the snow is melting, that is helping. The icicles have melted off the house, but we still have a little snow on the roof that is melting off.
The kids were to go tubing today at Snow Creek which is close to Weston, Missouri today, but with the fog I don't know if they would let them or not. I know when it was bitter cold they wouldn't let them go skiing. You all have a wonderful week and stay safe.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Just one more day left to work this week and its the weekend I can't wait. The only thing good the last couple of days is that it has been in the 40's. It is good for melting the snow, but it can cause black ice early mornings which I found myself trying to ice skate twice. It just looked like it was wet, was that ever wrong. I didn't fall thank goodness, but came close.
I finished embroidering two new tea towels just need to put the borders around them. One is for
St. Pat's and the other for Easter. I will be posting pictures as soon as they are done maybe over the weekend.
Top priority Saturday morning is a hair cut and then we will go from there. I will get to see two of my grandsons because they are getting hair cuts after grandma gets hers. We haven't seen them since Christmas Eve because of the cold weather and the snow. They live in the country so they have had to deal with the snow drifts higher then ours. Their road in a couple of places wasn't the best in the world. I try to watch where I get so I don't get myself stuck.
I have been lucky so far.
I am so looking forward to the warmer, dryer weather when you don''t have to dress in layers. I want to be able to wear shoes other then snow boots. The cold damp weather makes the bones hurt. Let's face it I just want 72 degree weather all year round. I really don't think I am asking to much. Do you??
I just about lost my post so I think I better stop while I am ahead. Take care.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heat Wave

We are having a heat wave, we have been in the 20's the last couple of days and suppose to get into the 30's tomorrow. It will take quite a while to get the snow to melt that is for sure.
The trees were pretty this morning, but the drive wasn't. We were having a freezing fog and you couldn't see very far in front of you. They are predicting that again tonight after midnight.
People don't drive with common sense.
I needed some roses after having a day of doing other things instead of my own work. I got left yesterday by myself with no one to help me. The first customer that I had needed a striker plate for his door. I needed to know where I could get one, but the cell phone was turned off so I sold the striker plate out of a door lock and left them a note that I rob what I needed out of the box. I don't know if they can order one or not that I took out of the box. It will teach them to turn off their cell phone. Last thing I was told was to call his cell if I needed anything. I made money on it.
I talked to my son tonight. Their road has finally got open, but in places it is just barely wide enough for two cars. The buses are running the snow routes which basically means they take my oldest grandson to school and grandpa goes and gets him at the designated bus stop which is to far for him to walk in this cold weather. If we go out, we might see if they would come and get us. They have a four wheel truck.
Tomorrow I would like to do my w2's that is all I have left to do. All of the other tax reports are done for the month end, quarter end, and year end. Being closed and only working half days haven't helped me to do what I wanted to do.
You all take care and stay warm.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

We are having a heat wave. We are a whopping 23 degrees. We have been in the minus so much that this makes it really seem warmer then it is.
We went to breakfast this morning and that is the first time my hubby had wanted to go out all week, which is an exception to the rule. I don't blame him because I don't like the cold either.
Our grandsons love the snow and want to go sledding every opportunity that they get. When it was so fluffy, my middle one was making snow angels. He was having a blast.
I hope that I get to work more this week then the last three. We were closed because of the weather and I still don't know how we will get into job sites with all the snow still on the ground. I keep watching the icicles get longer outside my window and keep wondering when they are going to fall to the ground. We have had more traffic today with the warmer weather, but the snow was blowing across the highways. I just hope we don't drift back in again.
We are to have a heat wave this week. I have added some new items to my etsy shop stop by and take a look. You all have a wonderful day.

Friday, January 8, 2010

More Snow and Bitter Cold

When is the snow and bitter cold going to stop, we keep asking ourselves. The snow started again on Wednesday and the drifts were back on Thursday so I needed to be dug out again. I didn't work yesterday and I only worked a half a day today. We were getting more snow today so that is why we closed early. It sure doesn't help the paycheck. I picked up medicine for hubby this afternoon so tomorrow I can be stationary and not have to get out. They say we are going to be in the bitter cold until about noon tomorrow. I hope they are wrong and we don't get down to the minus 35 degrees.
Being off has given me time to work on my Valentine tea towels. These are three that I got done. I think I want to retake my pictures. Lets face it I am just not a good picture taker.
I know we have not had the traffic go by, but we have a lot of cancellations and bitter cold. The major highway has had so many slide offs it looks like a parking lot. Some of the secondary roads are closed because of drifts or maybe just have one lane traffic. Our city streets aren't the best, but if you drive with common sense you can get around.

Schools have been closed all week so they are going to have to make it up at the end of the year. We check in with family so that they know mom is home safe and sound.
My hubby didn't go out today which usually he wants to go, but they were having a Marathon of Elvis Presley movies today for his 75Th birthday. he has watched them all day. I have been to Graceland in Memphis and it was very impressive.
I need to go put heat on the back. I don't know what I did to it or it just may be the weather and having osteoporosis in it doesn't help.
If you have to be out in the bitter cold and snow, just be careful. You all take care.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow, Snow and More Snow

The snow started this morning at about 9 A.M. or there about. It has been snowing every since. The problem now is that the wind is beginning to pickup so we will have drifts in the morning I just don't know how bad.
We closed at 3 today because of the snow and how bad the streets were getting. Of course, the side streets didn't have the snow plowed from the snow that we got during the Christmas Holidays. We still have snow on the side streets, plus they put salt on them instead of plowing so it just makes matter worse. Of course you always have the people who don't drive for the road conditions and cause accidents.
It took me a hour and a half to get home. I did stop at the grocery store because I don't know if I am working tomorrow or not. I am to check in to see because we may not even open up with the weather like it is right now. It won't take to much longer for you to not be able to see my tire tracks. With all of the snow, cold weather that is setting records across the US. You won't make me believe in Global Warming. You dress in layers and when it never warms up enough that you can take some of it off. You wonder what you are doing out in the cold.
Of course, even as cold as it was there were kids coasting, my grandsons included while mommy and daddy walked and took care of the dogs.
mimi at Dandelion Wishes had beautiful winter pictures on her blog. I told her I would like to trade her snow for mine because it looked as though she had less then we did. I have my third tea towel done ready for the borders, but I don't think I will do that tonight instead I think I will have an early night. The drive home was nerve wrecking with the accidents and close call. I saw a police car almost get hit twice. The bad thing would have been if the 2ND car had hit him, because the police officer would have been caught between the two cars and would have probably been hurt pretty bad. You prayed a lot that you would make it home without being hit.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bitter Cold and More Snow

Isn't she cute and put you in the mood for Valentine's Day?
We have had really cold weather for us and tomorrow we are to get snow again plus continuing in on Thursday with the temperature dropping further then this morning.
You dress in layers that is for sure, plus we have two electric furnaces and only one of them is working.
I am looking forward to doing my first Valentine Swap. It will be doing so much fun especially not knowing who will be your partner until you get the package.
Our public schools called off school today because of the cold, but the out laying schools went to school today. My oldest grandson gets on the bus before I even go out the door to work. They had a blast this last week between Christmas and New Years. Mommy was on vacation and they went sledding every day for a while excepting one day. Matt, my middle grandson, liked being able to stay home. I think that they all need a break once and awhile.
I would like for it to warm up that is for sure, but where do you go for warmer weather. Places that are usually warm have had cold weather and we are having global warming. I don't think so. Well I must get back to My Valentine projects. Take care and stay warm.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lazy Cold Sunday

We woke up to the cold and more snow this morning. It was just what we needed on top of the snow that we already had. We didn't venture out of the house today. We were out in the cold yesterday because I needed to get my car service and the roads were clear. You can't say that today.
I have spent part of the day working on my Valentine Tea towels. As fast as the time goes, it will be Valentine Day before we know it. It seems as the months just fly as we get older. I know I definitely don't like the cold weather, but I don't know where you could really go to be warm here stateside. Florida had 30 degree temperature today. I know when I watched the Rose Bowl Parade and the Citrus Parade neither looked that warm. I want some 72 degree weather. It is wishful thinking, but it won't happen for awhile. I watched ice skating for part of the afternoon. They were talking about how Smucker's Discover stars on ice originally started. It brought back many wonderful memories of some of the stars that we have watched from amateur to professionals. One of the most memorial evenings was when we had front row seats right at the edge of the ice. Scott Hamilton, Kurt Browning, Christy Yamachi, Rosalyn Summers, Paul Wylie is just a few that we have watched along the way. I had gotten tickets to see Bob Hope, who they said was going to come to our city. He had to cancelled so I just applied the cancelled ticket money to the other tickets. . I have my autograph from Scott Hamilton who was a guest speaker when we went to a convention in Sun Valley. He is so entertaining regardless of what he is doing. We got involved with our daughter ice skating a long time ago when she was young She competed through her college years. The last trip was National Collegiate Competition, It was the only trip that mom and dad didn't go with her. We have gone several different places that we probably wouldn't have gone except for that.
When I look out the window at the snow, it makes me think when we use to have the coasting parties a long time ago. It was before all of the houses got built up around us. When we built our home, it was like being in the country even though we were in the city. The land around us was farm land. The snow made me think of when my mother would make snow ice cream as we were growing up, using her wash tub to coast down the hill, or the scoop shovel. We would get in trouble for that, but we sure did have fun. Back then we went to a one room school house where we had first through eight grade. We would take our sleds to school and go coasting at noon, we always stayed out longer then we were suppose to.
Well I really need to get back to my tea towels. I will posting them as soon as they are done.
Stay Warm and safe.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Day

Happy New Year to all my friends.
We have a tradition at our household to watch the Rose Bowl Parade after breakfast to start our day. We are enjoying a lazy day of doing whatever we want. It is bitter cold here. We are in the low teens, but the wind chill is what makes it so cold.
Are we all ready to start a new year? I am looking forward to the year and hopefully it will bring a lot of happiness. We won't have birthdays until my husbands birthday on Ground Hog's Day in February. I would really like to plan something, but the last time I did he spent it in the hospital, so we will just take it one day at a time. I am working on some new projects that I hope will be ready shortly to put in my etsy shop. I really appreciate all of my friends that I have from our group. It is amazing the number of people that you can find who has like interest and you can relate to. I have found some new blogs that I enjoy reading thanks to my friends.
I sometimes enjoy just reading what is going on in other people's lives and what they are doing. My friends are from all parts of the world which makes it so much interesting. You can travel without a car. It is fun to read how other people celebrate their holidays. I hope everybody had a safe and Happy New Year. I fell asleep before midnight, but our neighbor shot off his fireworks so we knew when it was the New Year. He does it twice a year, the 4Th of July and New Year Eve. Take care