Thursday, February 17, 2011

Long Day

I really appreciate those of you that have been visiting the last couple of weeks. It has been rough and scary.
We went to the doctor today. He confirmed what I thought that Blood thinners are out of the question to dissolve my hubby's blood clot. The next plan of action is get him built up enough to come home from the nursing home. He is making good progress with walking and building up his stamina.
After we get that accomplish, then we will go to talk with the liver transplant team, don't know if he will be a candidate or not, but they can maybe give us ideas of how to live with knowing you have a blood clot. It is in the portal vein of his liver. We have come a long ways from when he first got sick, and we appreciate every day that God has given us. We still don't know what cause the last bleeding episode that put him in the hospital.
We will have more doctor appointments checking everything. Our primary didn't want to change anything at the moment because medicare rules are so crazy now and they are paying for his being in the nursing home.
Today was a beautiful day 74 degrees other then it was terribly windy. It will be back down in the 50's tomorrow. You wish it was Spring already, but you really know it is not. At least the snow has really melted. I understand there is a possibility of some flooding in our area which is not surprising. I really must close for tonight. We really appreciate your prayers. Take care

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Twyla and Lindsey said...

Shirley, I sure am sorry to hear of all the distress you've had lately. My prayers are with your husband and yourself. Please take care of yourself, too! Twyla