Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Did Spring come Early

The weather the last few days makes you think that Spring has come early. Monday we had 65 and today it was 62. People were walking and jogging in their shorts and it is only the end of January. It has been so unpredictable.
Have you ever started a project thinking that you had everything for it to find out that you are short a color or something? That is me, with all of the embroidery thread I have I am one color short. I guess I will stop at Hobby Lobby on my way home from work tomorrow evening. I have been a little lax in visiting you all, but I promise I will catch up with you. I have been very busy making tea towels. Everything in my inventory is basically for the fall and winter seasons. My grandson wanted to know how many new ones did I have done. When I told him three, he said that wasn't very many. He told me he could help and he is only 7. I have to wait a day or two because he is busy with his new Lego set. He has to finish his building first. He can only work on it when his homework and chores are done. .
My grandsons are so funny especially the younger two. The youngest has already staked his claim to go to the airport to get his uncle John when he flies home. He wants to know how soon he will be coming home for a visit.
He made me a parrot out of his art box, but I have to wait for his eyes to get dry before I can put him on the fridge. He had just glued them on when we stopped by their house.
My hubby doesn't know it, but we are going to their house Saturday night for dinner to celebrate his birthday with the family. I don't think our oldest will fly home, but then you never know. We will all talk to him by phone though so that he won't feel left out. She said that dad would get his blueberry pie. It may be a cheesecake pie with the blue berry topping, but he won't care one way or the other. 
My youngest grandson was going to make his valentine box with daddy's help while they waited  for mommy to get home from work. He had already fixed Valentine baggies with candy for each of his classmates. He told me he had to sign his Valentines, but he was waiting for mommy to help him. Do you remember making and decorating valentine boxes when you were growing up?
Hope you all have a wonderful rest  of the week

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekends go to Fast

The weekends seem to fly anymore. They are never long enough to do everything that I have visions of doing.
We were lucky that the wet snow coming down Friday evening as I was coming home didn't last. It  was heavy, but was melting as quick as it hit because of the warmer temperatures that we had. Believe it or not it was in the 50's and they are predicting in the 60's tomorrow.
I told my hubby he has to hibernate on Thursday so he won't see his shadow.  It is his birthday. I don't know yet what we are going to do to celebrate. Probably go out for dinner providing he is up to it.
We will have to have a blueberry pie for dessert regardless of what we do. That is his favorite with ice cream for his special day.
The pinewood derby was fun to watch. They were having problems with their track not working right. We thought it was to be at 3 and ended up being at 5. It lasted probably a hour and a half. There were 15 little boys with their cars. It is a learning experience. It brought back memories of when our boys had their race cars. They didn't win other then the best of show. We will see if he stays in scouts or loses interest. You just have to let them try so they can find their own thing.
My youngest grandson made me a parrot from his art box. It is cute and he was going to build with his new Lego set. His daddy was fixing my tail light for me. I had a bulb out. It is so nice when I can just call and ask if he will do it for me. I had the bulb because one of the guys I worked with fixed it the last time so I wouldn't get stopped.
Our oldest has found him an apartment and looking forward to moving. It comes with the stove, refrigerator, and microwave. It is a gated apartment complex.  He says it is about 25 minutes to the office. He was running around in shorts yesterday. He is enjoying what he is doing because he is working.
Well I need to get a couple of other things done. Have a great week.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

50's anyone

We are almost to the end of January . Who would believe that we would have 50 degree weather after the last couple of winters that we have had. It has really been weird this year. 
Do you have big plans for the weekend? Mine will be taking my car back to the repair shop to find out what is wrong with my radio. It plays, it quits, and then it will play again. It makes no difference where you are at. The CD player won't play either if the radio isn't working. It is just frustrating.
Sunday we will be spending time with the family and watching a pinewood derby. Both of our sons were in scouts. Our oldest became an eagle scout. Our younger son was involved in other things. Our two boys are very different in their likes and dislikes. 
I am glad that they all have their own personalities. They can accomplish their own goals and not follow in  each others foot steps. Our daughter loves playing in the dirt. She is out in the field where oldest works in a lab setting running test on the soils, concrete and etc. 
She is teaching a lab again this semester at the local college. Her teaching goes toward her credentials. Those help a lot in what job she is allowed to work on. She worked at Itan when they were building down there.
I have been spending quite a bit of time embroidering right now.  I have been doing some for spring. I about have my rabbits tea towel done. Then I have one started that will be pansies. 
Hubby is doing better. He had me worried  for awhile. He can be doing pretty good and 5 minutes later we can be out the door going to the hospital. That is just how quickly things can go south as I call it.  We will be having more doctor visits this year then we did last. We go this next month  to see just how much help the iron infusion did. White cells, platelets, and red cells were just part of what was to low. You never know how much the iron infusion is going to raise him. You always wonder how much longer will they help. We are still dealing with a blood clot that they can't give him blood thinners to help dissolve it because his blood is already to thin. Now you know why I keep so very busy. 
We will get the family together for his birthday the 2nd of February. Last year we did a breakfast. I can't imagine his oldest flying home for his dad's birthday, but he might surprise us. 
My date is wrong on my picture because dummy me doesn't know how to change dates when I am taking pictures. This was my car a year ago about this time. So we are very thankful for the winter we have had so far this year. 
You all have a great weekend. Stay warm and safe

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What will happen next.

 The weather has made me wish I had a fireplace to curl up in front of with a good book, working on some embroidery, or just to watch the flames. 
Our weather has been all over the board this weekend.  We are getting rain at the moment. They say it is to turn over to snow, which means we will probably have some black ice in the morning. Just what I want to drive on to work. I thought I would show you some of the latest of my handy work along with some work in progress. 
My snow people tea towel is listed in my etsy shop. I don't know about the rest of you but I had a terrible time getting it done. It kept telling me that I needed my picture to be a certain size. I took the picture the same way that I take all of my pictures.  I finally got it done after several attempts. It can be very frustrating. 
My boys are wanting snow so very bad so they can try out new sleds, scoop the snow, and help dad's push snow. They say what we are suppose to get isn't going to amount to very much. 
What little ones sees others do then they have to try. My youngest has seen classmate getting help with their work so he is playing as though he doesn't know so he can have help to. He is a smart little cookie as I call him and he can count farther then he lets on plus he also counts in Spanish. His Spanish was from watching TV.
 The older two made a gingerbread house. One of the boys was given it as a present. Of course, they wanted to try to redesign it. Matt thinks he can change anything just because he does with his Lego set. He wants grandma to come and see his new Lego set. We will go next weekend and watch him race in the pinewood derby. If he wins, then they will go on to another race. We will have to wait and see on that one. 
My bunnies are on the end of a table runner, that is just about finished. The flowers are in the center of it  with bunnies on the other end. 
They make me think of my friends who have bunnies out there in blog land.  It  is just about finished. I have just a tiny bit more and it will probably be finished before I call it a day. 
Hubby is a little better, but he has been so sick. It always worries me  so I have to keep very very busy so I don't spend all of my time worrying about him.   He didn't want to go to someplace so that tells you how sick he has been. Normally if he had his way we would be gone someplace every day. I have to admit I rather enjoyed being able to stay home.
 My post has been a little longer then I intended. I hope you have a wonderful week. Stay warm and safe.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Weekend

I was glad to get home early today from work and get in where it was warm. It was so cold and our furnace was working right for some reason.
We have snow to the north and they were getting freezing rain to the south of us. We had nothing when I came home, but it was cloudy and very cold and damp feeling.
We stayed home with hubby being sick. He has bronchitis. It was getting to close to pneumonia. That would have meant the hospital. We are hoping that we caught it in time. We got the temperature broke.  They put him on antibiotics to help him fight it with his immune system not being what it should be. I was glad to stay home. I am wrapped up in my afghan  that he made me with my cup of hot tea reading blogs. 
I feel for all of you that are getting the snow. We have been lucky so far this year, but that is not saying our luck can change in a hurry.
My youngest grandson is going to play t-ball. My middle one has to chose between soccer and t-ball if he is going to show his pony this coming summer. T-ball interferes with the horse shows. My oldest is going to show his horse this summer. He has to do more shows. They are part of his 4-H project. Our weekends will be full, but at least we don't have to pick where we go, with the fun starting on Friday evening. I love watching t-ball at their age because you don't know what they will do. 
My latest project is coming along nicely. I am starting some valentine tea towels. My snow people turned out cute, just need to get some pictures taken of what I have done lately. It has been relaxing to me and gives me something else to think about. 
All of you in the cold climate stay safe and warm. Those of you in the warm climate enjoy it and think of the rest of us. You could try to send it our way. Have a great weekend

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A month Half gone

Where has the month gone? It seemed like it just got started and here it is with only two weeks left. We can't complain to much because we haven't had the snow like we did last year at this time.  
We had some crazy weather last night. We had 59 degrees during the day, then we had thunder, lightening, sleet, and ended up with a little snow. It depended on what part of town you lived in to what you got. I work across town and there wasn't hardly anything. 
Tomorrow, will be a hectic day between work and the doctor's office. I hadn't really planned on the doctors, but hubby is running a temperature, sore throat, coughing, and chest hurting. Just  know I need some assistance to get him over it. With all of his other problems, his immune system  doesn't work that good. 
I tried to put together what I thought they needed for the meeting as I have to be gone.  I will find out about it when I get back.  I am hoping I get back in time to work part of the afternoon at least.
I sent a set of pillowcases to new home today. The Spring Craft Show is going to be here before I am ready. I don't usually do those , but this  one is at my grandson's school and it benefits him. 
Hope you all are doing o.k. I have been visiting you all, just haven't left a lot of comments. From what I have been reading I haven't been the only one who has been having a problem. Take care.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


The cold weather has arrived with strong winds and blowing snow. The ground is white, but not as much as the picture I  took last year. We didn't get much above 20 today, but with the wind chill it was much lower. This evening we are down to 18 and we will have a single digit wind chill.We are still having a few snow flurries.
I know that it makes me want to hibernate to where it is warm. I was thankful that they kept the overhead door down as much as possible today or my office would have been an ice box regardless of where they had the temperature set. 
I can't believe the people and how they drive when we get the snow. It is unreal, because they tail gate. I saw two accidents on my way to work this morning and it was because the were doing that very thing. You couldn't tell with it still being dark exactly what you were driving on. I just know I will be glad when the days get longer so it is lighter when I go. 
I try to keep myself very busy right now so I don't have time to think about what is going on with my other half. We have doctor appointments coming up so we will just have to wait and see what they say now. I kinda think I already know part of the answer. At least the medication is cheaper at the moment because we aren't in the lovely donut hole. 
We finally got all of his cards for this year so if I need the hospital I have the new supplement card in place.
I thought I was going to get blown over last night with the wind so strong. When I stopped at the store, I tried to pick a spot where the wind wouldn't hit so strong. My carryout boy was glad that I did that. They said that it was going to be coming through, but I think that it was faster then they thought. 
My vintage snow people tea towel is coming along nicely. It goes a little quicker because I am not changing colors as much. I have some new ones coming that I haven't seen when I went surging. I try to find something that you can't walk into a store and find. 
Well I better call it a day. Hope you have a safe and warm one. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Week

Have you ever wanted to start your week over to see if it will improve? Have you ever hunted for something that you thought you knew right where it was at? 
My week didn't start off very good on Monday. I came home to find my hubby having a low blood sugar, which meant some fast reaction on my part to get it brought back up which we did, but it always scares the daylight out of me. 
I did get my table runner done. I just need to get my pictures taken so I can show all of you. I started my vintage snow people. I am trying to get a variety of tea towels done right now with a craft show coming up. I have a baby quilt done except for doing some outlining, but I misplaced my pattern. I will find it, but it will take some time. I laid it up because  I ran out of the thread I needed to finish it and haven't been to either Hobby Lobby or Joanne's to get it. 
We did go to my college roommate's 50th anniversary. She was so shocked that I made the drive, but the weather wasn't bad and we take a drive on the weekend if the weather is permitting. We just don't know where we are going. We will get together later and really have a chat to catch up with one and another. We do keep in touch at Christmas time. 
I hadn't seen her sisters for a long time either. The temperature was in the low 50's and cloudy. I thought we might run into rain, but we didn't.
My youngest grandson is supporting a couple of black eyes and a skinned up nose. He ran into a pole at school. He was running on the playground and not watching where he was going. It will be pretty for  a few days while the bruising changes colors. It didn't slow him down any. 
The grandsons keep us busy with all of the things that they are involved in. We have the pine wood derby coming up the 26th of January. I told him that grandma would come and watch. 
Well hoping tomorrow will bring a better day, but if the weather man is right we should have some snow, just don't know how much. I hope you all are having a good week.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Last year we had snow on the ground and this year we had 64 degree weather. It made you think that spring has arrived and it is only the 5th day of January. Who says we can't have crazy weather? Of course, there is some people wanting the snow so they can make some money. I am enjoying it because I am not having to spend money. 
Today was a day of frustration, it didn't start off good, I forgot my phone. it was the first day of a new payroll year, which I don't like because you have to make sure all of the settings are correct and that the new changes have been made, and my computer kept locking up to the point where I wanted to shove it in the floor. I made it through the day, but I ever glad to see it come to end. 
 I was so in hopes that I would have some new pictures to show you, but I can't get them to load. I haven't figured out why as of yet. My son said something about the wrong format, but I don't know how to change that if it is my problem. It will be something new that I have to learn. I guess we are never to old to learn. 
I have been coming by to see you, but I hadn't been able to leave comments. They would just disappear so if some of you get a comment and or two of the same one I only wanted to leave one. I am not signed in where I stay signed in so that is not my problem. I have changed my browser  so I will see if that is the problem. You all have a great rest of the week. I will be hit and miss for a few days. I am trying to get my table runner done. all of the rabbit lovers will like it because it has bunnies on each end with flowers in the center. My college roommate and her husband is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday . It will make a nice drive and definitely be a surprise for her. I will be spending some extra time working with December being a month end, quarter end, and W'2 time. I have already been asked when would I have the W'2' ready.  It is getting late so I had better close for now.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year

Have  you made your New Year's Resolutions? Do you wonder what the 2012 has in store for you? Have  you thought about what you really want to accomplish this year?
I haven't made any resolutions, because I normally don't accomplish them. I have learned over the past few years to just roll with the punches as I like to say and deal with whatever I am handed. 
The last doctor appointment was kept and we have managed to get my hubby's AC1 down  for which both the doctor and I was very happy about. He did get put on antibiotics because of coming down with a cold. He doesn't have the immune system to fight off the virus like most people so he requires help. We got the temperature back to normal and hopefully  everything else will be to. I just don't want pneumonia which with him can happen very fast. 
We  had a very quiet New Year's eve at home and I didn't even hear the fireworks. He said our neighbor didn't shoot any. I just know that I slept through it all. I talked with my son in Louisiana and he said the fireworks started at midnight and went on until 1 in the morning. He said that it sounded like millions of people were shooting them off. You definitely knew  it arrived. 
The weather has been crazy. Yesterday we had 63 degrees and today it only got in the 40's, but the wind was so horribly strong. You had to be sure you held onto the car door if you parked so the wind didn't catch it.
Today brought us out of the lovely donut hole for the next few months with only having to pay the copay. I don't know about you, but I will be glad when the elections are over with because I am so tired of all the mud slinging. I just want them to tell me what they are going to do for us not what someone did over 20 years ago. They just think raising our taxes is the answer to everything. Oh, I think I will leave that subject there. 
I  have been playing around some with my blog, I want to change it, but I haven't really decided how as of yet. Hope all of you have a wonderful week. Take care