Sunday, January 1, 2017


  It's officially 2017 today. We have cold weather with the north wind, but other than that the sun is shining. Did you celebrate New Year's Eve last night? I watch some of it on television of the different parts of the world. I didn't to stay up because I knew when it was here. My neighbor always shoots off fireworks at midnight. He has done that ever since he moved in. There is a city ordinance making it illegal, but they do it anyway. 
  I borrowed my picture from facebook. I love winter scenes except for driving in it. They were predicting rain for today, but I don't know if we will get it or not. It will turn to ice if it does because of how cold it is. 
  Christmas is over and now New Year's Day will be over for another year. The boys had a good Christmas and I got an electric seat warmer that fits over my bucket seat. You just plug it in the cigarette lighter. My oldest grandson installed it for grandma and showed me how it worked. He brought me by a 50lb bag of salt in case it gets icy the other day on his way home from work. 
  Our horse club Christmas party was postponed until this month so they are calling it a Christmas/New Year's party. It will be fun just to get together.  The club furnishes the meat and every body brings a covered dish or dessert. The first horseshow will be in April and with the way the months fly by it will be here before we know it. Ballgames were put on hold during the holidays with people traveling and everything. I enjoy watching the kids play. They play really good at times and with each practice they get a little bit better.Matt's dad had vacation time he needed to use so that he didn't lose it. They hung out together. We can tell we are all getting older because we didn't get together this year. Everybody stayed home last night. 
  I ate lunch with my hubby on Christmas Day. They had a big lunch for us ham, cranberries, sweet potato casserole, devil eggs, green beans, rolls, and pumpkin pie. They had mashed potatoes for those who didn't like sweet potatoes. He is losing weight and the appetite isn't good. They did change his insulin because of having so many lows. It was hitting at night time which was not good. I just think they should wait to give it to him until after he eats to see what he does eat.  He has forgotten how to cast on when he knits. He just wraps the yarn around the needle. It is so hard to watch because he has knitted me sweaters and afghans for the family.  If I say anything he gets upset, so I try to not make waves. 
  My oldest grandson has been trapping. He has gotten possums and raccoons. The possums can make horse sick if they go to the bathroom on the hay. They have been trying to get rid of the coyotes that are too close to the house where he works during the summer putting up hay. His adopted parents that he works for has a small dog that they can't let out unless they are outside too. I don't think I wold want to be that close to them. My son said when they were out surveying terraces the other day they saw a bobcat. There have also been sightings of a mountain lion. The gaming officials don't want to admit that they are in our area.  
   I need to get back to work on my custom order that I am working on. Take care. Stay warm and safe.



NanaDiana said...

First off, I am so sorry about your hubby. I know how hard it is to watch them suffer and I know that your John needs to eat and gain a bit of weight. He has sure had a tough time of it these past four years...and so have YOU!
Love that your grands got you a seat warmer. Those are great on those cold winter days. We have a sunny day here with a slight breeze. Feels good after so many dark, gloomy days.
I am hoping that we are all blessed with a happy, healthy new year. I will keep you in my prayers, Shirley. xo Diana
ps....enjoy your 'horse' party!

Mereknits said...

HAppy New Year Shirley. So sorry the worries with your husbands health continue. We have coyotes and bobcats near me. No one is to let their small dogs out alone. That is just life.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Happy New Year to you, Shirley! We have had some nice days but it's colder today here and they are saying possible rain tomorrow. I'm sorry about your hubby. It has to be so hard on you to watch and worry. I will keep you both in my prayers. We have the wildlife here, too. A few of our feral cats have come up missing and I'm sure one of the predators must have gotten them. Twice we've found kittens in the nearby woods with broken legs and one had a broken back. I hate when that happens.
I wish you a happy and healthy New Year! Love, Cheryl

MLM247 said...

Happy New Year.
How wonderful that your grandson is able to work so close to the native animals of the region.
Perhaps the governing bodies should be studying how best to manage the environment so that farmers and native animals can get along harmoniously. I live in an area with crocodiles - huge maneater types. We manage the situation and the native animals are protected by law. People are the intruders and must adapt their behaviour. The animals are supposed to live there.

Quinn said...

Just popping in to wish you a very Happy New Year and all the best in the year ahead, Shirley. Don't forget to take care of yourself, as well as your loved ones!

bj said...

I've thought of your husband and wondered how he is doing..sorry he is having trouble right now..hoping they get it straightened out soon.
Have a good time at your to you.

Linda said...

You are the coolest Grandma around! I love how your grands love you! A warmer for your carseat! How clever!
That grandson of yours sounds like he lives a rather adventure filled life. We have possums here at home and coyotes at the ranch. No bobcats either place.
Happy your husband was with you for the holidays. It can't be easy but you seem to have such a wonderful attitude. I love that about you. You roll with the flow and you enjoy every blessing you have! I do so admire you. Happy New Year!

Charlotte said...

Happy New Year! We stayed at home too and played Phase 10 with my kids. Hope hubby feels better soon. Rain today so I'm staying in. Glad to hear someone kills possums and coyotes instead of feeding them! I know a couple of those people!

Vickie said...

A seat warmer sounds excellent Shirley! :D
Happy New Year! I pray for good health for you and your husband. ♥

CatieAn said...

Hi shirley
It has been a while since i have had the luxury of blog hopping and visiting my favorite people. I often think of you and wondered how your hubby was doing. Before my Mom died and in the hosp for a month they gave her short acting at bedtime and she always dropped dangerously low at night. I had to beg and demand and finally the one dr listened and they gave her short acting after before each meal and only long acting at bed time. It made all the difference in her Blood sugars being more stable and it made her act and feel better at the same time.
I hope they can figure it out for his sake and yours as well. You already have to watch his decline and not having to worry about that would help some.

I love our seat warmers in our car here we have lots of snow and ice and enduring sub zero temps this week. -5 to -15 with the wind chill. supposed to be 22 by Friday and maybe 30 by sat or sunday with more snow.

I hope your new year brings good health and lots of family love