Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Suitcases Packed

Suitcases are packed ready to load in the car in the morning. I was so glad when it was time to get off work and know that I was officially off for the next few days. It will just be great to have a change of scenery.
One of the guys saw that I had a tail light out on my car so they got one and put it in for me. They didn't want me pulled over for a tail light out. They take pretty good care of me.
I have talked to all of my family and told our daughter Happy Anniversary. They were married 15 years today.
I don't remember who's parking lot we were in when I snapped this picture.I just thought the trees were pretty. I hope the drive will be that pretty also. I have our trip mapped out so that the kids will know what route we are taking. They have my license plate number and we always call and tell them where we are staying, room number, and etc.
We are going to get up and drive for a ways then stop for breakfast. We will have to make frequent stops or else my hubby's legs will swell. We don't need that. I picked up all of the meds tonight that I was low on. Some would probably been o.k., but with insulin I never know.
I think we are going to try to have a late lunch at Lambert's for those of you are familiar with the Nixa area. If you are traveling through, it is a great place to eat. Guaranteed you won't go away hungry.
Have a great rest of the week.


Anonymous said...

Happy and safe traveling! hugs

ornamentsbypink said...

Shirley have a nice time on your vacation!

Cinderella Moments said...

I missed your departure day.But I hope you're having a great trip and loving every minute of it!

nancarts said...

Hi Shirley.
Hope you have a safe and lovely trip! Enjoy.

Peace and Blessings,