Thursday, December 29, 2011


I have a long weekend as I don't have to go back to work until after the New Year. Do you have any big plans to celebrate New Year's eve? 
Ours will be spent quiet just the two of us. We probably will both be asleep at midnight, but we will know as the neighbor always shoots off fireworks. I haven't forgot spending New Year's eve in the hospital when he had to have his gall bladder taken out. They shot the fireworks off at midnight and the nurses were wearing their party hats to give the patients a little fun. We got to vote for which one we liked best.
We had almost 60 degree weather today. Who would have thought that we wouldn't have seen much snow as of yet this year when last year the ground was white and the year before we were snowed in. We did have a few sprinkles this evening. We aren't going to be as warm tomorrow, but I will take the cooler temperatures as long as there is no bad weather until I get home to stay from all of my driving that I have to do.
Tomorrow is the last doctor appointment for the year. I don't know what it will bring because hubby has been coughing, sneezing, and running a temperature this evening. Hopefully it is just a cold, but there is so much junk going around and with his immune system not the best. Well I guess we weren't careful enough and I don't know if there is anything over the counter he can take with all of the medication that he is on.
I could have brought it home to him because the guys all have been sick at work. Then they blame me because they say it is my fault. When you work with all guys, you are always the one at fault. 
I hope 2012 will be a great year for all of us. Have a safe New Year if you travel. As they say don't drink and drive. Take care

Monday, December 26, 2011

Full Weekend

We have had a very busy weekend with our family. My Christmas wish was granted when our oldest flew home. We spent a lot of time talking about where he was at, the difference between the weather, things that were available to go see there.
He said that one job he was working on was close to a Naval Airport. He heard the jets and it was the blue angels practicing. It was awesome to see. 
He flew back today and had a non-stop flight from Kansas City to New Orleans. They were late taking off and some were complaining they were missing the tail-gating at the Saints game. He didn't tell them how close he lived to the stadium nor that he goes by there every day as he goes to work. They had originally booked him through Houston. He was glad for the non-stop. Made it to New Orleans by the time he would have been reaching Houston and had a layover. 
The boys had so much fun with their Uncle John. Of course, they had to build their new Lego sets that Santa brought with help from Uncle John. We had breakfast with him this morning and visited with him until time to leave for the airport. 
I am not ready to go back to work and it doesn't seem like it should be the last week of the year. Where has the  time gone?? I just wish it would slow down to a slower pace so that you had time to smell the flowers as the saying goes.The weather for Christmas was a lot different then it has been in the previous years. We have had the cold, but not really the snow yet. Maybe we will be lucky and not have one like we had the last couple of years. Of course it doesn't help the ones who push snow. 
The boys want to go coasting before they go back to school. My oldest grandson would love to go to Snow Creek by Weston, Missouri where he could go skiing. They went there one year on a field trip and he wants to go back. 
I know we all probably ate way to many sweets and food. Thank goodness it only comes once a year where we have so many cookies and candies. 
Every body stay warm and if traveling be safe. It is late so I need to say good night.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

I got my Christmas wish today. My SIL, daughter and grandson picked my son up from the airport last night. He got in about 9:30 P.M. His flight was actually a little early. He said that there wasn't an empty seat on the plane. If he had known a little sooner, he could have stayed a little longer instead of flying back on Monday. He actually has the week off between Christmas and New Year. It was so good to see him and have all of our family together.
Our Christmas Eve dinner wasn't the traditional meal, but potato soup, chili, ham sandwiches, hot dogs with chili, veggie tray, jello salad, cookies, pumpkin roll, strawberry cheese cake, and I am sure I am forgetting something. The potato soup is made without using milk.That is one of the soups that my daughter in law makes for me.
Our son is happy to be working and doing some sight seeing  when he has the time. He is a military history buff. They have some military museums and he talked about driving to Baton Rouge to do some sight seeing there. He had talked about getting an apartment, but he is going to wait until the trial period is up with his job. Then he will make a decision about an apartment, but he may continue to stay where he is. Even to rent a room they want a lease signed. He doesn't know from one day to the next what job he will be working on.
We are going out to our son's in the morning. He said that there is a present out at their house under the tree, and then we will go back to our daughters later in the day so we can all visit with our Oldest more before he flies home. Of course, the grandson's are enjoying him playing with them. They all like to build lego's . 
 I started my vacation yesterday at 11 and am off until Tuesday. It will be good to sleep a little late if possible. Easier said then done when you are use to the alarm going off at a certain hour. Basically it will be a weekend filled with family.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Holidays

 I don't want to offend anyone in blog land so I am sending you a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I have a day and a half left for work and then it is off until Tuesday of next week. 
I will be checking in  the next few days, but I may not have time to leave you a comment with the last minute things I need to do and I have started on a new baby quilt which I will be working on until I get it done. I am suppose to have approximately a month and a half  before the baby is do. They don't know if it is a boy or girl. She has chosen the quilt with momma, papa, baby brother and baby sister bears on it which will work for either. 
I have never kept track of how long it takes me to do one because technically I never really wanted to know . I just figure my payment for the labor was the love  and honor of getting to make them a baby quilt for their new little one.
 I thought I would show you a set of pillowcases that I finished. I think that it is a little late to list them in my shop, but I may in my Christmas all year category. I just like the candy cane design. They are queen size. I have started doing the queen size because so many of the kids today are getting queen size bedroom outfits. 
My grandson has reminded me that my surprise is at 3 o'clock on Christmas eve at his house. I can't come before then. I got my idea of what it is. 
I talked with my oldest when we were having our freezing rain and snow. He had 77 degrees and partly sunny. I asked him if he missed this kind of weather. He said not at all. He rather liked wearing shorts and t-shirts when he was off work.
We had black ice this morning. There was several accidents  because of it. People don't drive with common sense when we get the first bad weather. I admit the streets just looked wet, but I took my time because of the black ice. They were telling you on the television and radio to please drive carefully. I am just glad we didn't have to go to the city. 
We will be spending Christmas Eve at our daughters and she has invited us back to their house on Christmas Day. She said we might as well help eat up the left overs. 
If you travel this weekend, please be careful. Have a wonderful holiday.

Friday, December 16, 2011


We have had a very long and busy day . We spent it in the city getting my hubby an iron infusion. He actually had warm hands when they got through and before that his hands would be cold. He said that he felt better. I just wanted to get him through the holidays. We have one doctor appointment left this year and then we will be through for the year. 
I am hoping that we don't have  any other problems. The diabetic doctor is not going to be happy because his blood sugar will be out of whack. That always happens when he gets the iron because they give him steroids. I got my gingerbread couple tea towel done. It is ready to laundry and take the pictures so that you can see it. 
Tomorrow will be a day of running errands. I would just as soon stay home, but I have some things that I absolutely have to do. It takes the fun out of it in that respect. I haven't wrapped any presents yet. Christmas brings some sad memories along with the fun ones. I lost my mother on the 18 th and my dad on Christmas Day when they died. I think back of our Christmas together when dad went and got the tree, we strung popcorn to put on the tree, remember the bubble lights, the home made garland out of construction paper. We always helped mom make the homemade candy and cookies. How many of you have made homemade taffy? I can remember doing that with my mom. 
My daughter-in-law has been making homemade candy and cookies. I don't do it because if I did my hubby would eat way to many sweets. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Just Listed

I finished my set of Christmas Napkins and Placemats and listed them in my shop. I am happy with how they turned out.
Today was a very stressful day and came home not knowing exactly what they are going to do. They didn't have all of the blood work done, but in looking at what they did his red cells, white cell, platelets, are just three that are out of whack as I call it. His blood count isn't even in the normal range. He will call me as soon as he sees the results and tell me what they are going to do. I would just soon get the iron infusion before Christmas if that is what they are going to do. I know they had a problem finding a vein today. Worse case scenario is they are going to have to put a port in. I am not looking forward to that just yet. It just doesn't help the stress load with the not knowing.
I just want him to be able to enjoy the holidays with our grandsons. Watching it through the eyes of the boys.
We are suppose to have a change of weather, but what is the question. We have freezing rain to the north of us and just rain to the south of us. We are still at 43 degree weather as I type this post.
I just about have my gingerbread people tea towel done. It is turning out better then I thought . The more colors added makes it all the better with a red and green border across the bottom with a yellow bow. She is stirring cookies and he has a pan in his hands.
I'll post pictures when I get it done. Well I just wanted to show you my placemats and napkins. Have a great day.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just 2 weeka away

Christmas is just two weeks from today. The month is flying and I don't know where it has gone. I haven't done the last of my shopping. It is so hard to get around with one in the wheelchair this time of the year. I would just sooner go by myself, but he wants to go to.
I have changed my internet brouser so  it makes it a little more of a challenge, but it is just getting use to something new. 
The picture is not my house although I wish it was. I would love to have a wrap around porch to sit on in the summer months. Just to enjoy fresh air at times and watch the birds. I  just thought it was a beautiful picture. I love scenery pictures. I don't know if I would like living someplace where you don't have that. 
Who would dream that it almost the middle of December and the weather hasn't been that bad for us other then cold. We went for a drive today so the Hubby could see his trains. He got to see 10 trains some were on the long side and some were on the short side. He doesn't care as long as they are trains. I still would love to take a vacation on the train. The train adventures that I have seen on television make it look so enjoyable and I wouldn't have to do the driving. 
Yesterday was family day at the beauty shop. My daughter-in-law was there with our oldest two grandsons getting the boys haircuts, then we had haircuts and our daughter came before we left to get her hair done. I think she was going to have some highlights put in hers. 
Well I have tomorrow off not because I wanted it off, but because it is one of the last two doctor appointments of the year. Hope you all have a wonderful week. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas will be here Soon

I enjoy this time of the year when the snow is on the ground. I just don't like it on the streets and highways that I have to travel.
Christmas is quickly approaching and I am partically ready. I still have my Christmas letter to write and cards to address. I had thought about not doing the letter, but that is the only time of the year that we hear from some family and friends.
We will spend Christmas eve at our Daughter's with the family. It will be complete if our oldest gets to come home for Christmas. He has been very busy with his new job and likes it. I talked to him tonight and he was just getting home. He had put in 11 1/2 hours and he told me he would have to go to bed early tomorrow night because he had a concrete pour at 4 A.M.
My daughter found out her little one can't keep secrets to well. He told his other grandma, but he didn't tell me. I guess the secret involves me. He is so funny. He is helping make Christmas cookies. He gets to put sprinkles on the sugar cookies.
What has happen to referring to Christmas parties in the schools? It isn't a Christmas party, but a winter party. They have to find neutral things to have for their party. I keep wondering about our school system. They are afraid that they will offend someone. You  will never be able to please everyone no matter how hard you try. To me it was a time to give that little something to the teachers and share Cookies and punch with Christmas decorations.
Well it is late and tomorrow is another work day. Take care stay warm and safe.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Here it is December

The year has gone so fast and I don't really know where it has gone.  It seems like a month just gets started and it is over almost like a blink of the eye.  

The temperature has taken a nose dive and they are predicting rain turning to snow.I just know that the air felt cold and damp when I came home this evening. I am not really ready for it, but we don't really have an option whether we like it of not.
I had to go get John's new insurance today because his prescription d company sent us a letter saying that as December 31st, we would no longer have prescriptions coverage unless we found some other insurance. I make my agent do the work for me . I tell him to think of me as his mother and how would he advise me on the insurance for his parents. He has been our agent for the last 12 years every since my hubby got sick. I have seen pictures of his little boy and tonight I got to meet his wife and son in person. His little boy is so cute and would fit right in with ours.
I have one place mat to finish then I will have my set of four Christmas Place mats and napkins to list in my etsy shop. I liked how they turned out. I just need to be able to finish up some of my projects that I have in the fire as  the saying goes.
My boss had to have more test ran today. He has had three surgeries since Memorial weekend. He had an infection at the incision sight, but he said that looked better, but he was having a pain in his side, I can relate to what his wife is going through. I even remember spending a New Year's Eve in the hospital after my hubby had gall bladder surgery.
I called my son in Louisiana to check on him. I can tell by the sound of his voice if he is having a breathing problem. He is doing good and says  that he is just glad to be back to work.
You all have a good weekend.