Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I haven't been home to long from the nursing home. He told me that they told him in physical therapy that he might be coming home in a couple of days which would be Friday. I would love that.
He has been working on steps. We have steps no matter how you go here at home. I just want him to be able to do like he was before. He says he feels good.
I am going to go Saturday Evening to babysit my oldest two grandsons. I need a grandma fix. I wanted to go earlier, but Matt had strep throat. I didn't need that for sure. He is getting back to his usual self. He is going to play soccer this summer. He wanted to play other sports as well, but they told him that he could only play one to see how it goes.
My youngest grandson says he is going to race cars and he needs a pit crew. I think they are going let him try to see if he likes it. They have a program in Topeka, Kansas for his age. That is the closest. He told his mommy that he was drinking root beer in a hot tub with hot girls while she was at a conference out of town. His dad babysat him. He has a very good imagination and you never know what he will tell you. Don't ask either of the younger two a question if you don't want an answer.
It is getting late so I had better close for tonight.


My Vintage Studio said...

Thinking of you.
Hope your day goes well!
Hugs, Sharon

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Sending hugs and happy wishes your way that this weekend is good sweets.
Thinking of you!
xx, shell