Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sun shining and Wind Advisory

  We may have winter this weekend or that is what they are telling us to be prepared for today. The wind is horrible today. It is gusting over 38 miles an hour and we have power outages here in the city some of the areas is not that far from my house. 
My daughter and daughter-in-law both told me to stay in today. They don't want to worry about me falling or the wind catching my car door causing it to hit me maybe breaking something. My daughter fell this morning and broke her ankle in two places. They are doing surgery in the morning. She is going to have a plate and pin on one side and two pins on the other side, won't be able to drive for at least three weeks. At least it didn't happen at work. She was going to take her son to school. Slipped on a muddy bank going to the truck. I had thought about taking my books to the library but decided the best thing was to just stay home. 
  Matt and his mom are picking me up this evening so that I can go to the basketball game this evening. I haven't missed one as of yet. His games are normally on Tuesday evenings. Tonight's game is at 6 o'clock. I will get to see the new school which is not that far from my house. 
  I was at the nursing home yesterday and today I thought I would stay home and work on my embroidery project. I didn't realize that my picture posted yesterday. I was having problems with my computer. I sometimes have this urge where I would love to shove it in the floor. I still wish I had my windows program. Why they do some of the things to programs is beyond me?  
  I keep praying that nothing will happen for a while. I think we have had enough things at the present time. We had our belated Christmas Horse Club Christmas party over the weekend. We had a really nice turnout. I saw people there that I hadn't seen before which maybe they will stay around this year. The show schedule is set and judges are schedule for all of the shows. Matt will show, but I don't know about Jake whether he will or not depends on his work schedule. I think that dad is going to show this year which will be fun to watch. I am looking forward to the kids riding whether they are my grandchildren or my adopted grandchildren. I am known at the club as grandma.
   I know graduation is set for Mother's Day. I am not ready for that. You want to keep them young for a while longer. Don't we all wish that we wouldn't get older,
I keep saying we fall apart as we get older. We break more easily that is for sure. 
  Hope you all are safe and warm. There is so many storms. It just depends on where you live whether it is snow, rain or just what. Take care until the next time. 


NanaDiana said...

I am so glad that you decided to stay home. The roads are bad here today, too. Most of the schools in this area are closed. Some times those computer things just drive me nuts, too. I am sorry that you are having problems with your computer-I know how frustrating that can be.

I am glad the 'horse' party was a good one and that you had some new people show up. New people always bring new life-blood to an organization, I think.

Hope you have a good day and if you go to the game tonight stay safe and don't fall! lol Have a great rest of the day- xo Diana

Vickie said...

Oh please take care Shirley. The roads are not good here today. We are expecting 50 mph winds tonight. Not going anywhere. Sleet coming next. I will be glad when it all stops. I am so sorry about your daughter. I am praying for her.

Linda said...

Prayers for your daughter's surgery in the morning. I bet you are the coolest grandma around!
Best to stay safe inside when it's so bad. We had all kinds of weather since we have been down here in our camper at the ranch. Really cold - so cold all the ponds froze as well as a rooster! Then blue skies and in the 70's! Tomorrow it will be 80 degrees!!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love hearing from you, my friend. I'm so sorry for your daughter. The ankle injury was very serious but I know that complicated surgery is going to make her as good as new. Winter is a bad time for falls, etc. Please be careful.

We've had the huge winds as well. Big tree limbs fell in our yard and downed cable lines.

I sometime feel a little melancholy as my kids and relatives grow older---and that means me, too. It's not easy and I hope to get a new mindset soon.

Love to you and Happy New Year!

Jane x

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Yes, we are staying in as much as we can. We have had 40 degree weather with colder temps coming back this weekend. We had that wind yesterday. When I went out to the back yard to see how our remaining tree limbs were doing, the trees were blowing like crazy high up, but I didn't feel the wind to be so strong on the ground. Be well. I hope things quiet down for you a bit.
xx, Carol

Charlotte said...

Sorry to hear about your daughters accident. That's why I stay inside during bad weather. Stay inside and take care of yourself.

Susie said...

Shirley, Yes, my friend ,please be so careful when the weather is bad. It's good that other children can call you grandma too. I hope and pray your daughter heals completely. I think of you Shirley when ever I hear the weather report near you. Bless you, xoxo, Susie

Anonymous said...

Sure hope things are ok at your end you have posted for awhile. Take care