Friday, February 4, 2011


I am so glad today was Friday. The whole week has really been different with the ice, snow and bitter cold. They came and got me Thursday to go to work. I think I really could have driven only they didn't have a place cleaned out that I could park my car.
I did drive today. The main streets weren't bad, but the side streets left something to be desired. I tried taking my picture at the college of their clock that doesn't run. It has been the same time for I don't know how long. It also showed you some of the snow that was there. They did a good job of cleaning the roads through the campus and their parking lots.
I really don't know what the weekend will bring. They are talking snow flurries so I will have to see what I can get done, like the grocery store, post office, and the pharmacy. We have been home more in the evening then usual. Even after they cleaned my driveway and the snow drifts behind my car. It is very unusual that my hubby didn't want to get out of the house. He hasn't been out since last Sunday. I don't think he is feeling good. We go to the doctor Tuesday and guess what they are predicting snow showers. We only have three this month. Maybe we will get some answers. My car goes to the body shop on Monday and I get a rental car. I would feel much better driving my own, but I want the mine fixed after it got hit at work with the forklift sliding into it while they were trying to clean the snow from the one previously. We had to have someone else to clean our parking lot this time because of the drifts. We had a three foot drift right in front of the door.
I think my daughter and daughter-in-law were both glad to see them have school today. The boys were getting a little tired of one and another. My daughter had the older two with hers and he isn't used to having someone there all the time. He normally spends the day with his grandparents when he isn't in preschool. He wanted some quiet time. The younger two are close in age and use to having their own way. They had a few problems, but it was solvable. I think the biggest problem was they just got tired and needed a nap.
Our weather hasn't been kind to anyone. Texas getting snow and ice. The football fans thought they were going somewhere it was warm. Did they get a fooling. Closing airports, major highways hasn't helped matters.
We want spring to come early. I really hope it does. I just want some warmer weather.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm and safe.


deb said...

OMG Shirley, sounds like you guys are in a deep freeze. Be safe and stay warm. Hoping you have safe travels next week and all gfoes well at the Drs.

Unknown said...

Wow Shirley, you guys got hit harder than us. Lately the storms have been passing, but it is freezing out. Hope Johns okay. After 2 weeks Dad's back home..last Thurs. Now we do the Doc rounds.