Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Season

This was sent to me by a very good friend and I find it so true. The holiday season is a time to hear from family and friends. It means a great deal to me to have the friendship that I have found here in blog land.
You all have helped me get through some very trying times without realizing it by just dropping by and leaving a comment.
I have all of my craft shows over for this year. I ended up doing 4 in a roll which I hadn't planned on doing that many, but it was a way to spend time with my daughter-in-law and grandson. He has already asked if we are doing the one in Forest City this next year. I have to plan further ahead if I am going to do that.
Thanksgiving was a day with family. Everybody there and the boys were having a great time playing. We set around the dining room table looking at all of the want ads. My daughter was going shopping on Black Friday so I gave her money to get a couple of items for me. There is no way I will attempt to go. I don't like to shop right now because the stores are not as wheel chair friendly as they need to be with putting things in the isles.  People like to stand in the way and you can't get through.  I get tempted to run into them with the wheel chair. I have never done that, but the temptation is there. 

We all talked with our son in Louisiana which made his day and ours. He didn't have time to come home for Thanksgiving, we don't know if he will fly home for the weekend at Christmas or not. We will have to wait and see. 
We got two doctor appointments next month and then the year will be over. It has flown so fast that you wonder where it went.
All of my new Christmas tea towels have already sold at the craft shows. I am trying some new thread on the one that I am making right now. I have enjoyed not setting the alarm clock and sleeping late. The four days went much to fast. It is back to work tomorrow. Have a great week.  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

 Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in Blog land. If you travel, please be safe.
I have one more craft show to do the day after Thanksgiving and that is it for the year.  I may do one in the Spring of the year because it benefits my grandson's school.
Each one has been different that is for sure. What you think will sell doesn't and what you think won't does. It is hard to judge people any more.
I hope you all have enjoyable day tomorrow. We are going to our son's for Thanksgiving and I only have to take the veggie tray. My daughter-in-law and daughter are doing the cooking. We will call my son in Louisiana later in the day so everybody can talk to him that wants to. He is kept busy and that is the main thing.
 This is my latest Christmas tea towel. It sold at the first craft show. I have two more in the next picture that I have ready for the next  one. If they don't sell, then I will be listing them in my etsy shop. It has been neglected the last few weeks.
I will find out Friday evening if I have one of my baby quilts done. She thinks she wants the border in pink because it is their first grand daughter. It may mean changing the border on one of the quilts I have done, but if that is what it takes I will do it.
I may have another one to do, but I will have time because she is only two months along. She is having a boy so I got to check to see what I have that will work for a boy.
I promise I will be visiting after this weekend is over. I have been working longer hours at work which helps the paycheck, but not some of the other  things that I like to do. I have been visiting, but just not able to leave comments. Some work and some don't.
I got soaked twice from the rain we had and caught a cold. I think I am getting over it, but I have felt a little rough. I thought I was going to have to go to the doctor, but so far I haven't.

What do you think of my winking Santa. I think if I do another one I will do the eyes in a satin stitch. The pattern is very old. The lady was in her late 90's that had it. I thought he was cute. 
Have a great day tomorrow and I am going to enjoy the day and my long weekend. I am off until Monday.  

Monday, November 14, 2011

Time Flying

Are you ready for the winter months?? Can you believe the month is half gone already?
Anyone know how to slow it down a little so we can enjoy a day or two.?
We had a beautiful weekend this past weekend and I had a lot of enjoyment spending the day with my grandson. He sold several of his puzzles and I was so happy for him. I sold several of my tea towels and I didn't even get to show you my Christmas one. It sold the first thing at the craft show.
I have the possibility of doing a couple for a lady, but I don't know if it will materialize or not.
I talked with our son over the weekend. Would you believe 73 degrees and It was going to hit 80 later in the afternoon. He is doing well , no major problems with his asthma except when some one left something on the stove in one of the extend a stay rooms. 
My picture reminded me of seeing the snow on the news that was in Minot, South Dakota, and the blizzard conditions in Colorado. I want it to continue to go around us.
Have you ever got absolutely exhausted or felt that way? That's me since daylight savings went into effect. I haven't done a very good job adjusting. I am not ready to go to bed when I should and then I would like to sleep in the mornings later then usual. I just wish if they had to change it, then only change it a half of a hour and leave it alone. You all have a very good week.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cold Rainy Weather

Are you ready for winter? Fall hasn't been nearly long enough to suit me how about you?I thought I would check in with you all to let you know that I am o.k. just busy. My craft show this last weekend went better then I thought. You can never guess people because what you think will sell doesn't and what you question does.
The last couple of days we have had the rain and temperature in the 40's. We are suppose to possible have a mixture of snow and rain later tonight. I am not ready for this at all.
My grandson told me that he is ready to go with grandma and wants to know what time we are leaving. I am not even completely ready. He isn't anxious. He told me what all wooden puzzles he has made. He has cows, pigs, horses, tractors, goats, and he was going to try a sheep to just to name a few.
If any of you are interested in some just let me know, because I am sure he would make some for you.
I have been working on my Christmas tea towels for this Saturday and then I have another one the following Sunday. I am looking forward to them. I don't know if I will do any more or not. I have talked with my boy a couple of times. They were filming a movie down the street from where he is living. He didn't know what kind, but he thought he might watch for a while last Saturday because you don't get to see that all of the time.
Well back to my tea towels. Everybody take care , be safe, stay dry and warm.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where Does the Time Go

Can anyone tell me where the time is going?? It seems like we just start a month and it is gone. Much to fast to suit me.
Christmas will be here before we are ready. I kept thinking I would be ahead of the game, but somehow that isn't happening.
Our weather man says the rain switching to snow will be here tomorrow. I am not ready for that, but I guess we don't have any say in the matter.
A fire in the fireplace makes you think about curling up on the sofa with a good book, taking a nap, especially if it gets as cold as they say we are going to get. We lost our power today here at home. They didn't say what caused it other then 2800 people were affected. My daughter told me to be careful as I was coming home because some of the traffic lights were out. I don't like that because some people don't like treating the intersection as a four way stop.
I am doing some last minute touches to a few things to be ready for Saturday. It is only from 9 to 3 so I will have some me time. Dad is staying home. It is  a new show for me so I will see what other people think of my work.
Our son is liking his new job so far. He is busy and that is what he really likes. He just wants to work. You all have a good rest of the week. Take care