Tuesday, December 29, 2009


As fast as December has gone it will soon be the New Year. I really don't know where the year has gone. It seems like it has just zoomed by. I have been working on some Valentine projects and this is just one of them. It really turned out good I thought, I just have to decide whether I am going to frame it or not. It is meant to be framed and hang on your wall.
They are predicting more snow to start after midnight, The pictures were taken of the snow on the roof of my house. The second picture was the first day that I notice the icicles outside my window in my computer room. Of course it is located right above the basement door that we use to get in and out of the house. which makes it even all the more fun. We had a little warming trend and the first picture is how it progressed in just one day. The icicles are getting bigger that is for sure. My grandson's love playing in the snow even though it is so cold.

We have been lucky in the past and not had this much snow. It doesn't helped work because we can't get into job sites to deliver lumber. It is definitely going to take a while before it melts.
I really hope the weatherman is wrong with their predictions. I will work tomorrow and I don't know how long we will be open on New Year's Eve. We never work a full day. If you travel, just have a safe journey. Happy New Year

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow has Finally Stopped

The snow has finally stopped and the sun has come out. I have ventured out to clean my car off after they came and dug us out. I have a drift hanging over the edge of my roof right above my basement door so I have to be very careful that I don't fall. Yesterday was a day of watching them get stuck because only the main snow routes had been pushed. I heard them during the night go by. It helps to a certain extent to live on an emergency snow route.
The sun is shining so I thought that would help melt the snow the rest of the way off the car that I couldn't reach. The drifts remind me of 60's Christmas when I walked on top of the snow drifts so that I could get home. We walked from a black top road to my parents house. My dad thought we were a little crazy, but living away from home changed how we look at the holidays. We always want to be with family if we have the opportunity.
We haven't had a snow like this one in a long time. They have had major highways shut down in our area just because of the white outs and drifting snow. It was coming back right after they would open the road. They were telling us that we were to stay home if it wasn't absolutely necessary. It seems like that is always when hubby don't feel good. I think it is the confinement to the house because he doesn't like that.
I need to get back to a new project that I hope to have done in time for the New Year. If you travel, please be safe, but enjoy the holidays.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Our Christmas with the family was last night for which we can be very thankful for because today it has snowed all day with the drifts getting deeper. They tried to clean our street, but it drifts back as quickly as they cleaned it. I have watch people get stuck and tried to scoop their driveway, but they have finally given up. Our son-in-law Kevin came in his four wheel drive pickup and picked us up last night and brought us home. Their home was decorated with over 15 Christmas Trees. Their main tree was an upside down tree which was in their living room with several other trees. Our daughter has trees with their own theme. One was Sponge Bob, one was Nascar, one was ice skating, one was Harley Davison bikes, one was trains, just to give you a few of the things that they like. They said that they had some more that they didn't get put up because they ran out of time. His mother has Christmas trees in every room of their house. They decorated for all the different holidays. The house across the street from our daughter's decorations were all set to music. It was fun to watch. The boys really enjoyed that. Maybe the snow is starting to let up, but they are saying that we will have some more later this evening.
Everything for today was cancelled. We was to have another get together today, but it was moved to Sunday. Alot depends on when it quits snowing. They shut down our major highway last night because of the white outs, people sliding in the ditches, it just was not a good time to try to travel. Our major highway to the north and south of us is close again. They are still telling you to stay home unless it is absolutely necessary that you get out.
We enjoyed watching the boys and ate to much which is not unusal this time of the year. If only the wind would die down would really help, for all of you who wished for a white Christmas you definitely got you wish and then some. We just hope that the people who absolutely have to be out that they reach their destinations safely.
The year has really gone fast and you really don't know where it has gone, but we are all looking forward to the year 2010. Everyone have a safe holiday and be careful.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Ho Ho Ho, The last minute shoppers are out. The parking lots are full, looking for last minute bargains. It is cold and looks like it is sleeting at the moment. The wind is blowing straight out of the North. We will be making our way later today to our daughters for Christmas. We may get chauffeured, but that remains to be seen yet. I was not to worry.
They just know how I love this time of the year. I don't mind the snow, but forget the ice.
The picture is my last creation. It was something that I have been wanting to try for a long time. It was fun to make and relaxing from the stress load.
Maybe we will be getting new neighbors next door. There was somebody over there looking around and taking pictures. I don't know what conditions the house is in. The grandfather who was buying it, had a heart attack and died in July. There was family living with him, but I really don't think they were really helping. I think they were free-loading and expecting him to pay the bill. I know the grandson tore up more vehicles then you could shake a stick at and to my knowledge he never worked. Why they tore out the bushes and roses that he planted is beyond me. He had more family then what lived with him, who you didn't see around there until right before his funeral. Somebody took the front storm door off the house and when the family finally moved it was at night which made me think they were suppose to be paying rent to the bank. I know that they left owing bills . There are only a few of us left that have lived here for a long time. The others move in and out so very fast that you don't know them.
I got a couple more presents to wrap for my daughter and daughter-in-law. Everybody have a safe and Happy Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I decided that Christmas was almost here. I was going to think about the New Year. I am hoping for a peaceful, healthy, and a year of people finding jobs. I think of my own problems and there is always someone out there that has more then I do.
We decided that the Christmas would be for the boys . The adults really have nothing that they really want. The main thing I wanted was for all of the family to be together for Christmas and no hospital trips during the holidays. We have spent the holidays in the hospital and I really don't like doing that.
We went for a drive today being we were having a heat wave. It was 40 degree's and the sun was shining. He got to see his trains, which is one of the things that he really likes. He is taking a nap and I am going to have him wrap the packages only he doesn't know that as of yet. A surprise for him.
We have our last doctor appointment for the year this week. We have made it through ten years of fighting health problems. We just take every day that we get. You learn to appreciate more what you have been given by God. All the medicine in the world can not give you the peace that he does. You keep praying for yourself and all of the many friends who have needs. My card came from Two Crazy Crafters that I like to visit.Must close.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Countdown Till Christmas

We were baby sitting our two oldest grandson and Matt our 5 year old reminded me that it was time we counted the days until Christmas. We went to his Christmas program last night. They told the story of Jesus being born. The ages of the kids were 3 to 5 year olds. We might have had some younger ones, but they were priceless in their costumes. He was one of the wise men. It was very enjoyable and fun to watch because you don't know what they are going to say or do. I am hoping the weatherman is wrong tonight. He is saying we were going to have freezing rain and snow after midnight. I don't mind snow, but the ice I definitely don't like. We are suppose to mark a day off the calendar each day with the 24Th being circle in red. Red because that is for Christmas. He helped decorate the Christmas tree and the ornaments are on one side until mommy told him that he had to put some on the other side. Christmas is fun when you see it through the eyes of a child. They always make the holidays better regardless of the weather.
Next week I work two days and the following week I work three days. I have so much to do and not enough hours, bosses at times don't take into consideration that he closed the business for those days that we normally work. There is always a lot to do at the end of the year with the w2's and all the reports due, but it will get done. I always manage.
I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Getting Closer

Christmas is quickly approaching and I think that I am through shopping. Yesterday was an absolute chore to shop with patience wearing thin at times. We started out with the sunshine and then it turned cloudy with light mist in the air. It stayed above freezing which really helped. I now know why I don't like shopping at some stores because they aren't wheel chair friendly. Some people are rude that is for sure. I pray that they don't find themselves in that situation.
I even went shopping for me which is an exception to the rule, but I needed a new pair of snow boots. My old ones had sprung a leak and my feet would get wet. I had them for several years so I think that it was time for new ones.
The letters and cards are arriving from family and friends. To me that is the best part of Christmas plus watching the little ones at Christmas opening their packages. It is fun to watch them grow up.
I tried to find old fashion Christmas candy that we had when we were growing up, which was impossible to find. You always want to relive part of the memories of what you did for Christmas. The fun that we had. The kids going sledding or building a snow man. Of course, we can't leave out the snowball fights that is all part of being a child. We always had hot chocolate and cookies when we came in from playing.
We all have our own ways of celebrating this special time of the year. No matter how we celebrate it is a time to be thankful for what we have. The most precious thing is life and you live each day that you get because you don't know what tomorrow will bring.
Have a wonderful week. Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 10, 2009


This is what my car look like yesterday morning when I went out to clean it off to go to work. I cleaned 5 1/2 inches off of it the day before as well as they cleaned my driveway. There was another 4 inches plus we had freezing rain and sleet on top of the snow we had already got the day before then they added more snow after that. It was down to 10 below last night and we lost our cable to a power outage. At least we didn't lose our power like some people here in town. The kids all checked on mom and dad to make sure we were doing all right. My boss told me to stay home Tuesday, but yesterday was worse because of the rain on top of the snow. Of course, the chemicals that they used to treat the streets doesn't work when it gets that cold. It worked some today on the main streets, but the side streets were still a mess and people don't slow down. Our major highway was closed south of us and to the north of us because of major accidents. One that works with me has a son who drives over the road and he said he had never seen so many cars and trucks off the road, some even on their tops. The highway patrol was telling you to stay home. Other areas are getting harder then we did, but the wind was so bad causing drifts and horrible wind chill.

These are couple of my latest that I need to do the final touches so that I can put them in my etsy shop. My little girl is on a huge tea towel. I put her in the corner because I didn't think that she would look good in the middle. It is a big enough tea towel that you could almost make it into a table topper and I am not so sure that I won't try that. My 5 year old grandson called today to invite us to his Preschool Christmas program. He told me that he is going to be a wise man. He told me that he got sick at school and mommy had to come and get him. He couldn't understand why he could not go out into the snow. He is so funny.
I need to get back on my Christmas cards and letters so that I can get them mailed. If you are in snow and cold, I feel for you. If you are in sunshine and warm weather send it our way.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our First Snow Storm

Our first snow storm hit starting about 9 o'clock last night. We had 51/2 inches the first time. They came and cleaned my driveway, but it will be to do over because it is snowing again. This time it started with mist, freezing rain, then sleet, and now snow. The snow is sticking to the trees. I got to stay home today from work which I was glad because I don't like driving in this kind of weather. We are to have snow until early tomorrow morning, so I will wait and see if we open tomorrow. Who would believed that we were in the 60's just a couple of weeks ago, but we are in Missouri, just stick around and it is guaranteed to change.
I thought I was going to have to make the trip to the hospital with my husband. This past week was very rough with losing his cousin, who was in our wedding all of those years ago.He had been sick as long as my husband, and I think that is what really bothered him, because we know that he has some issues that we won't be able to do anything about. We are now to the point where we have to weigh the decisions of whether the risk will improve his quality of life. We both have accepted the fact and take every day that we get.
I sold my first baby quilt, which makes me very happy. My Tiny Treasures is for their first baby and they decided that they aren't going to find out whether they are having a boy or girl. I told them they could have twins, a boy and a girl. Which ever the case may be, the baby will be spoiled because of being the first baby on both sides of the house. We will just have to wait a little while to find out. Babies are such an enjoyment.
Well I need to get back to my project I am working on. I am sending a package tomorrow to the East Coast. Have a good week.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Time Approaching

Christmas will be here before I am ready, but I am trying to get more in the Christmas spirit. I have my red bows hanging on my railing and lamp post. I have my wreath that is suppose to be battery operated, but I am not quite through decorating it. I think it needs a little more color. The kids think that I am sick because it is the first decorating I have done in several years.
I lost my dad on Christmas day and it has been hard, but I know that has to change. Life is to short to not enjoy every day that we are given. My youngest grandson has a tree in his room decorated with Cars. His Lightening MC Queen and all of the characters in the Cars Movie.
My middle grandson class gets to go take a field trip to pick out a Christmas tree, see them cut it down, have hot chocolate and cookies, plus have a Christmas story read to them. He is really excited about it. They took them to see Cinderella the ballet when it was in town. He really liked that as well.
It has been a rough two days at work after enjoying a four day off at Thanksgiving. We have had one in the hospital, one who's father passed away so that left us with a very short crew and it was statement time. I finished my statements today, which it took the majority of the day for that accomplishment. I have several projects in the works and I need to get them completed.
I did get my new purse that was made special for me. It helps me better organized because of the pockets that it has on the inside and outside. I have a pocket for my checkbook, cell phone, drivers liscense, and whatever else I want to use the pockets for. The best part is that the handle fits over the arms of the wheelchair. My purse I had before whatever I needed was always in the bottom of it.
I need to get back to my embroidering or I won't have it ready when I want it done. Have a great week.