Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quiet House

Happy Halloween to all of you in blog land. The house is quiet this evening with it only being dad and I again. Our son has safely made it to Louisiana, and I need to learn how to spell. It is Kenner, instead of Kinner. The weather has been similar to ours. Cool in the evening and warms up during the day.
The only complaint he had of the trip going down was the traffic in Little Rock. One of those situations of you hit it at the wrong time of day.
We have had a wonderful day today with getting up to 67 degrees after a really chilly day to start.
I am waiting for the news to come on so that I can find out more about the explosion at Bartlett Grain Co. in Atchison, Kansas. They have several hurt and possibility of a fatality maybe more then one.
My dad worked at one a long time ago when I was growing up and that was always a fear that something like that would happen.
My prayers are going out to those and the people on the East Coast affected by the snow storm. So far it has been to the west of us in Colorado. I am not ready for that yet.
I think we are going to keep our lights turn out Monday, if it was like last year we didn't have any. I had sent what I do for our own grandchildren to them. The least amount of sweets I keep in the house the better, because my hubby would eat them even though he is a diabetic. He can't pass up the temptation. I can understand where he is coming from being sick for so many years. This next month it will be twelve years that we have been battling his health issues. It definitely can be very frustrating at times. Now you know part of the reason why I still work. 
Tomorrow is suppose to be another pretty day for us so enjoy your weekend. Take care  

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