Saturday, March 14, 2020


People are running scared because of the new type of virus that is going around. Cancelling so many activities and shutting down so many things. I know that people need to know what is happening, but really every day on all of the news channels is a bit much. So many different spins on the same topic and put the fear into people Having a run or toilet paper is in my opinion a bit much. Nothing in the what they say you need to watch for has anything to do with the need for an abundance of it. 
I go about my business washing my hands and taking responsibility for my health. Just watching what I do and not panic. At my age I take every day that I am given and make the most of it because you don't know what tomorrow will bring and if you can get out of bed. I stay active because I want to be able to go every chance that I get. I miss not being able to go whenever I want, but I can understand my family's feeling on the subject. I live in a 6 floor apartment building so you need to take in consideration everything around you. I know who is coming to my apartment because they have to call me so I can let them into the building unless someone has propped open the door which they are not suppose to do. The only one that has a key to get into my apartment is my daughter so that she can check on me if I don't answer my phone. I keep busy working three days a week doing bookwork. I lucked into the job and it gives me some mad money as I call it.
I still do a lot of embroidering and reading sometimes read to late at night because the book holds my attention so well that I don't want to stop until I have read it all. Kindle Unlimited is the best money that I spend because you can read so many books and you don't have to buy them. They cost $9.99 a month and where can you buy all different kinds of books for that price. 
I baked some cookies yesterday. I had bought some cookie dough from my grandson for their fundraiser. It will take a while to use up because I don't have big enough room in my refrigerator freezer to freeze them. It is suppose to keep in the refrigerator for several months before you bake them.
I wish the sun would come out, but it doesn't look like it will today. It depends on where you live what kind of weather you are having today. It is almost Spring and I am looking forward to not have to dress in layers.
My youngest grandson is out for Spring break this next week and my other grandson has school. They are to have an FFA competition this coming Monday and he has to take his two horses for them to judge. The only thing Dad said was Cleo could only be shown in halter because she hasn't been ridden in quite some time and that Matt rides Hot Rod himself and nobody else gets to do it. 
Well it is long enough and I need to go back to working on my baby quilt. It is coming along quicker because of not changing colors so much. Have a great weekend and take care.  


Vickie said...

Yes, so much is changing daily with this virus, isn't it Shirley.
I check out audio books to listen to on my ipod. I do not have a cell phone. I get the books from my library system for free.
Take care!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dear Shirley:
I agree. I can't watch new anymore because of all the fear mongering and constant coverage. It wears me out and wears me down. So, I watch movies and listen to music instead (I've been watching videos of the old Donny and Marie shows. They make me smile.) I have faith that God is watching over us, so I don't worry. I, too, wash my hands, and Handsome and I stay home, except of his physical therapy to get his knee healed back so he can play the drums again. Now that all the bands he played with in Florida have shut down the balance of their seasons, he doesn't feel like he's missing so much. It's sad, though.
Be vigilant, and stay healthy, my friend.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well the panic is unsettling but the threat is real. The head of our government made this an illness that has grown too quickly without having detection tests or procedures in place. So we all will do the best we can to contain it and keep it from spreading.

Wishing you and your family remain healthy.
xx, Carol

Gert said...

Shirley, I hear you. What a crazy time! I read about those who have stockpiled sanitizers and potty paper etc...and have a warehouse full of them in hopes of gouging people...only to have their online accounts shut down (yeah!), to those who will deliver items to home bound or anyone who needs them.

I am glad you are still able to go to work. That is a God sent (?) to be able to get out and work a few hours. Nice to have the extra money and good for your social life. I also hope the horse event will go on.. seems they are shutting so many things down in fear of this virus! happy that you’re able to enjoy reading😊 So fun to travel through books.

Stay warm and well...

Mereknits said...

Stay well Shirley, it is all so crazy isn't it?