Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This, that, and etc

I  thought I would bring you up to date at my house. It is very stressful at the moment. We had the liver test ran yesterday, but we have to wait for the results. Why can't they give them to you that  day. The doctor was to receive them today and supposedly I am to have information before the end of the week. I am not a patient person at times which my son loves to remind me that I have to patience. I just want answers. They did let me watch the ultrasound which was very interesting. They couldn't answer my questions so I made a list when I got home.
Our son is bunker down  in his apartment in New Orleans. I called him this morning. He said that he is o.k., lost his electricity at 11:30 last night. He said that he had all of the necessities, food and etc. It was a very short conversation, but I just wanted to hear his voice. People that he works with told him that it was not going to be as bad as Katrina. They have lived there all of their life. You didn't really know which direction you wanted to go to get out of it anyway with them closing some of the major highways. He always had emergency kits in the car and at home. His motto was to be prepared.  He has a second story apartment.Can you imagine people at first swimming in the surf? I don't understand how they could do something like that with the way it was storming.. 
Two more days then I am off for a three day weekend. I really don't know where this month has gone, but it sure has flown. I want to spend some time at home doing absolutely nothing other then maybe some embroidering or reading. I will just have to wait and see. 
I know I am getting my mammogram done Saturday morning. Something I get to do without taking time off from work. I don't have anymore vacation time, and it is the pits when you have to use them for medical. I just want to keep him going until at least October 2013 because we will have been married 50 years.
This year has had more doctor visits and hospital stays then we had for a while. I still say prayers help. Prayers go out to those who are in need, whether it is due to Isaacs, sickness, or losing a love one you are in my thoughts and prayers.  
Have a great rest of the week and Labor day weekend. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Have you ever felt helpless  and can't really do anything about it except keep saying prayers that everything will be all right. 
We live in the middle of the United States, but the hurricane is causing me to worry. I feel for my friends and their families that are being affected, but we are, also, our son works in New Orleans area.  His e-mail said yes mom, I am watching out for Ike, Emergency kit is ready  and  he is ready to go if that is what he has to do. I am praying that all they get is some rain, but who knows what is going to happen. It reminds me of when he was in the first gulf war. You didn't know where or what was really going on. You just watch television and try to learn as much as possible.
We had rain yesterday evening and again this morning. It was a nice and gentle rain, but I don't think we really got that much. Although if you were out, you definitely got wet. The horse show was cancelled and rescheduled for this next month. Little brother will belong to the 4-H Club then and they think maybe he will get to ride. I hope mom can find a small enough white shirt. They have a mandatory dress code of white shirts, western jeans, cowboy hat or helmet with no exceptions.
We hadn't made the drive yet to go watch so we just came home after breakfast. Hubby took a long nap and I worked on my lap quilt that I need to get done. I put in a wrong color and had to cut it out so I decided it was time to take a break. 
I just wish Tuesday was over with. We have to be at the hospital at about 9 for liver tests. I don't know exactly what that is going to entail. I just know they are trying to pin point what is causing the problem we are having now. His blood sugars have been all over the board, blood counts out of whack. I just want to know more so I know how to deal with it. Every day is a learning experience. 
Enough chit chat.
I hope you all have a wonderful week. Take care and I am off to see what you all are doing. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Time Flying

Where has this month gone?  It is almost over and it seems like it just got started.  I know that I haven't got accomplished what I wanted done. Partially been to hot, to many doctor visits , and they aren't over yet. We go Tuesday for more test. I don't know if they will really tell us anything or not. I just keep praying for a miracle, but it is wishful thinking on my part. 
My birthday weekend was enjoyable and ate far to much. I want to thank those of you who sent me birthday wishes. It meant a great deal to me. I think I will start deducting years instead of getting older. I know that it makes you appreciate more the little things. You don't have to receive presents. I just want family together because you don't know what tomorrow will bring.
I had cake and ice cream. I have found a brand that I can have some without it causing me a problem. 
I haven't been able to visit as often as I would like since I am working on a couple of commission jobs. 
I have found a new way to fill in my flowers when the pattern didn't stamp good. I do the outline first. It worked that is the main thing. 
Matt with his dad
 Doesn't he look just like he is full of mischief? You don't get him to sit still to often. Usually he goes full steam ahead. 
School has officially started for all of the boys. I think they were all ready to go back . I know the younger two was, but my oldest, I don't know. I know they catch the bus at 20 minutes to 7.  I haven't even left the house yet for work. 
 Do you have plans for the weekend? I am hoping it is nice because one of the horse shows that got cancelled because of the heat is suppose to be held on Sunday. I would like to be able to go watch the boys, but it depends on the weather.  Plus hubby isn't walking the best in the world right at the moment so we will probably use the wheelchair. You never know when things are going to go out of kilter with  him.  Today it was 94 degrees and he was wearing a sweater saying he was cold. His hands were like ice cubes. That tells me the blood count is probably dropping. I will try to get a hold the hematologist again tomorrow to see if we can move his appointment up instead of waiting until the 17th of September. I need to know how to deal with it. Always a learning experience. It is getting late. 
Have a great day and I love comments. Hope to hear from you. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012


The weather is making you think fall is just around the corner and we are suppose get down to 50 degrees tonight. Weird
We had some excitement today at work. The trash truck caught fire. He had dumped our dumpsters and was compacting it. They heard what sounded like an small explosion and the smoke started rolling big time out of the truck. I looked out my window of my office to see the shop area being filled with smoke. I went to check it out and there was the truck on fire. They used our fire extinguishers and grabbed the hose that we have. They, also called the fire department because we didn't have enough to put it out and we had no idea what was in the trash truck. We were lucky that no one got hurt and they got it so that they could take it to the dump. Hopefully no other problems occurred when they got there. 
I didn't know the guys that I work with could move so fast, but they sure did. 
School has officially started for the kids so you have buses to deal with, I know that I will have to change the time I leave the house to leave me enough time to deal with the buses and still get to work on time. 
Trails West starts tomorrow and they are predicting rain. We don't go because it is not wheel chair friendly. I didn't care for the entertainment this year. On Saturday night, it was Uncle Kracker. It is a three day festival that they have this time every year. You have entertainment, crafts, and food.
Do you think I can celebrate my birthday three days? It is actually Sunday, but we are having hamburgers cooked on the grill tomorrow for lunch at work. We use to cook lunch on the grill a lot during the summer, but we haven't done that for quite a while. I thought it would be good for a change. 
What we will do over the weekend remains to be seen. 
I really appreciate my followers and those of you who leave me such wonderful comments. They mean the world to me right now with everything going on in my life. I love hearing from you. Have a great weekend. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's cooler

Yesterday couldn't have been better weather wise. It was in the 70's perfect for a day on the road. We had our doctor appointments. I thought my allergies were giving me fits, but come to find out. I have a bad sinus infection. I got put on antibiotics for ten days. I was told it would take at least 3 days before I felt better. I just felt miserable. 
We didn't really learn anything new with hubby. They did more lab work and they are waiting for the results of it. I just know when it is triple digit ,  he has a sweater on and says he is cold. You feel his hands and they are as though you put them in the deep freeze. I keep saying there is something going on that they aren't looking at and I keep getting told it is due to his liver, but to be quite honest, I don't think they really know the extinct of his problems.  
School starts Thursday in town and the 20th of August for my older two grandsons. Two had open house tonight and the other one will tomorrow. I know my youngest is ready to go back to school to see his friends. . 
My grandsons and their  moms went to the Omaha  zoo last week. They had talked about it for quite a while,  Their mom's both had the week off so it was a good time to go. I am hoping for pictures, but I haven't seen them as of yet. 
I have a baby quilt to do after I get done with the one that I am working on. When you put in a wrong color and have to cut it out, then it is time to stop for the evening. I really need to go to bed . Enough of my chit chat. Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

This, that and a little other

I am so ready for the weekend so I can sleep late and catch up on some rest.  Back to Back trips to the city to see Doctors is exhausting with having to find a new way to go. We made it, but I didn't go the same way twice. I keep missing a turn when I get at the end of the bridge. I don't think I could drive it every day to work. I think that is a true sign of getting older. 
The cataract on my right eye is not ready to be remove and I am seeing 20/20 with my glasses I got in April so my surgery is postponed, which makes me happy with the way things are with my other half.  He will not remove just one, he wants to do them a month apart.
We went to the liver doctor yesterday. They are going to run some test to see if the blood clot is still there and just what condition the liver is in at the present time. We have doctor appointment on Monday with our primary to talk about the next course of action and what is going on right now.  He fell this evening  in the kitchen. We got him up, but  it was not easy. I will definitely tell it tomorrow.  He is getting to the point where the problems are not fixable, so it means trying to maintain him. How remains to be discussed.  I know I have friends that have problems worse then mine.  We pray for each other that things will improve. 
The two little ones in the previous post were my great niece and nephew. She is ready to ride again. She wants to know where they are going to ride next. If her grandpa could find a well broke horse, he would have one for them. Horses are hard to find as well behaved as Cleo and Fergie. The kids have been really lucky in that respect. 
School is starting this next week. Where did the summer go? We did have a storm last night with the high wind, hail and rain. We had some power outage and trees down, but at least we got down to the 80's. It felt so good when I walked out the door to come home from work.  Enough of this and that You all have a great weekend. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fun Weekend

You couldn't have had a prettier weekend. The evening was wonderful for watching the horse show. They had received some rain early Saturday morning so the arena was in good shape and you didn't have to worry about the dust. We set in the car with the windows down and couldn't have asked for a better location with a nice breeze all evening long. Ideal weather.
My brother and sister-in-law brought their grandchildren up to the horseshow and they got to ride in the lead in class. They thought that was awesome. Their mommy took lots of pictures and the ones you will see is what she took during the evening. 
Emma learning about Sister
Jake showing Colin how to hold his reins
Miss Emma with her new shirt and hat
Miss Emma will be starting kindergarten this fall and Colin will be in the first grade. She was going to ride on Cleo, but she was just to big of a horse. Sister was just the right size for her according to her.   Pat lead Sister with Emma and Jake lead Fregie with Colin.  Jake was giving Colin a lesson on holding the reins. He was wearing his white shirt and he looks so grown up. I am not ready for him to be in the 8th grade this fall.  They had fun and the kids were thrilled that they got to ride the horses. She thought she was really big. You can tell her hair is a little on the red side from her picture and she did inherit her mommy and grandma's curly hair. I have more pictures, but I wanted to tell you about the reunion. 
Five of my brothers and one sister was there. We took a picture of all of us together. We never know what the next year will bring with the health issues that my older two brothers have. We had extended family there as well. If it was a new face, you just asked who they were and who did they belong to. There was a nice turnout, but we were missing some to. A good time was held by all and that is the main thing. Of course, you always eat to much by time you sample this and that with the desserts that you need to try to.
We keep adding to the family. Four of my great nieces are expecting so we will be having some additions. I know there is well over 100 of us, but I don't know the actual count. The last time all of the brothers and sisters were together was my parents 50th wedding anniversary a long time ago. 
Hope you all have a good week.